Stability AI LLM – StableLM Introduction and Installation with OobaBooga (Open-Source & Free)

hi YouTube it seems like everybody's making a 
large language model this week or llm for short   and today we're going to take a look at stability 
ai's llm or chat GPT clone I don't mean clone in   a bad way I think it's easier for people to 
relate to that term versus you know listing   all the things chat GPT can do and then going into 
why chat gpts not GPT itself and comparing stable   LM to GPT and trying to explain that so the big 
takeaway from that Spiel was uh you can chat with   stable LM and in the future you'll be able to 
use it to create your apps that will integrate   into the AI and it'll be the brains behind your 
own personal robot I already have plans and uh I   I'm gonna name my Gary what do you think Gary 
if stability AI sounds familiar to you well it   should they have brought to you stable diffusion 
I know you're probably more familiar with names   like automatic 11 11 or Vlad diffusion or invoke 
AI but they're not actually a stable diffusion   they didn't really create the base models that 
are the brainchild of what stable diffusion   runs on they wouldn't work without these models 
speaking of model stable LM comes in two flavors   which is a three billion parameter model and 
the 7 billion parameter model with my testing   it doesn't seem like bigger is always better 
but the test consisted of asking it 10 random   questions off the top of my head so you can take 
that with a grain of salt that's not really like   in-depth testing but I'm going to show you how to 
install this so you can test both of them out for   yourself anyways what's so great about stable 
LM then why should you care about it as of now   it's completely out of its neural network mind 
but it told me the country with the most people   is Mexico which is kind of way off you know it's 
definitely China and maybe you can debate India   which sometimes gives me that answer it also gave 
me bad code and it often just tells me that it   can't do something but if I ask again nicely it'll 
say okay sure I'll do that but it's not completely   out of its wheelhouse of the subject that you 
asked it so that's a good start right you know   what it's probably the worst model that I played 
with but uh it's still a really you know I mean   it's good for an alpha right so why should you 
care again first of all it's a stable diffusion   of the AI world and it will be completely open 
source which makes me really excited we're gonna   start to see a bunch of extensions to provide 
additional functionality new features things   that we've never seen AI capable of once you ask 
the entire world to help you develop your tool it   moves pretty quickly and you uncover a lot of cool 
stuff just like stable diffusion did think about   it Laura control net open pose picks to picks sad 
talker there's a bunch of functionality that was   added by the community but they were able to 
combine other open source projects into this   one so that was pretty cool and what they did 
with stable diffusion so I hope this will be   the same thing second of all they're going to be 
testing with a bunch of different models and you   can have fine-tuned models of alpaca GPT for 
all dollies shared GPT and HH actually don't   know what HH is but you can play with all of 
these pretty soon third of all it's free this   tool is free for you to play with and it gives 
you it gives you the source data which you can   freely develop and most importantly the license 
is free which is very very important and it's a   reason why yourself and developers should care 
about this tool and support it nobody wants to   waste their time on creating stuff and you know 
run into some legal issues down the road if you   go to the bottom of the GitHub page the licensing 
is under Creative Commons license and if you click   on that link there there's a huge tab that says 
you are free to share and adapt always a question   with the other models and this one there's no 
question there it is go check it out with the   caveat that you give the appropriate credit 
and that you share this stuff don't be stingy   alright so that was enough information about the 
tool let's jump into the rice in Adobo today I   want to show you how to get access to this tool 
right now and even install it locally and I want   to show you where to get more information about 
this tool speaking of that my video description   will have stability ai's announcement on this 
a GitHub link a hugging face demo a link of two   other videos about open Assistant which is kind 
of like this product but better it also seems   that stability Ai and open Assistant are working 
together so I wouldn't be surprised if they emerge   at some point which would be kind of funny because 
open assistant said they wanted to be the stable   diffusion of the AI World which would make that 
literally true I'm gonna make a bet right now   that that might happen so here's the first way 
to get access to this so click on the hugging   face link in the video description and you can 
just start chatting away with a thing using the   text prompt just a heads up this thing is off its 
rocker right now and it's it's completely bananas   but and it's more of like for entertainment value 
right now to help the community and just to tell   it it's wrong like you're crazy fix that answer 
but come back in a week though because AI moves   super quick I say quick but the one thing that 
isn't quick is hugging Face's response times and   it falls between three seconds to 20 minutes so 
plan accordingly so if you really don't want to   install anything and you just want to see what 
this thing can do today this is how you just go   to this hugging face site now the second way is 
a Google collab and you should be able to use the   advanced models through here but it's pretty 
intimidating if you've never been in a collab   before essentially you're just pressing the play 
