Odessa daycare owner arrested for abusing children in her care after 2-month investigation, deputies

Thanks for joining us at five in Odessa daycare owner is behind bars following a months long child abuse investigation. Known to parents and kids as Miss Judy , the Hillsborough County sheriff's Office arrested 51 year old wrong Lou Friday she is the co owner and director of the Children's Land of Imagination Academy. FOX 13's Kellie Cowan was there today. So Kelly is the daycare still open. It is still open. And today we met parents who had just found out about this arrest and the investigation they were showing up to pull their kids out of there after the arrest of the director of the statement. Parents of this Odessa daycare are left wondering if there were signs they missed whatever he was. Corrected for anything else Just telling him No. Put that down, buddy. Dude, you can't do that. He would then smack himself in the face, throw himself on the ground and started crying. Kelly Autry, whose son has delayed speech, says she didn't suspect anything was wrong until she got a call from a Hillsborough County detective.

I was told that every time he would bite, the owner would smack him across the face or in the mouth. Childcare investigators began looking into allegations of child abuse at the Children's Land of Imagination Academy in June. Kelly says the Odessa daycare never let her know they were under investigation or That her son was involved. And when she confronted owner and director wrong, Lou, also known as Miss Judy Autry says she was gas lighted. Miss Judy was laughing . She goes. Oh, my God. They said something about child abuse . Like I had no idea.

You had three detectives in the building. You had no idea. You blatantly lied to me. Jessica Torres says she, too, was surprised by a call from investigators that he was pushed backwards into a classroom. Um with someone's hands over his face. Detectives said they had video footage of her son, who is nonverbal being hit by teachers and restrained at naptime. They would also put their legs over them to hold them down so that they couldn't stand up. Um during nap targeting Children that couldn't really stand up for themselves. On Friday, detectives arrested Liu on child abuse charges, but despite the ongoing investigation, the daycare has remained open and other parents have not officially been informed. Confused. I don't understand how they could operate still, and that she could.

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