Scoring A Knuckleball Goal With Every Famous Football From 1970-2020

Today we have 13 balls at the start for you We test them for their Knuckleball ability It simply comes better into the flutter With the right technique the ball flies pretty hard With this soccer ball you'll definitely get some serious flutter balls There is still need for discussion If you tell me more, my hand will fall off If not even the best ball for flutter balls … and our place 1 is …

Servus and welcome to a new video – we are the freekickerz and today we have 13 balls at the start for you We test them for their ability to flutter and tell you which ball is the absolute nightmare for goalkeepers For this we have balls from 1970 to 2020 at the start and see which one is our personal favorite and now enjoy the video! We start with the Telstar from 1970. For the first time, FIFA took over the organization of the World Cup and awarded the contract to adidas The result was a soccer ball made of black and white leather, which was optimized for the black and white TVs of that time – who would have thought it? Let's see how the ball performs in 2020 As you would expect, the Telstar flies and feels like a stone This makes it very predictable – a positive thing for goalkeepers. But the potential for flutter balls tends to sink towards zero Unless you have an extremely good command of the technology.

Therefore I would rather put the ball in the showcase The Roteiro was not only the match ball at the European Championship 2004 in Portugal, but also one of the first balls in our glorious video For the first time, this soccer is not sewn together but thermally bonded This provided for better durability and higher water resistance Despite the latest technology, some footballers complained about the unpredictable flight characteristics The Roteiro is more comfortable to play with than the Telstar, but still very stable in flight Therefore the classification above the Telstar is more than deserved, even if the ball is less suitable for flutter balls Martin is actually your favorite or your favorite ball? Clearly the team spirit (2006) I was 8 years old when the World Championship took place.

It was the first world championship that I witnessed and then in my own country The team spirit has now reached legendary status Not only because the World Cup was in Germany with this ball, but also because he got the Flutterball Game rolling In 2006, it was the roundest soccer ever produced thanks to the 14 panels – normally, ball has twice as many – and it is the most As was to be expected, the team spirit is a very good flutterball thanks to its smooth surface Unfortunately, these balls have become very rare, but if you can still get hold of one, you should take it Logically, the team spirit climbs to the top of our evaluation Our first interim conclusion: The Telstar from 1970 is unsuitable as a flutterball I definitely agree with the Roteiro.

Both are on our Knuckleball Sklala a 1 of 5 With the team spirit of 2006, we have the first ball that got the Flutterball story rolling And the team spirit gets 4 out of 5 points – but only because there is a ball that is even more blatant The ball of the EM 2008 reminds optically strongly of the team spirit The Europass has been technically improved, among other things by the polymer surface But I think that the normal footballer will hardly notice any difference Europe's is identical to team spirit – even if some goalies like Peter Cech and Jens Lehmann have criticized the ball for its irrational trajectory Wait and see it definitely gets worse The Jabulani is probably one of the most famous and spectacular soccer balls of modern times and maybe the ball that made us famous Its surface still consists of 8 large panels.

This made the ball as round as never before But he also received a lot of criticism from goalkeepers at the 2010 World Cup – including Buffon and Casillas The ball has changed direction 4 times What you can say is, if you have the technique, the Jabulani will definitely help you to find a new level Everyone who has kicked with a Jabulani knows how much the goalkeepers love him The ball has an extreme potential to flutter – even people who do not have a perfect command of the technology can do this Hence the deserved award – "Knuckleball Legend". After 2 years of development work, the Tango 12, on which the Albert is based, was launched Here the number of panels has been increased from 8 – as with the Jabulani – to 32 In addition, the surface became more grippy Adidas has listened to the Keepers and has definitely defused Tango 12 aka "The Albert Better play ball, but worse for flutter balls.

Therefore the ball lands solidly in the midfield. That was the soccer of the 2012 Olympics in London the Albert – also called "Prince Albert". I would give it 3 out of 5 points now. Flutters also quite well, but is not as good as the 2 other footballs in this round The Europass is also quite well known to experts. Here you need the right technique for flutter balls I would also give him 3 out of 5 points because he is one level below team spirit for me I think there is still a need for discussion If you tell me more, my hand will fall off You can also cut, you … Yes, but the hand still fell off One of the best, if not the best flutterball is the Jabulani. The best without question… From therefore deserves 5 of 5 points We still have one in the backhand – but the level is very high now The goal factory is based on the Brazuca, the match ball of the 2014 World Cup The ball also consists of only 6 large panels glued together from 5 different polyurethane layers. But before we bore you further, let's go to the square.

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