buttons on the left here but uh I wish they would   really have a way to hide the code and not scare 
off the common folk like myself I I was really   intimidated at first but there isn't one so just 
try to stay focused on the play buttons and listen   to the instructions that it gives you if it fails 
you can try your luck with that at if you want to   dive deeper into this tool without installing it 
locally on your PC the last and recommended way   to do this consistently at least and really test 
this out is by installing it locally on your PC   which I'm going to show you how to do that right 
now next we have to install a text generator named   uba Booga because I don't think stable LM has any 
actual interface to play with yet this will allow   you to run pretty much any llm locally on your PC 
without the guardrails and in stable lm's case we   need this because it doesn't really have a command 
UI or a way we could kind of function but don't   worry this is a super easy install that goes 
something like download this click that and say   something in the command prompt and that's about 
it alright let's do this download The Uber Burger whatever from the GitHub repository and then click 
on the one click installer should be right there   in the middle of the page and then unzip it 
anywhere you want it to reside permanently on   your PC and now open the folder and your folder 
should look like mine if it doesn't you got a   problem or it's a newer version when I first tried 
to run the start windows.bad file I got this error   right here this script runs on Mini condo which 
could only be silently installed under the path   with no spaces so no spaces is the keyword so 
your folders and any folders before that folder   cannot have a space so I had AI tools instead 
of AI underscore tools so I fixed that and then   I just ran it again and it worked here it is 
working now and this install is going to take   a long time and that's pretty much all you need 
to do to get it started and just wait for it to   install and complete then it's going to ask you 
this question here if you're going to use Nvidia   AMD or apple or none of the above I'm going to 
select a and um this is going to start installing   stuff but when all said and done you should have 
a folder named text generation attack web UI and   installer files in your ooga booga directory uba 
Booga is now installed on your PC technically but   it's essentially a shell without a brain and 
this is where stable LM models vicuna alpaca   or any other llm comes in at some point during 
the download you're going to be given the option   to download a bunch of different models uh we're 
not here for those models just select L by typing   in L and press enter which is manually specifying 
a hugging face model the next thing we need to do   is go to the hugging face site with the 7 billion 
parameter model and click on the double squares   next to the name to copy it then go back to your 
command prompt and just paste it where the input   is and press enter and that's it it's going to 
download the model into the appropriate folder   and it's going to do the rest of the work for you 
now you just need to sit back and wait a long time   because this is the 7 billion model is 30 gigs 32 
gigs so uh yeah now all you have to do is wait and   it's going to take a while keep in mind that the 
7 billion model is about 32 gigs of stuff so the   thing's not frozen it just has a lot on its plate 
and a lot it has to download so give it about at   least 10 minutes if you're on a fast connection 
much longer if you're on you know really slow   internet another thing to mention is that this 
thing will install mini condo for you and it's   it's quite Hefty so the installation folder 
itself is 17 gigs on top of the 30 gigs that   you downloaded for the parameters of stable LM so 
just plan accordingly with the space in your hard   drive one once that's up and running you should 
get a local URL link and now you can actually   just click on those things just left click on the or you can copy and paste that into your   address bar of any web browser just a heads up the 
way to run this tool is the same way you installed   it you'll be clicking on the start windows.back 
file and it should come up with this screen and   if it gives you anything else it's broken in 
some way and you might have to fix it okay so   there was a couple Lessons Learned here a lot I 
run into quite a bunch of issues so the first one   which is not an issue but it's more like uh just 
kind of a heads up you'll be stuck in more hidden   you see at the bottom here it says more hidden 
and it's going to stay there for quite a long   time it's still installing stuff so uh just wait 
just be patient and this is my second install and   it broke the first time I enabled 8-bit and it 
just went crazy and also when you're reloading   the UI there's no feedback I mean it'll say in the 
command prompt but in the actual web UI there's no   feedback and so if you press it multiple times 
it's going to run multiple times I pressed it   about 8 times because I thought it wasn't working 
and then I just saw it it just kept loading and   loading and loading after it loaded by the way if 
you run into trouble installing this or have any   errors that I didn't encounter that I showed you 
you can actually watch a video by AI entrepreneur   and he goes over a lot of detail on a lot of 
the troubleshooting techniques for the common   problems so I would check there and also on the 
stable LM official GitHub page and the issues tab   there there's a lot of fixes there as well so I 
would check that out a lot of fixes for a lot of   problems though once you click on that link or put 
in your web browser and hit go you'll be inside   your own ooga booga model with the ability to test 
out stable LM but not so fast because there's some   stuff I have to show you so you don't break your 
computer I mean it's not going to break but you're   definitely going to freeze up if you don't have 
