what's up guys we are back with some breaking news 
samsung just made the s22 ultra outdated aka the   samsung unpacked events official announcement 
material is leaked we also have the first 200   megapixel camera sample to look at a new updated 
look on which devices are getting the android   13 update so much to talk about let's get right 
into it so there we go august 10th is indeed the   official date for this event samsung is apparently 
calling this unfor your world we'll be seeing   galaxy watch 5 the z flip 4 4 4 the bora purple 
color for all galaxy s32 models including the   s32 ultra and finally the galaxy buds pro 2. the 
interesting thing here is that samsung has chosen   the flip 4 as the poster boy rather than using 
the ford four at this unpacked teaser in case   you don't know the design of both flip 4 and fold 
4 is largely unchanged but the specs are going   pro from cameras to the snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 
chip it's kind of crazy that the cheaper z-flip   4 will be better in performance than the s22 ultra 
welcome to 2022 where samsung is clearly putting   all their eggs in the foldable basket we also 
have the official colors league for the 4-4   and possibly samsung could offer the bespoke 
edition of both flip 4 and the ford 4 so user   can choose what colors they want and have their 
fall just the way they like also in the news   the samsung 200 megapixel camera is about to 
enter the market with the moto s30 ultra phone   which is gonna get announced very very soon the 
ceo actually posted the first ever sample taken   from this camera and it shows why this sensor 
is superior to the current 108 megapixel sensors   according to the ceo the 4 to 1 pixel binning used 
on this device is superior to the 9 to 1 binning   used with the 108 mega cameras the sensor is able 
to capture swift 50 megapixel resolution images   with 13 mb size the moto h30 ultra will not be 
the only phone with this new sensor apparently   samsung is shipping in newly announced iso cell 
hp3 which is a 200 megapixel sensor coming out   with the xiaomi mi 12d pro this is very 
surprising considering they didn't use this sensor   on the 12s ultra so it seems like all this further 
solidifies the fact that the 200 megapixel camera   is the future for the s23 ultra don't count 
samsung out they have a lot of special plans   for what they're gonna do regarding the camera 
on the flagship s23 ultra and lastly here is the   updated look at the devices that will receive 
the android 13 update based on one ui 5.0   sam mobile was able to update this on their 
website so let me know if you see your   device once again a lot of legendary phones 
like the s10 series the original s9 models   are getting killed off same thing with the note 
10 series but the light models are apparently   set to get the android 13 update we still have 
one important detail to know which is the final   pricing so make sure to subscribe for up to date 
content and i'll see you guys later peace out

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