OPPO F23 Unboxing & First Impressions⚡40x Microlens, 120Hz Screen & More

Do you know what is nomophobia? According to this report, 75% of people in India have nomophobia. Let's ask people in our office what they know about nomophobia. Let's ask Mallari. Mallari, do you know what nomophobia is? No. Sakshi, do you know? I guess I read it somewhere. I saw it on Instagram. I guess it's the fear of not being able to use your mobile devices or anxiousness. I know it already. How many times do you charge your phone in a day? 1, 2, 3 times? 3 times? 3 times? Let's ask people. Let's ask Sagar. Sagar, do you know what nomophobia is? No. You don't know? No. 3 out of 4 people in India have nomophobia.

Let's find out from this. How many times do you charge your phone in a day? Once. Only once? Alright. Arjun, do you know what nomophobia is? No. In India, more than women, men have nomophobia. And 75% of people have it. So you must have it too. How many times do you charge your phone in a day? No, I keep it on charge. Continuously? Yes. It's the height of nomophobia. Is there a power saving mode? No, if you charge it all day, why do you need a power saving mode? Let's unbox it & tell you what nomophobia is. Unboxing Oppo F23 is here, we'll do its unboxing & first impressions. Let's go! Studio is ready, the phone is right here. Oppo F23 5G. I'll talk about nomophobia & tell you some interesting things about it. So do wait for that. But this is the white box, Oppo F23 5G. First, the documentation & case. And a sim card tool. The quality of the case is good. Definitely a very nice quality case. This is the phone.

Oh wow! It's an 80W brick. The phone supports 67W, but you get an 80W adapter in the box. And then USB Type A to Type C charging cable. Alright, that's about it in the box. Let's put the box aside & look at the phone. As soon as you hold it, it feels really light. And the sides are flat. Nice, it looks modern. Look at the design, it's flashy & golden. It definitely looks rich & premium. And when the light hits it, it kind of glows. It's Oppo's Glow design. It's bold gold. Yes, it's bold gold. If you want it muted, you can go for black.

And then this is bold gold. The in-hand feel is really good. It'll feel nice for average hands too. It has a 5000mAh battery. I think it's about 178g. Let's see if it's 180g. Oh, it's 192.5g! It doesn't feel heavy, the weight distribution is good. It feels around 180g, so you're not going to feel this heavy. Let's talk about the ports & buttons. There's a speaker grill below, a USB Type C mic, a 3.5mm jack. On the left, there's a volume rocker, a sim card tray above it, a noise cancelling mic above it.

On the right, there's a power on off button which doubles up as a side mounted fingerprint sensor. I doubt this is going to be a sim card slot as there's only 1 256GB storage variant. It's a hybrid sim card slot, I thought it wouldn't be a sim card slot. But it is, so you can either expand the storage or use 2 sim cards at a time. It's a hybrid sim card slot. Let me tell you about the display, it has a panda glass protection & that's why you'll have to drop it. Let's do this! 1,2,3! No, nothing. There's a plastic back, it's a bold gold polycarbonate plastic. Very nice! Oh, there's a screen guard, let's remove it. There's no sound! Come on, let's start the phone! If you enjoy our videos, then do hit LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more interesting videos! Alright, let's talk about the display. It's a nice 6.72'' FHD Plus LTPS 120Hz display with 240Hz touch sampling rate. Screen-to-body ratio is more than 91% because the bezels are thin & the chin is of average size. Overall, it's a nice looking display with a punch hole in the centre.

Specifications It comes with the very tried & tested Qualcomm SD695 SoC. It has only 1 variant with 8GB RAM & 256GB storage. It has LPDDR4X RAM type & UFS 2.2 storage type. . It has a 5000mAh battery & even though it has an 80W adapter, it has 67W charging. So definitely, you can charge your phone from 0% to 100% in 1 hour. Nomophobia NOMO stands for No Mobile Phobia. Meaning, if you don't have a phone around you, you'll be scared & that phobia is called Nomophobia. And because of this Nomophobia, people charge their phones 3-4 times & keep it on charging continuously. And think about it, men have more Nomophobia than women. In fact, I've found out an interesting thing, more than 92.5% people use Power Saving Mode. What do you do? Let us know in the COMMENTS & do you have Nomophobia? But you shouldn't have Nomophobia with the Oppo F23 because it has fast charging & a big battery.

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