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Friends, this video is : about that profession which Harvard has said is the sexiest profession of the century If the Harvard business school, Harvard university is saying: that a profession is the sexiest profession of the century, not a decade, a century So how powerful will that profession be, will it not be friends? So in this video we will know what profession it is, First of all, Okay, it is data scientist I have talked about it But why is that profession in demand, why it is sexiest profession, why it is hot Why Salaries is more than 1 Crore, many in this profession What does the data scientist do? And most important at the end of the video Most important Ranking of the top data science colleges in India Some are MBA colleges, some are not MBA colleges. I will give you the ranking : Some are IIM's, Some are not IIM's You will get very less place in this ranking because do not rank now I have seen : do not rank So I have ranked it according to my research Viewing Profiles and Salaries on LinkedIn In a lot of other websites, like Crunchbase, Glassdoor, Okay.

So it is in the end, I will tell you the ranking, must see. First let's talk about why data science is called the sexiest profession of the century by Harvard Friends, why is the salary more of any job? first of all it is important to know, So friends, The salary of any job is more, or less when It is more when its demand is high, and the supply is less, right You have a niche, a niche Speak to say : Consulting, Investment Banking this is the top jobs, But the highest salary will not be in these The highest salary will be in some jobs that we do not even know, but 100 recruiters know that and only 10-15 people are there, are you understanding There will be one such niche job, will be Some jobs are there hadentous only know about them For which the company is searching for a person, Ofcouse, somewhere in back to business but there is no human So what will the company do if there are thousands of jobs and only 10 people are there So it will take time to find it and when a person is found it will say that he gets salary, give him I want this person, my work is not working My wheel is broken that wheel is not working Friends, someone told me something because of which I do not like to work in corporates.

Compare to a business And I do not like every job of corporate, that it was said that someone had said very rightly that people with corporate jobs are like wheels They are like tyres The car keeps moving if one wheel is punctured, then put the other wheel, right That's the same about us employees If we are spoiled, not performing well, the company will remove us, It will take some time then a new wheel will come, a new employee will come. This is what i don't like about corporate But this is what we have to make to our advantage If we are in some such profession, if we have some such skills, if we have some such personal brand. Which makes it difficult to replace us, the company takes a little more time. He has to go 100 km to get that wheel So he thinks that I will drive it till then it does not get spoiled at all And if you are not bad then you will get a lot of money, you will have a lot of value, you will not even be fired.

Because even if there is no work for you for a year Company will still keep you That if after a year there will be a need for this person, then from where will I find the person You are understanding my point, understand this thing. So friends, data science comes somewhere in this way, Why? because i will give you the numbers The data, the analytics industry It has just been said that the size of 3 billion dollars Meaning that the analytics industry has so much potential or in India there is a 1 lakh data science jobs Not in India, There is vacant 1 lakh data science jobs in all over the world Which is a huge number, because data science No, In India, actually there is vacant 1 lakh data science jobs This came in a 2020 research study, Yes And so many jobs, too many jobs in one profile Or data science s not analytics or not engineer, or not business analyst Many people misuse data science They say I am a data scientist but they are not a data scientist.

If you do anything with data, it doesn't mean you are a data scientist. Even a sales person works with data, analyzes it, but has not become a data scientist So who is a Data Scientist A Data Scientist is the one who does mining on the data the data has to be mined, then it is to be collate then it has to be analyzed and tested with the actual phenomenon.

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