Season Full Guide Enhancing Tuvala Gear From 0 to PEN (New Enhancement Rate, Without Cron Stone)

Hello Guys, Welcome Back to Chris Poli Channel. This video I want to share about how to get PEN Tuvala gear from season plus server with new enhancement 
rate Okay, to enjoy watch my video. Make sure you turn on this video subtitle and also you can use time stamp that I already provide to go to target topic that you want. And if you haven't subscribed yet, don't forget to Like, Subscribe, and turn on bell notification to get any update and guide on Black Desert world okay Let's start this video content using any features that I provide start at 15 September 2021 update they just released new type of season, season plus server if you want to know more detail about any feature that new on season plus server you can check on my previous video for more detail but in this video I will focus about how to get your Tuvala gear and enhance it until PEN with new rate for this season plus server as you can see they already increased success rate to enhance Tuvala gear and Tuvala accessory to become more easy to get PEN but for more detail I will show you when I enhance this Tuvala gear either weapon and armor and any number recommended fail stack that you can use to enhance it until PEN and first I recommend you to get this to Tuvala gear from Naru gear that you get from finishing main quest either by doing quest manually or doing this simplify main quest to skip this main quest to more faster play your seasonal character as you can see if you doing this simplify main quest to skip this main quest you will get this full set of Naru gear from this special growth following his footstep quest and after you finishing this quest you will get all this full set Naru gear for armor and also you will get another piece for this Naru sub weapon from this special growth Fughar memorandum chapter 1 if you doing this simplify main quest so in total you will get 6 pieces of this Naru gear either 4 armor and 2 pieces for weapon and if you finish mine quest either simplify or manual main quest you will get a lot of beginner Black Stone armor and beginner Black Stone weapon actually this is already far from enough to enhance all your Naru gear to become PEN and when enhancing this Naru gear you didn't need to use any fail stack you just need to spam click enhance until all this narrow gear either armor or weapon to become PEN but if you want to know more detail about to get this Naru gear manually from beginner Blackstone you can check on my previous video for more detail okay after you get all full set of this PEN Naru gear and you already finished media main quest either from simplify main quest or manual main quest you can talk to Fughar and click exchange and just scroll down you will see Fughar will offer you to exchange all your penal gear to become PRI Tuvala gear and this is will save your season enhancing material to craft this Tuvala gear until PRI enhancement level okay just exchange all this PEN Naru gear to become PRI Tuvala gear okay after you get all PRI Tuvala gear either armor and 2 pieces weapon for Tuvala awakening weapon you don't need to exchange it from zero you just need to finish awakening main quest you will get PRI Tuvala weapon in the middle of finishing awakening quest line or talent questline for Shai character so after you get all PRI Tuvala gear you just need to enhance it until PEN from PRI and this will save a lot of time filled black stone because you already skip until PRI enchantment level okay I will show you how to enhance all this PRI Tuvala gear to become PEN to Tuvala gear with this new success rate from season plus server and in this video I will didn't use any Cron stone because this is already too easy to enhance it until PEN okay from PRI to DUO if you have zero enhancement level this success rate already reached 20 percent and I recommend you to use 10 fail stack to enhance it until duo either using advanced or valks +10 or directly using Blackstone that you need to sacrifice 12 Blackstone to get plus 10 file stack and just apply it as you can see this enhancement success rate become 40% with 20 fail stack and I think more than 40% is already enough to try to enhance it okay just enhance it if you fail you just need to try again as you can see I just got this DUO Tuvala weapon and to enhance it from DUO to TRI I recommend you to use 20 fail stack as you can see when I use 20 fail stack to enhance it until TRI I have more than 40% success rate to enhance it until TRI or if you have refined magical Blackstone you can use this special enhancement material to have guarantee enhancement for PRI, DUO, until TRI enhancement level that you will consume some number of refined magical Blackstone depend on guarantee enhancement that you aim and be noticed if you use this refined magical Blackstone your gear durability will decrease by 20 point actually for decision plus server they already changed requirement refined magical Blackstone that you need to get guarantee enhancement for PRI, DUO, until TRI to become more lower and also max durability consume they already reduce it from 50 to become 20 on this season plus server but be noticed this refund magical Blackstone bit rare so I just recommend you to use this refined magical black stone for TRI enhancement level to save your time filled Blackstone and next from TRI to TET enchantment level I recommend you to use 30 or 40 fail stack as you can see when I try to enhance this Tuvala gear from TRI to become TET using 30 fail stack I got 30% success rate and if I using around 40 fail stack I will get around 35% success rate to enhance it until TET enchantment level ok just enhance it and you will get TET enchantment level and to get 40 fail stack I recommend you to go Fughar NPC and take this quest enhancement event shifter Tuvala gear one that you can get all these quests once per family per season and to finish this quest for part 1 you just need to enhance your Tuvala gear to become TRI to get 40 fail stack by free and you can use this 45 stack to enhance your Tuvala gear to become TET enchantment level and next for quest event harder Tuvala gear part 2 if you take this quest you need to get TET enchantment level for your Tuvala gear and wear it on your seasonal character to get this advice of valk +60 and you can use this advice of valk +60 to enhance your TET Tuvala gear to become PEN enchantment level as you can see when I using this 60 fail stack to enhance this TET Tuvala weapon to become PEN enchantment level you will have more than 35% success rate to enhance it until PEN enchantment level okay just enhance this weapon and you will get this PEN Tuvala weapon or another way to get guarantee enhancement from TET to become PEN enchantment level for these Tuvala gear either armor or weapon you can use this frozen tides black stone actually this is very rare item that you can get this frozen tides black stone from Black Desert season pass by completing this challenge silence of echo that you need to defeat monster summoned from rift of echo as you can see you will get this frozen tides Blackstone 1 piece either you didn't activate your black spirit pass so this is free you can get one piece from this Black Desert
season pass actually you also can get this frozen tides Blackstone with very low chance when you grinding on season server either normal season server or Arsha season server and kill special Afuaru NPC that appear on any grinding zone because this Afuaru NPC will have chance to drop this frozen 
tides blackstone but be notice only Afuaru that you kill on season server at the normal season server or season Arsha server and if you use this for some type Blackstone as you can see you will get 100% chance enhancement guarantee to enhance this TET Tuvala gear to become PEN okay just enhance it as you can see I just got this PEN Tuvala gear by using this frozen tides blackstone and by using this frozen tides Blackstone this will not consume your current fail stack on your Black Spirit but be notice this frozen tides Blackstone you cannot use it for accessory this is only can be used for any defense gear or Tuvala weapon and last you still can use cron stone from this enhancement but cost of this cron stone still same Pearl Abyss didn't reduce consumption for this constant to enhance your Tuvala gear to TRI, TET, or PEN enchantment level so for this season plus server I didn't recommend you to use this cron stone because this Tuvala enhancement would be so easy to enhance using any resource that you can get by playing seasonal character and for Tuvala accessory you can use this list of fail stack to get PEN enchantment level but with my current seasonal character progression I still didn't touch this Tuvala accessory right now and I will share when I try to enhance this Tuvala accessory until PEN enchantment level in another video so just stay tuned on Chris Poli Channel and special thanks to all my membership for direct support via Patreon, Karyakarsa, or Youtube Membership.

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