Siyani Episode 70 – [Eng Sub] – Anmol Baloch – Mohsin Abbas Haider – Saniya Shamshad – 29th Oct 2022

Where are you all? Rizwan and Raju, where are you all,
come out fast. I am coming. Where are you left?
Leave me and tell me where is that girl? She ran from here just now. Oh God, why didn’t you catch her? What happened Kamran brother? Where were you? I went to take the cigarettes. Leave cigarettes, just go and catch the girl,
ran away. The sun is the most important source of energy, come on write it down. Have tea everyone, I thought that everyone is home today,
so let’s make something. I had tea, I have a specific time to have tea, and Sabra is aware of it,
so she gave me the tea. Aunt, Sabra did not tell you that the eldest daughter in law
of the house is making tea for everyone and there is difference
between the tea made by me and Sabra, you have to drink it, have it and tell me, how is it? Faiza sister, you also have it.

Thank you, I had it and I don’t want to have the tea which you made. Naval, see, I have made these sandwiches for you,
it is good if you have anything to eat in this condition, take it. No thanks, you are late to show love to me, I had everything just now. Where do you have to go? Tell me child? Phase 8.

What do you want? I just want to spend some good moments with you,
that is it. Kamran, Kamran, I trusted you. Daughter goes and
do this chapter in your room. Take your bag too, daughter take your bag, Aunt, I have calculated one thing, Yawar brother do what he says, he asked for 1 crore, and after that
Faiza sister was crying that take me home but he did not listened to her once, he did not took him
back him until we did not give him 1 crore, I don’t know what his demand is now, how will he take her home? Where are you going? I am coming in a minute. But where? You have been shifted upstairs, so why are you on our heads now? I have no interest to be on your head, I am very happy upstairs, I don’t feel like coming downstairs, it is my family so I came down for you all.

Naveen, what happened? Sit down and tell me what happened? Tell me fast,
what happened? I am getting confused, tell me? Why are you crying? Please tell mother what happened?
She is worried, what happened? I know that you are not that kind of girl but look, that boy seems to be from a good family. If he would have been an ordinary boy, he would have step back when he found you rude, maybe that boy loves you in real and want to get married to you.

Naveen, what happened? Nothing mother. Are you fine? Yes, there was a small incident happened to me,
Shanze was also there with me. Please bring water. Shanze got hurt,
nothing happened to me. Please bring the water. Okay. Nothing happened, I am fine.
Are you fine? Okay fine. Yes. No, why will you do this? You just do one thing, just see some rich girl for me and
have her friends with me, just do this.

Are you mad? Go from here, or should I call that guard and
let him know that you are irritating me. Why are you getting angry? I am going, just see this first. Kiran, please bring the water,
you can continue when you will come back, you are here. Mother. What happened child?
Please tell me? Mother. Mother, what happened to her?
Okay drink water, come on. What happened Naveen,
why are you looking at me like this? Come on have water my love, okay now tell me what happened? I met with an accident.

Accident. Are you hurt? I am fine Are you fine?
Are you hurt? Yes. I am fine the rikshaw was rolled up,
I was hurt. My stole was torn mother. Okay, you are not hurt?
My stole was torn mother. Naveen give me Shanze’s number. No, I told you that it is an accident, I am telling you,
why don’t you all agree to it? Okay my child, we agreed. please listen to me.
Okay child, thank God, that you are not hurt, thanks to God that you are not hurt. This Kamran, I will tell him now.

Why is she calling now? Hello. What have you done with Naveen? Okay so she reached home? What I am asking you just reply me straight, what you have done with her? Just ask her, didn’t she tell you anything? Look, let me tell you one thing clearly, if anything will happen to her,
you will not be saved. Okay, so for example, what will you do with me? No, I cannot do anything with
you and I will not do it as well, her brothers are alive. They are educated and innocent people but if it will come to their sister’s respect,
they will break you in pieces.

I haven’t done anything; I just made her scared. So, why did she came at home
and she is crying. I said that she must be scared. What have you done? Okay, great, you are doing so much investigation, I am saying that I haven’t done anything,
I just made her scared. And what will you get when you
will make her afraid? 10 lakhs. 10 lakhs to make her afraid only? The way you convinced her,
the same way you can convince her to give money, otherwise, I will take this money from you.

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