SCALANCE XC200 Firmware update to v4.0 In Run

Let start with SCALANCE Firmware update First connect PC to the SCLANCE Now select SCALCANCE in the Hardware configuration And select Object Properties Click Tab Management and click Button Web Based Management It will open SCALANCE web page By default new SCALANCE have admin / admin credencial And we must change it ASAP Repeat old password and type twice new password We must use more strong and safe password password with 8 chars, and at least 1 special symbol, 1 digit and 1 upper case Now see current SCALANCE firmware version In the System / Load & Save section new firmware can be load Press Load button and select firmware file from SIEMENS site SCALANCE firmware download started Firmware verifyed Firmware flashing started For now nothing changed in working system ET200SP HA work with active Right channel Aftrer Ok button click SCALANCE reboot and communication lost ET200SP HA switched to Left channel and still work fine Wait till SCALANCE finish reboot process Enter to SCALANCE Web interface again amin / admin not valid – SCALANCE remembered safe password We can see SCALNCE have new firmware And now compatible with CiR and H-CiR for PROFINET and PROFINET R1

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