Sprawa dla Reportera *BEST MOMENTS 2* Zenek dobija płaczącego, Dzielny Tata, Jackowski, HOP HOP HOP

The peasant cries broken and Zenek sings, The boy cries broken, and Zenek sings El unia felt the rhythm, The boy cries broken and Zenek, sings Jaworowicz walks his leg The boy cries broken and Zenek sings The peasant cries broken, and Zenek sings WOOF The. Boy cries: brokenhearted and Zenek sings. The boy cries, brokenhearted and Zenek sings. We also have here ooo. Should we go out because we are because we are to be afraid, Mr Rutkowski, with his soldiers. I am scared Good morning, sir Hello, ladies and gentlemen, But I don’t know if the gentlemen will fit this way In balaclavas. Will there be action here? No, maybe it will be. Maybe it will Because you are expecting it because the gentlemen said such things about brave dads here in this trailer The Lord visited. Me at home I was of course He tried to, convince me to take his. Child from d away from his ex partner or wife, I chased out Who This gentleman Yeah Brave, dad, Rutkowski and Fabisiak interrupt each other. Oh yes, you left the program once it’s true, But I am unforgettable brave dad. The boss of brave dads is with us, but well LET’S GO FURTHER. Well Yyy you wrote about kidnapping children by brave daddies as a method used. You contradict in the letter you sent to us that there was no kidnapping that all this is a confabulation of your partner. You write here that you have full parental rights voice from the director. Sorry, Mr Fabisiak is recording what he has not informed us about Exactly. Please take your phone away, NO, NO, NO Sir! This is where I decide. I don’t want you to record me, Sir. I am not recording you. You are live on TV. I don’t want you to record me Because I think four cameras are enough, So why did you come to TV here to promote yourself? Other screams from behind I don’t want you to register me on your phone. These people, who attack other people just have abusers like this sitting here, Please, mr movement. In the studio, we have to defend ourselves to bind criminals like them. Please put the phone away like we did We don’t, wear, balaclavas or firearms and no one is intimidated. Please understand the movement grows. We are not a paramilitary unit, But you have the psychosis of cell phone recording TAAG. This IS My performances are on the Internet. You can record me. I am also happy to use the recording in that case Here’s. The way you disrupt state ceremonies by shouting to the Minister of Justice to hand over your child That’s a completely different story On the internet, not of this case. There are also recordings on the Internet that you record yourself the course of a court hearing In the courts. Tag IS own within a meter of the Court putting the phone in the face of the Court, Just like my wife did. The final part of this is that you are forcibly led out of the courtroom by the judicial police, or you leave on orders That’s, just not true TRUE, the type calling the studio tries to say something in the background. This is a recording available when you are removed from the courtroom on the recommendation of the committee. If you are invited to the program, please accept its rules. Everyone does not record, they do not dazzle with recordings grunts. In the background, we record WE and we ask you to stop. Please put this camera down And I would very much like to ask the Polish state – and here I am asking the Members – that you would do everything possible for my two year old child to come back to me, Sir. You have no knowledge because there is a case of the Ministry of Justice. This is a letter, sir O, AND YOU SEE THE LORD On July. 9. 2014. If I ask the Ministry of Justice, I’m simply ridiculed Because you don’t know sir. You’re a frustrated man. I will now turn to you and the knowledge is substantive to conduct the discussion in civilized and cultural conditions TAG JESSS. It looks as if none of the participants understand our statement, So you’re afraid of television. You’re afraid of real television. Excuse me am I to understand that you have real television. Do I understand that this is normally facebook? Are you not making any claims about grandeur? You are now live on Facebook. I do not wish editor that at the moment, the live recording of this program should go on Facebook TAG. Is I don’t like this messenger? I don’t use it TAG IS, and I don’t want the material that is. Would you just like to manipulate the recording Sir? You insult us please leave because I will call security in a moment shouts in the background. If the Lord insults us, you will be led out. If you want to move me out, let’s show how Polish Television works, how our country works. You can also send organized units of the civic police to take me out. Unfortunately, you bring shame on all the masculine kind. You show that men cannot fight for their children, they can only show their sick, SICK emotions TAG JES and they are unable to do anything to control their emotions. You do not record it. You put it on Facebook, which means that the program which is to go in a week or two or three and is manipulated, is real. Today, screams, You are a poor man and it is good that your children have been taken away because you are not able to control yourself screams. Today he writes under the text. Cheater, you need to get treated screams. You realize that I know A WHILE. If it goes on Facebook, I am very happy: WILL YOU LISTEN TO ONE THING SCREAMS? Why do you want to intimidate people? I’m, not afraid. Do you know why? Because I was strangled in the apartment ATTENTION BY WHOM, By policemen sent by another detective, your colleague, I thought you were a civilized person, that you were your personal story And this is civilization, Invite people who will come over and snatch the phone. This is your opinion to which you naturally have a right. Please continue the program. Please show it to the Polish people. Please SWITCH OFF THIS PHONE. You would like it to be Because you wish mothers turn off that phone. I have the right to privacy. I did not agree that WE WILL get up LEAVE AND END. Why did you come to TV Right to privacy, incomprehensible screams By goodbye Goodbye, sir, A brave psychopath, and this is unfortunately the truth about your organization. Tag IS brave psychopaths. Finally, SOMEONE BROKEN. It has nothing to do. It has nothing to do with masculinity AND HONOR AND HONOR or even with humanity. You are acting irresponsibly psychopathically TAG JES and you bring shame to men. You know what Fathers are with their children and with their wives, YES, and they do not kidnap their children. This is what criminals do not fathers. You know what Coming to this studio. We came to talk to the editor about matters that were really important About matters. Important for mothers for fathers about the matters of children who are here treated like ping pong balls. You are trying to reverse this

