Pray for kanjuruhan,kami sekeluarga ikut bela sungkawa,semoga arwah para korban diterima disisihNya.

Our family is deeply saddened by what happened, Pray For Kanjuruhan, Condolences Full of Sadness and Sympathy. Death is a sensitive subject for most people. So, we must keep our words when we get sad news or want to give greetings to families who have experienced a loss. The world of Indonesian football is filled with sad news. An incident broke out at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, after Arema FC lost 2-3 to Persebaya Surabaya on October 1, 2022. This became a dark sheet in Indonesian football. There are so many who give sympathy for this bloody tragedy. Several public figures and netizens also expressed their condolences for the tragedy that befell the victims. Here we also give some condolences for "Pray For Kanjuruhan" among them. Sometimes people just disappear. You have to love and appreciate them when they are around you. Pray For Kanjuruhan Condolences for what has happened, wish you the best and wish you and your family the strength to go through all of this. Our extended family offers our deepest condolences. Pray For Kanjuruhan, October 1, 2022. How much more damage is caused by anger and sadness than the things that cause them, Pray For Kanjuruhan. All the times we spent together have now become a memory. May all your deeds of worship be accepted by God. Calm down, my friend. Pray For Kanjuruhan The pain of parting has nothing to do with the joy of meeting again. Pray For Kanjuruhan. Tears are words that the heart cannot express. Pray For Kanjuruhan Tears from the heart will never be able to bring back someone who has been gone forever. Stay strong my friend, take his departure as a reminder that we are only human beings who will also face death. So live life with courage and remember that we too will experience death… Pray For Kanjuruhan Don't grieve. Whatever you lose, will come in another form. Pray For Kanjuruhan May all my best prayers be granted by God. There's only one thing I can do right now, now let me remember and pray for you. Farewell my friend About death, tragedies like this have a cruel way of reminding us of what is important in life. Spending time with our loved ones, and being there for them, no matter what. All of this is a good plan from God. We must accept his departure with fortitude and an open heart. Pray For Kanjuruhan. May the family left behind be given strength. Believe that God will reunite you in heaven someday. I didn't feel my tears dripping on the day you left. I really miss you, you are my best friend. Goodbye friend, may your good deeds be a light in your grave. O my best friend, even though you are still young, your spirit is still burning, your goals are so high, but God loves you more, God misses you. Goodbye my dear friend. May you be given the best place in His heaven. Pray For Kanjuruhan, October 1, 2022. No life is comparable to football. Pray For Kanjuruhan, October 1, 2022.

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