Project Pan Update #1 2023 + Channel Membership!

hey guys so for today's video I'm doing my first 
update on my project pan this is the first project   pan I have ever done and I'm excited for this 
update I am doing this update a little sooner than   I was planning on but I already have some pretty 
good progress and some little tweaks and changes   I want to make so I want to get this video up for 
you guys as soon as possible I also decided that   in these project pan update videos I'm also going 
to update you on any other pans I have hit that   are products that are not in my project pan but 
just pans I've hit in general because I feel like   it's really exciting to share that with you guys 
before we get started with the project pan items   I wanted to talk about a little change and update 
I'm doing to my YouTube channel this is something   I've been thinking about doing for over a year now 
on my channel but I just never felt ready but as   of recently I'm like I can do this I feel ready to 
do this so I am now launching Channel memberships   for my YouTube so the cool thing about Channel 
memberships is that it's going to be more of like   a tight-knit community of people that follow me 
and people that enjoy my videos and want to see   more exclusive content for me so if you do decide 
to sign up for the channel membership you'll get   exclusive member only videos from me and this 
would be a video that you guys pick and vote   for a reason why I really wanted to do this 
because like I get DMS and messages all the   times about people's like very specific scenarios 
they're like Angela I'm going to prom I'm wearing   a purple dress I need a purple eyeshadow look 
or going to a wedding or just something very   specific that they want a video on so by doing 
this exclusive member only videos you guys get   to pick exactly what you want to see and since 
it's such a smaller community of people like   it's gonna be what you want you know what I mean 
because I want to do this community for you guys   like and it's also for me too because you know 
I get lonely sometimes I film videos at home for   a living gonna get a little personal here but 
I also just don't have many friends my friends   I do have live in Portland that's an hour away 
from me so I just always feel my best when I'm   like responding to comments responding to DMS 
chatting with you guys and so this is also for   me just to have a community of people that love 
me and want to support me and that I can give   them what they want so you guys will get the 
exclusive member only tutorial slash video and   then you also get priority response to comments so 
let's say you comment on one of my videos and you   remember YouTube will like notify me and be like 
oh my gosh one of your members commented so that   tells me that I want to respond to your comment 
right away because you are a member and you want   to support me so whatever you comment if you have 
like a question or something I will be sure to get   back to you I'll also be offering member only 
polls and I think this is going to be the most   helpful thing because there are so many times 
and I'm like filming a video doing a look where   I wish I could ask you guys a question and like 
have you guys help me like what palette do I use   what lipstick do I use and I could just quickly 
ask you guys and you can get back to me right   away and I love that idea or let's say I'm stuck 
on like a video idea for my main Channel like I'm   stuck between two palettes which one do I use you 
guys can vote and tell me what you want to see I   also want to post some like behind the scenes 
of the bright lashes because I am the owner of   the bright lashes like it's literally just me so I 
thought it'd be kind of fun to kind of like bring   you guys along if there's like a new launch more 
like behind the scenes stuff just fun stuff like   that and then I also want to start doing member 
only live streams probably a few months after we   kind of get the membership going and I have a good 
group of people I can go on live do my makeup with   you guys and just chat and talk and that sounds 
so fun for me like doing my makeup with the people   that love and support me and just chatting with 
you guys sounds so much fun and I can't wait to   do the live streams so I will be calling my 
membership the bright besties so if you want   to sign up I will leave a link down below for 
you it's really easy to join and it's only 3.99   a month there is no pressure to join but if you do 
want to it would mean so much to me because I want   to have this like tight-knit Community I also want 
to say that this does not change any of my content   for my public Channel I'll still be posting my 
two videos a week one usually being a tutorial   and one being more of a talking video so don't 
worry about that this is just extra content for   you guys if you want to see it all right I think 
that's all I have to say about my bright besties   at communities so let's get on to the project pan 
update I am still going strong on my Urban Decay   Hydra Maniac I've definitely used quite a bit of 
product this month like it feels a lot lighter   than it did in the beginning and I am just really 
enjoying using this tinted moisturizer it's really   easy to just throw on and look beautiful like no 
matter what I pair it with I'm hoping by the next   update or the one after that I will have this 
finished we will see so next is my Nars to your   glow foundation and I feel like I haven't used 