discussion. I am dealing with you. Please yourself. You took three million children from fathers. I took some children from fathers. You laugh in our face Don’t be ridiculous screams when we deflect our children. You attack us Who did I take a child to? Are you bouncing the kids IN A BANDY WAY, civil militia troops? So HOW DID YOU TAKE THIS GIRL KID? Then? We’re leaving the program And we stop recording movement and noise. This is what Telewizja Polska is about that Telewizja Polska belongs to the Polish nation. Clear Take the book. Yes, YES, YES, Is there a second studio here? I guess I’ll stay here. Then stay with me: Okay, turn it off NON, NOT because that is our form of defense, Substantive arguments. This is the only way we can defend ourselves. This time, Jaworowicz left the studio. We show the truth and we ask you to protect this material, because Rutkowski will try to delete it. A lot has changed Michal IREK. If we don’t fight, this system Say goodbye to them. Forehead you’ve done your job. What did I do Until I get my son back? I just won’t leave this place Well, but you won’t come out, Micha Micha, dear God. They want to record because No leave it. You were not interested in it earlier leave. The real police will come and take you out by force. It will be a shame I want to avoid it. Please leave the television Why don’t you delete what you recorded? Aha, because you would like that – And I have to erase my son from my memory too right – some take a minute some a few hours. Noise Is your image, so what Is protected is not protected, so please delete Negotiation is protected by article 81 of copyright HYYY. Please THIS IS VIOLENCE ON POLISH TV, Jeeeezus Maaaria. Take my things. Thank you. Thank you very much, PLEASE VERY MUCH. This IS HOW ON POLISH TELEVISION, FINALLY, Bravo WAY TO GO flaps flaps, flaps flaps. Thank you very much for your help. So we continue the recording from the cameras, It will come to you and you are smiling, and I am glad that you are smiling. You are a beautiful woman. You have a new partner, a child, OF COURSE He is abroad, also often not at home HIHIHIHI, And also not to live with my mother. Unfortunately, the disease is diagnosed Release, NOT TOGETHER WITH MOM. Your sisters right, Show me this blouse. You gave this blouse to Mr Jackowski and what did he say based on this blouse In this dire situation? I am also glad that I was able to help you and you, but I have to defend you and you especially you Since you were the first to contact me earlier after his disappearance. This gentleman called me he wanted to find my mother in law. Holding the thing, let’s say Exactly explain it to us. Please editor show me, You know what, Because I’m the first to be skeptical. It’s funny to a lot of serious people, but it’s not funny. If say, the police are just using a tracker dog and very strange if the police use a trained dog for smells, for example. However, this dog is useful LITTLE OF THIS. In a way it is evidence recognized by the prosecutor. I believe that man, every man, has a sense of feeling. The Lord was close to me. I hold SMOKE And it reminds me like this on one side of the house, but I say partly as if residential but not residential, you say summer boy, And why do you associate it Tell me as a doctor? Is it like a hound? Otherwise You smell the scent and are you following the scent Well doctor? No because he’s not there, But look at the moment. There is realism, truthfulness I am knocking on the table and it is real and true And now what I did is real and real. It WAS real and true, but at the moment it is only in the logic of our memory. Every act we do is just information in a moment. The only question is: are we so dumb that we think that my information about my experiences is only in me And at the same time, technologically, we can create a telephone, some bluetooth, which we do not understand. How it works, but I can send you a photo Or a video And the same as for bluetooth and a movie and a telephone that’s, something Man has the same. Someone has had SOMETHING Let’s say. According to the theory of elementary particles, energy once produced cannot be lost, although it is, although it can transform into various other energies, So the senses and memory. Maybe this is our soul. Perhaps this is the form of information that my being creates, Taking a life killing someone, be it the killer or the victim. This is very important information Firmly etched in human memory. You are trying to say that by the principle of the entropy of sending energy into space TAAAG – and you like this antenna – TAAAG RECEIVE IT, has the ability Well, abilities are innate And he visualizes it. He sees it’s in the barn, But this is information, But please pay attention. Yesterday,’s real day. Whatever we do today, we can only make a visualization on this real day, like your editor PICTURE, DO and we consider it natural. If I see with my eyes, I feel with my nose, but also my imagination tells me something If I close my eyes, I touch and also see in some way, But you must have a lot of information. Nothing! Oh! No! You must have some information. No, you only had a blouse, He had a blouse. Have I ever asked you about anything, NJE NJE. The principle is one thing. What I do most often it is even rare that I did it with them, but I know it so. Emotionally most often people who come to me, I do not see them at all. I ask you, because people come with bad information, You must not do it in front of them. You must not ask them anything. You have to feel Even if I were to be wrong. It would be fair. He met her on the road as a truck Ahaa and because she knew this job she did well. So I accepted it and joined her. The door is open ajar I go in and she jumps on it HOP HOP HOP, But how on a trampoline or something else Nn, he is sitting in front of him. They are having sex. First, in my life, when I am 67 years old, I have never seen anything like that that a woman would jump over a man, Construction so different, such such tiles, such Construction And after three months he had to come back. You were in bed When I removed all the sofas. There were three I don’t know talking to the camera or not damn three used condoms, Oh Jesus, And that’s why you got divorced and met Agnieszka, Yeah, yeah yeah. Of course,

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