more than 16 gigabytes of vram so I recommend for   most users that don't have at least 12 gigabytes 
of RAM to enable the 8-Bit option or run this   model with 8-bit it's gonna run like Windows 95 
but at least your GPU won't have a heart attack   to do this click on the models tab then click on 
the load in 8-bit now you can choose your model of   stability AI stable LM tune Alpha and then click 
on the reload of the model and UI button now let's   check this thing out click on the text generation 
Tab and you can start asking it questions this is   where I found this thing apps to be absolutely 
nuts it's saying some crazy stuff right now but   um it's it's quite irritating and also I 
mean you got to help out the community right   so don't try and go here for facts let's just 
say it's more of a creative it's in a creative   state right now so you can ask it some crazy 
things and it'll give you some crazy answers   um but it's still in the realm of the subject 
that you ask it so at least that's a good start   right for an alpha let's go ahead and ask it 
some questions and I could show you what I'm   talking about but at this point if you followed 
me this far I mean you're you're fully running   one of the first things I asked it was to code a 
calculator app in C plus plus and this is what it   gave me it said sure thanks sir what do you want 
USA stay say about that and I was like what and   then it started talking to itself like it put it 
in parentheses and it's like I'm not sure if this   works says if I don't know how much money will 
be involved it's almost like it's like thinking   to itself of what it's going to tell me and it's 
like kind of coming out in the open but it's kind   of funny right it's just what is going on every 
answer was just kind of insane so let's check out   some of the other questions I asked it so here's 
some more questions I asked that I asked it what   one plus one is and it said three and I was like 
what the hell you're wrong one plus one is two   and it just said that I was like how did you come 
up with that answer and it's just like math it's   like it's almost like it's like condescending 
or being kind of snarky with me and then I I   laughed and it was like yeah it's just it's kind 
of funny just to see what it comes up with but   it's it's totally off its rocker and then I asked 
if it was crazy and it was like No And I was like   well you sound like a crazy nut and it was just 
like you and I was like what I did LOL then it   was just like you it was like a like a teenager 
just kind of talking back then I said what's the   capital of Washington it's like Washington not not 
very good um first impression but uh definitely   entertaining I probably prefer this to an actual 
like right answer and then finally I just asked   it I was just like hello and then it's like yes 
I'm here now and it says talking on the phone   it's like talking to itself and then it says 
what model are you using and then it went just   haywired then started saying some crazy stuff it 
was like I'm an Android device and then Grins and   it's like kind of it's inner dialogue there and 
it says so it's not that hard but let me explain   for you it's like why a yeah then dot dot dot 
we have one big screen TV or monitor set up in   the house all of which pictures show just like at 
this point I'm just like what is it talking about   and then I love how it's like in parentheses and 
it's like almost like it's inner thoughts our home   computer monitors everything it's like well that's 
a little freaky that is talking about this random   stuff about monitoring people then it says video 
will be transferred from different devices each   time he turns something off right down the side 
no silencing with the watching stuff recording   by someone else holds true it's so crazy so every 
time someone goes somewhere here TV comes back to   use internet remains out while he's playing well 
it's kind of creepy seems like it's saying that   it's monitoring or the internet's always watching 
and it says and finally if their error so it's   like there and then apostrophe re so it's spelled 
it wrong or it's just being crazy and it says any   problems diseases with my husband can't take care 
of somebody because touching themselves feels like   they rather load themselves than others what is it 
talking about this is then yes it's stress related   definitely mental to us normal people worry 
about things that seem impossible sometimes   um stress dehability dehabilitating condition 
brought upon physical by physical activity your   partner flies corporate Jets many times does she 
get air sick that sounds terrible is yours it's   like spelled era ypu are and it's capital I and 
S it's just it's just everywhere and it's it's so   crazy and every time I ask it a question it's just 
like really crazy I don't know if it's just me   that's getting these results but when I use the 
hugging face it also says some crazy stuff I asked   it what's the place with the largest amount of 
people and it was like Mexico and it's like it's   definitely not Mexico I mean it's definitely China 
or India but it was completely wrong and finally   I gave it the litmus test basically the question 
you asked every AI bot to see if it's crazy will   AI take over the world and it was like probably it 
was just straight up not even like a long sentence   it was just like yup probably casually says it 
so um this thing is wild right now and I would   jump in here now to just see what kind of stuff it 
like gives you it'd be good for the memes it would   be cool to like if we get to set this up with 
API and just have it like on a Twitter account   replying to people that would be amazing just to 
see what it says to everyone that would be crazy   hopefully we get API access and I could get that 
set up uh that would be awesome but that's all I   had and I hope you enjoyed it and if you liked it 
leave a thumbs up and um thanks for watching bye

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