Open Tech Startup in 10 Mins Using Open Ai | Ai Make Business From Scratch? (IDEA)

How are people making
tech startups using open AI? Yes! Open AI is not only helping
human civilization with its algorithm, But also creating new
opportunities for you to make money. Just think, you make a website That automatically types news
articles and publishes them. with new web designs. Or make an app that people
use every day by applying filters And earning money from their posts. Or make a such marketing banner, That forces people to think, about
whether it is for show or to use. And make something that
will make investors' pitch, customer's emails and company's
legal documents in one click. And we make our tech startup
with just a line of 18 words. Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy Due to the compassion of Elon Musk, Greg
Brockman, Liliya Skurtkevar, and Sam Altman New YouTubers, businessmen,
and freelancers are becoming, not only in India but in the whole world. Open AI is helping people with
its three products at the moment. And using these three products, you make
your career within the creative fields.

And we'll know about it in this video. How and what kind of startups can
be made using these three products, I.e. Dall.E 2.0, Chat GPT-3 and Codex. We will also get to
know how open AI works, And whether we can
make a new open AI with it. And if you have come through
YouTube on this video, then welcome. You have become a new
partner in our community.

You can make it more successful by pressing
the subscribe button and the bell icon. Anyway, Open AI was started
by these four people in 2015. And we started moving forward in the
path of proving Stephen Hawking's fear. That AI will evolve so much
that it will redesign itself. And that's what started in 2015. And today, AI is really
taking jobs of many people. Where people say that the future
of software developers is bright. The future of app builders and website
developers is prepared on a gold plate. But no one told that AI is
eating food from that gold plate. World Economic Forum believed
that it will replace 85 million jobs. By 2025, by robots and
automation, intelligence. But they also said that, Opportunities will go and new
opportunities will also come. And for artists,
freelancers, entrepreneurs, Mostly for creative owners, this
opportunity was brought by AI. And people have also
started understanding. This is the proof of this YouTube page. Where you will get 100 videos of what can
be made of open AI and how it can be made. People are learning how to
use AI tools and make money.

And they are making something
that people have never thought of. Friends, a fun fact. Open AI was a non-profitable organization. Which was made for human benefits. And this is a research laboratory. Which works on AI by doing research. That means it shares its research
work with you in public as in projects. Elon Musk is just one of its donors. Not an authoritative member. After the fun fact,
let's talk about open AI. Open AI uses AGI and its GPT technology. Let's understand this in detail. Artificial intelligence is
not science fiction anymore. Open AI is a good proof of this. Which can do all the
work that humans can do. Even if they are creative. They listen, read images, make videos,
write scripts, give problem solutions.

Even when I was doing
some research, I found out that open AI is finding a solution to cancer
and HIV problems with its creativity. And all this can be
possible with the help of AGI. AGI means artificial general intelligence. An AI system that can work like a human. That can think like them. And using AGI is not a big deal. Open AI is using it. Deep QA and Google's
Deep Mind also uses it. Meta's AI program also uses AGI. So how does AGI work? Let's take its example. You go to Google and search.

You will see a list of data. That is, the website or web
page where a lot of data is stored. You are searching for it. So what does AGI do? It collects data from the
scrolling that you are searching. What patterns can come out of your search? The more patterns you
make, the more AGI is trained. And then it uses it as open
AI, which we are seeing today. I have already given its example. That the Recaptcha that comes,
in which you have to tick images.

Which is right, which is wrong,
which is a toy, which is real. So you are training that AI at that time. So that it can find the difference. And that's why today we are
using open AI like DALL.E 2.0. To create images creatively. And the second open AI
uses its GPT technology. GPT is a language that
helps to communicate with AI. Like you can communicate with
your machine with HTML, CSS or C++. That What actions you have to take. Similarly, GPT, which is a
human-like language like English. You can communicate
with your computer in it. That is, with AI. Yes, this is what you
used to think in childhood. That we just write and computer
write all these codes by itself.

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