Resident Evil Season 1 | Man Infected with T-Virus | Pedestrians React | Netflix

(Snarl) (Glass smashing) (Music) (Music) Excuse me. Why is there somebody in the box? -He agreed to be in here. -Oh, he agreed to be in there? Yes, we’re testing. -We’re running a controlled experiment. -What’s going on? Very seriously, I really would not test us. You’re just gonna stand there? Can somebody ask somebody what’s going

on? You have to talk to him. What is going on?! It says — look right there, right there. Umbrella Corporation. (Siren blares) (Frustrated grunt) (Desperate scream) (Dogs yapping) (Hysterical screaming) (Baby crying) (Siren blares) (Unintelligible sounds) (Hard slam on glass) (Panicked shrieks) (Music).

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