Product Photo + Midjourney AI Art (part 1/3)

So, it's time for a new tutorial and this 
time we're focusing on MidJourney and we   have Oliver here, Oliver is back! Welcome back, 
it's very nice to have you here because we need   to dig into the MidJourney stuff. This has been 
a… you know in the office we say it's like an   illness that has taken over a lot of people and 
this is like a… it's been super super exciting   over the last couple of weeks to like dive really 
deeper into the world of AI essentially creating   with using simple prompts and and words you can 
create these amazing amazing creative images.   And maybe you should introduce yourself, what 
is your profession? So I'm a food and product   photographer, the traditional sense, if you 

So really taking pictures you know for   clients in studios or on location. But I've 
recently gotten really into using AI as a tool   in a more creative way so helping me create 
new mood boards for clients putting products   into very kind of unique situations using very 
very high quality cinematic lighting or kind of   locations that you wouldn't normally find on the 
internet and again it just has helped me over the   past couple weeks.

I mean it's been a long, it's 
been a strong learning curve for sure, but at the   same time it's really kind of helped me understand 
okay how to be more creative and at the end of the   day also allowed me to you know come up with a 
very kind of cool mood boards very very quickly   so I'm not on Pinterest for hours searching for 
images to say oh this is the mood I'm trying to   go for I couldn't find that right image more on 
Google Images um so it's been a very very helpful   tool.

The kind of one limitation that I found was 
let's say if I'm doing product photography I can't   actually put a product of let's say of a champagne 
bottle into this AI world so you can prompt it the   MidJourney bot to say okay I would like to have 
a champagne bottle in this particular setting but   it's just going to be a kind of random champagne 
bottle and so what I found is like a cool way to   do it is to kind of create an AI world uh using 
let's say a champagne bottle or the bottle we   want to use and then in post-production take 
a picture of a bottle and then post-production   put that put that bottle in into the actual AI 

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