Perfect Heist 2 – Robber Tips

This video marks a departure from the regular
videos – today I'm gonna be providing some tips and tricks for
Perfect Heist 2. The first tip I have to offer is really, really
simple; learn your role. The class you choose to play as can
drastically change the way you play the game. Luckily, the developer recently redsigned
the spawn menu and split the various classes up into three categories
– Breach, Stealth and Support for the Robbers, and Combat, Intel and Support for the Cops. This makes each class's role a little bit
more obvious at first glance. Don't be afraid to jump into a session on
your own to test out each class's unique abilities and equipment. This second tip is for Robbers only – when
in the spawn menu, take a look at the top-left corner of the screen
and you'll see that you can change your spawn point but also change your mask. These masks each have varying
buffs or debuffs that can enhance the way you choose to play the game.

Wearing a mask makes it obvious you're
a player rather than an NPC, so these are most commonly used when you've managed to
break into a vault. Pressing the M-key puts on your mask by default. Tip three – Robbers don't *have* to break
into the vaults in order to win the game, there are other ways of
collecting the amount of cash needed to escape. Some maps have ATM machines, cash registers,
secret documents and even gold bars just lying around the place.

Some classes, such as the Crypto, can help
win the match without ever stepping foot inside a vault thanks to
its' unique ability. Tip four – some maps have these little baskets
hidden away that allow you to disguise yourself as an employee,
allowing you to blend in with the NPCs without having to kill any of them. This is obviously really beneficial
to classes that favour a stealthy approach. These are currently available on the official
'New York', 'Casino' and 'Big Bank' maps. Now that we've covered some of the more basic
aspects of the game, it's time to move onto some map-specific
tips & tricks. For example, on all of the current official
maps, players can climb on top of a building directly
next to the main Robber spawn to provide themselves a nice vantage point to keep an eye on the
Cops. This is obviously really useful for the Sniper
class, who can stay up here and constantly harass the enemy team.

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