this as much as I would have liked to so far in   this project pan I think the hard thing for me is 
that like out of these two I prefer this one so I   tend to grab for this one more or the foundation 
that's in my shop my stash and I just find that   I'm not loving reaching for this because it is 
more of a like medium coverage foundation and   I've just been liking more tinted moisturizers in 
general and like whenever I go to use it I do find   that I'm really trying to pour out like shake out 
the product so I know I'm close to the end I feel   like I'm just so close to finishing this and I 
don't necessarily want to like hate pan it but   I'm not loving using it but I do think I can still 
finish this up at least by the end of this year   for sure next is my Too Faced hangover primer I 
am so close to finishing this up like look at how   skinny this is whenever I use this I have to like 
bend the bottle and try to really get the product   out and it's so dang close I've also tried to open 
up this top and I I can't get it open and I don't   really want to like cut into the product I know 
that some people like to do that but I just don't   like the look of that honestly so I probably won't 
cut into it but I'm so freaking close to finishing   this it'll definitely be done by my next update 
and then I also wanted to mention that when I do   a finish this up which will definitely be in the 
next like couple uses or so I'm going to roll in   the Smashbox primerizer which is a very similar 
primer in my opinion they're both just hydrating   primers which I like to use I like using the 
primerizer but I do think it's the oldest one   I have in my collection right now so I would like 
to finish this up I've already used quite a bit of   product I'm not even like halfway done with it so 
I'm excited to get use out of this once I finish   up this one next is my hourglass bronzer I still 
have not hit pan on this I use this probably every   single time I do my makeup and it's just still 
going strong I honestly feel like I'll never get   pan but I know it'll happen eventually but dang 
there are so many uses in this product I'm still   shocked like I just can't wait till the day where 
I just see like a tiny glimpse of pan it's gonna   be amazing next is my hourglass blush quad I 
still have yet to hit Pam on this I am using   these two shades of mole so like I said in my 
first project Pan video I have a dip like right   here so I'm thinking like the corner of this one 
might hit pan first I'm still not there yet but I   still love using this like almost every time I do 
my makeup so I think I'm really just gonna focus   on hitting the corner of this blush to get pan 
right there I will be so happy when I hit it next   I have my Sigma under eye color corrector guys the 
difference in this is shocking I mentioned this in   a previous video but what I did with this product 
is I actually scraped it all up and I put it into   this pan just because it was kind of hard to pick 
up the product around the edges so it's scraping   it all up and kind of bunching it back into one 
little spot I am so close to finishing this I   still love using it every day and I almost find 
that it's kind of more pigmented and creamier by   using it this way now that the product is kind of 
like mushed together into one I know this product   will be finished with my in the next few weeks 
and I'm trying to think of a way that I could like   reuse this compact for something I don't have any 
ideas but if you do let me know next I have both   of my Nars soft matte concealers I'm still using 
these almost every single time I do my makeup I   use these to spot conceal and I feel like I have 
really good progress on these two my pan that I   hit has gotten bigger and wider whenever I use 
these I'm really trying to like get the product   off the edges here so I'm Still Loving using these 
one of my favorite concealers ever so next is my   cosas brow pencil and I'm shocked that I don't 
have more product on this because this is the   only brow pencil I've been using since I started 
my project pan like I don't have any others in my   drawer that I grab for it's literally just this 
one and I feel like there's such a small amount   of progress on it which kind of says that like I 
don't really use much of it when I do fill in my   brows but I'm still like I use this almost every 
single day and I've only made like a tiny little   smidget of progress on it so I think this one 
will take longer than I expected to finish but I'm   still enjoying using it next is my house Labs gel 
coal liner and punk and I'm so so happy by this   progress it almost looks like I have like a full 
inch gone of product and I'm getting so close to   hitting the S on the wording of Laboratories right 
here and even like when I go to use it it feels   like I'm using a small pencil so I'm super excited 
about this progress especially that I made like   this much progress in six weeks but I could barely 
make that much progress on a brow pencil it's kind   of funny but I love this liner next I have my 
Charlotte Tilbury lip liner and iconic nude   and I really thought I would have more progress on 
this too because for a while this was the only lip   liner I had in my drawer and this still is like 
one of my favorite lip Liners in my collection so   I'm kind of shocked by how much I haven't used a 
bit you know what I mean so I think this one will   take a lot longer than I thought to finish next 
I have my rare Beauty highlighters I think in my   first project pan I only talked about putting the 
