Palpites Jogo Aberto: Corinthians ou Flamengo; quem é o favorito?

What is good, we are not sure, is not because Flamengo already seems to have a lineup defined by what they showed against Atlético Mineiro is not in the Copa do Brasil and also mainly against Tolima in Libertadores now Corinthians Ronaldo we know that the VP he is not afraid to change his use he contradicts the predictions without the slightest fear he was Thank you, right, to do this for the card regions and the midfield that he dreamed of a lot of people were left out is still outside Paulinho and Renato Augusto means it's a guarantee that you also have the most offensive team providing the attack a lot more but today you don't have these pieces and he was forced to make inventions to put Roger Guedes together with Yuri himself to see what would happen there I think that today he will send sound because this boy every time he came in he made a rush so I mean he has some cloth on his head but the pieces are outside and a great goal he made and I don't know if you accredit him because you're saying that not so far about Bruno Mendes who played very well alongside Valbuena and played in this game against Botafogo even but I don't know if that's enough for him to change his mind that's it.

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