Season Finale Trailer | The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power | Prime Video

Soon you will understand… the power of the Unseen World. Evil does not sleep, it waits. There is far more at stake here
than just our lives. Fight with me. For all Middle-earth. He was lost, but shall return. What are you? I am no God. At least not yet. You will be known at last
for who you truly are, for you are Lord Sauron. If Sauron has returned… Then the Southlands are in grave danger. The Southlands are but the beginning. In the end, this shadow
is but a small and passing thing. It feels like the coming of night. Soon the sun will set. Do your part. We shall see it rise again. Elves and Dwarves working together. Aye, that’s how it starts. We stay true to each other. This will be a reminder of our strength. Heroes amongst us even now,
waiting to burst forth. I will serve. -I will serve!
-I will serve! Yet tonight, one more trial awaits us. Run! I did not cross that bitter ocean,
only to drown now. We are on the cusp of crafting
a new kind of power.

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