Spencer Rattler News Conference — 3/21/22

– [Yell Leader] Game. (rooster crowing) – [Dave] How's it going, Spencer? Dave with the Post and Courier again. Now that you've been
here for a little while and you've really started
working on the playbook, and I'm not sure how familiar
you were with it last year, but how much new has been put in, just 'cause of your arrival
and some of the other new guys? – I mean, there's definitely a lot of new stuff I'm learning. Personally. You know, having
a great time doing it. I'm getting all the information
and running the plays well, commanding the offense,
commanding the huddle.

So I feel really comfortable right now, but you know there's
always those little tweaks you got to do with, you know,
different type of quarterbacks. So we're definitely adding a little tweaks that I'm comfortable with. That's why, you know, I
love Coach Satt and Beamer 'cause they're always open to input. – [Communications Coordinator] Ben. – [Ben] Hey Spencer, Ben
Portnoy with the State here in Columbia. But I was going to ask you, Shane and Satt were both
talking about last week, just how much sort of, you've
sort of gotten in with guys in the quarterback room
and taken taken that role. I guess just, you've been a guy
waiting in the wings before.

You've kind of been in that position with guys like Luke and
Colton and everyone else. I guess just, what's
that been like, you know, working through that with those guys? And I guess just having been
in that position yourself, I guess how much perspective
does that maybe give you in order to sort of get
acclimated to those guys and sort of balance that
with trying to win a job and everything that
kind of comes with that? – Yeah.

I think you just
be natural, be authentic. We all have a good time
when we're hanging out in the QB room, workouts, anything. We all lift together, so. I mean, it's just like a natural feel. Like we're all competing, of course, trying to help each other,
make each other better. But if I have any tips
for the younger guys, I'm going to give it to 'em and try to help improve
their game, and vice versa If they see anything that I could work on, I'm open to anything. So we're all very close. We all have a good time on the field. – [Communications
Coordinator] (Indistinct) – [Braden] Hey Spencer, I'm Braden with Carolina News and Reporter. I'm working on a story about
kind of local businesses getting in the NIL game. And I know you partnered with Jim Hudson, a local car dealership here.

I was kind of wondering, with all like the national
brands you've been getting, what was the draw of a local business? What kind of led you to get local and work with city businesses? – Honestly, it just kind
of came when I got up here. But other than that, NIL really
isn't my focus like that. But I appreciate the question. – [Communications Coordinator]
Mike (indistinct). – [Mike] Spencer, outside of the obvious, with just being with a different team, what's different about you in
comparison to maybe a year ago after everything that you went through? And then knowing that, the hype that there was
going into the season, the lows, and then being able to get back and on your feet and moving forward.

What's different about you
this spring ball around? – I just feel more mature on the field like with how my preparation, how I'm going about things I
want to improve in my game. All different types of areas,
but I'm still the same me. Still got the same mindset,
confident, ready to attack. And that's been my mindset the first three to four practices, and going to be my mindset going forward. – [Communications Coordinator] Tom. – [Tom] Spencer, Satt
talked a little bit about you in the huddle. First of all, how much
huddling did you do at Oklahoma and what's the trick to kind
of commanding the huddle and really adjusting to that this spring? – We did a little bit of
huddling, just, you know, on the goal line and stuff,
but not too much at Oklahoma. It really took me like a day
to get used to down here. I've been in the huddle before. I know how to communicate well. And it's just really how you just, you got to be really precise, really smooth with your communication and how you call the
play and break it down.

That's one thing we
always like to focus on is just getting a clean clap, getting the sharp clap
coming out the huddle and having urgency up to the line. So I feel like we've done a really good job with that so far. – [Communications Coordinator] Phil. – [Phil] So how detailed does Satt get with you for having a clean clap? Is that something that
he really talks about? – Yeah. He'll get mad if it ain't right. You know, I've seen guys, you know, kind of come out the huddle sloppy, and, you know, nobody
likes a sloppy huddle, you know, being broken down. 'cause that leads to a negative play. Like it's just, you want to be sharp. You want to be clean.
You want to be organized. So that's what we focus on. – [Phil] Does he let you call the guys out if you're not pleased with.

– Yeah.
– With how its broken? – Yes sir.
– That's something you all do. – Yep.
– Yeah. And your receivers that
you've gotten to work with, you kind of talked about them the last time you were in here, but now that you have three
practices with those guys, were any individuals that
you have been impressed with? – Yeah. Josh Vann. I mean, he's made a lot
of big plays for us.

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