shade Exhilarate into the project pan but I ended   up adding the shade enlightened to the project 
as well just because depending on my skin tone   that day I do kind of like mix the two or just use 
one or the other I feel like I have more progress   on Exhilarate and I can see like a tiny little dip 
happening in the pan right there so she's cute and   as of now these are the only powder highlighters 
that I keep in my drawer in front of me so I'm   grabbing for these every single time I do my 
makeup so I'm hoping to hit pan kind of fast we'll   see so next we have the Anastasia Magic Touch 
concealer and I actually stopped using this I want   to say like two or three weeks ago about halfway 
through my project because I definitely think it's   gone bad when I would go to apply it it looks like 
the formula is separating I wonder if it'll do it   if I Swatch it for you I don't know if you can 
see but it's like the pigment of the concealer   is separating from like the base of it it just 
doesn't look good and it was not blending very   well under my eyes anymore it has a little bit of 
a smell and I recently posted a video where I was   revisiting my 2021 favorites and this was in that 
video so it kind of made me realize like oh I've   had this since 2021 so it probably has gone kind 
of bad I mean it definitely has so I'm definitely   happy I was able to get some more use out of 
it but at this point it just needs to go in the   trash it has gone bad it is not good anymore so in 
place of this I'm going to add in the Sephora best   skin ever concealer I also kind of realized 
that I don't really have many concealers in my   collection and this one is my favorite one I have 
in my collection so I'm excited to put this in my   project pan this is easily a concealer I can reach 
for every single day so I'm excited to have this   in my project so goodbye Anastasia Magic Touch 
next is my Fenty Beauty gloss and fussy I do have   a tiny bit of progress here like it's a very small 
amount but I can see the progress I think you can   see the line of product right there so I'm like 
almost halfway through using it I still love using   it it's still one of my favorite lip glosses in my 
collection so still working hard on this and then   the last product I have is the rare beauty cream 
blush and nearly neutral and using this blush kind   of triggered some changes for me that I want to 
make in my project pants so originally I wanted to   finish this blush up completely and it kind of got 
me thinking like would I rather finish this blush   completely or hit pan on more of my other blushes 
in my collection and I think I'd want to hit pan   on my other blushes so I'm actually going to put 
this back into my collection and pull out another   blush that I feel like I can use almost daily 
because I realized I would much rather have a   blush collection where I have like five blushes 
with pan on it rather than just finishing up one   blush completely like I want to spread out the 
love instead of just focusing on this one blush   even though I do love it I just don't think 
it's realistic for me to finish it completely   so since I'm swapping out that blush I am rolling 
in the tarte Breezy Cream Blush in Peach Sunset I   got this sometime last year I did a sponsorship 
with boxycharm and tarte and this was in the box   I think right and I ended up loving this blush so 
much I love the color the formula is beautiful so   I'm really excited to try to hit pan on this 
there's not really I can tell I've used it but   there's not really an indent at all so we'll see 
how long it actually takes to hit any sort of pan   on this there are two other items that I hit pan 
on this month that are not in my project pan so   first is the make it by Mario soft sculpt skin 
enhancer and light medium look at how big this   pant is now I was using this product a lot the 
beginning of January and I hit pan on it and I   was so dang excited I told my boyfriend and he's 
like what is pan so I had like explained to him   what hitting pan is but every time I go to use 
this the pan just gets bigger and bigger which   is very exciting and this is one of my favorite 
cream bronzers in my collection so I'm happy that   I have shown this product so much love and then 
the other product that I hit pan on was a mini   of the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless airbrush powder 
in the shade one fair I did have this in my last   shot my stash so I like to use this to set under 
my eyes or like any areas of my face more like   the center of my face I also like to use this 
to like clean up any edges of eyeshadows like   I have so many uses for this product so I'm 
not surprised that I hit pan on it so I am so   happy about this little baby pant especially 
since I wasn't trying to pan it it just kind   of happened like naturally so that's exciting 
alright so that is the update on my project   pan items I'm really excited to be rolling these 
two products in and get some good use out of them   I'm also hoping by the next update I will have 
finished the Too Faced hangover primer and the   sigma under eye corrector so that'll be exciting 
if you are doing a project pan this year I would   love to know how it's going for you please let me 
know and again if you are interested in joining   my bright besties YouTube membership I'll leave 
more information down below so I hope you guys   enjoyed this quick video thank you so much for 
watching and don't forget to like And subscribe

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