Rica recalls the nightmares that happened to her | Viral Scandal

Miss Sicat, can you tell us what happened that evening? My co-workers and I went to a bar to celebrate the completion of my internship. Shot! Shot! [CHEERING] We had a few drinks. Then after a while, I saw Rose at the dance floor. A guy was harassing her. He was asking her to drink. So I went over and grabbed the drink. And I drank it for her. So he would leave Rose alone. [DARK MUSIC PLAYING] And then what happened? I suddenly became dizzy. I tried going home. I even wanted to

call my father. Because I felt that something was off. That something was wrong. And then… A guy approached me while I was feeling dizzy. That was the last thing I remember. After that, I woke up in a hotel room. And I was naked and bloodied. [DARK MUSIC CONTINUES] Six days. It took you six days before you reported the rape to the police. Why didn't you report it immediately, Miss Sicat? – I was in shock.

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