PLC Programmer Salary (US, UK, Canada, Germany) – CAN’T believe IT 🤯

today we will take a look at the income of a 
PLC programmer in the top four countries of USA   Canada UK and Germany. so, in this video we are 
aiming clearly to answer the question how much   does a PLC programmer make? as it turns out this 
was not as easy a task as initially anticipated   as a position or title of a person who performs 
PLC programming duties varies from countries   to countries therefore in order to find some 
commonality across borders, i landed on the title   automation engineer which represented a person 
performing PLC programming and HMI design   duties. so if you are curious how much a PLC 
programmer makes or if you're already working   in the field as a PLC programmer and are wondering 
where you rank compared to others in your country   be sure keep watching this video. this is not a cut and dry answer, as i allude 
to previously many factors will impact what   you will make performing the duties of a PLC 
programmer that include but are not limited to,   your educational background, the country, 
state, city in which you reside, the number   of years you have been working in the field, 
and of course the company you are working for.   the info we provide for this video will give a 
range of salary one can expect to making their   respective countries and the average salary and 
median for that country.

If you are a student   tradesman or just someone contemplating pursuing a 
carrier the full of automation and PLC programming   i would encourage you to check out “how to 
choose a PLC brand for learning PLC”. this video   highlights some important knowledge you will need 
to know to choose the right PLC brand for working   in your region. like i said the common position 
i was able to find across four countries was the   job title “automation engineer” which indicate 
duties that would include both PLC programming   and HMI design.

The data was gathered from, which turned out to be excellent   resource for salary searches. all country data for 
the job title automation engineer indicated that   the position would typically be held by someone 
who had less than 20 years experience i know i   know it's a little broad after which individual 
would typically move on to more senior positions. an automation engineer in the United 
States make on average 78,721 USD   per year with a median salary of 79,000 
USD with an overall salary range of   58,000 USD on the low end to 111,000 USD on the 
high end proof that being an automation engineer   or PLC programmer in the united 
states can be very lucrative. let's go to the country from sea to sea Canada, 
Canada is the second largest country in the   world in area after Russia occupy roughly 
the northern two-fifths of the continent of   north America Canada’s economy grew 5.4 percent 
in the in the third quarter on the analyzed basis   beating analysts expectations for the gain of 
3 percent.

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