Kurt Edward's band had released their third album and was getting ready to travel to the United States to promote but that trip never happened. bringing The reports of real crimes and stories involving mysteries and disappearances is first of all do not forget to like, subscribe and activate the bell to receive notification for new videos and follow me on Instagram is today we have a case of disappearance During the research I found many terms in English that it doesn't make sense for us to translate so it's ignore any wrong pronunciation and without further ado let's talk about this case Richard James Edward known as hiit Evans was born on 22 is 1967 and was raised in blackwoods in Wales having a sister great who was born in 69 he attended ok so I bought Recife School and there he met the nickname Vai um c there is death and James Dean Bradfield who would later form the band from 1986 to 89 is from where he attended the University of Wales majoring in political history he was seen as an unsociable person but considered intelligent and cultured during his time in college He developed problems sleeping and Discovered a remedy to relieve insomnia Vodka every night during this period he drank himself down Manic Street preachers known as omenix is ​​a Welsh rock band created in 1986 initially formed by James on vocals and lead guitar flame more on drums and nickel and played bass and writing in a sound geared towards funk and alternative rock is from Horizonte a lot of musical talent and initially he started as a driver and roadie of the band he did the service of carrying equipment helped to set up the stage and Other functions that will help the team he only became part of the band in 1989 being guitarist composer C omo says is crazy he didn't have so much musical talent to play guitar and in the first live shows he would just mime and pretend he was playing but as time went by I learned and improved his performance his biggest contribution to the band was in the part composition and on the third volleyball album he even stated that he wrote practically eighty percent of the fights in 1990 amenics sign with record label they Mad World Record for an app and after that they signed with record label and easily Record Where they recorded them in 1991 after a show is from gave an interview to Steve lamacq CNN journalists who questioned the compromised is pains was on his art is two replied the river but did and signing on his forearm with a razor blade he was taken to the hospital EA television in arm needed about 17 stitches to close it and sleep spoke openly about his depression this episode of the interview was not the first the time he self-mutilated he had the habit of putting out cigarettes on his arm and cutting himself because of this controversial behavior the boys who became known in the British music press that brought fans and followers to the band this Success She signed a contract with Columbia records Sony Music record in England in 1992 the first album of the band Generation terrorists was released in 1993 the band's manager dies of cancer and the following year is where he moved from his parents' house still suffering from depression he smokes the baby this cut in the same year he stopped eating and developed anorexia before the release of the role Bel album he checked into White Houston and then the periosteum and made him miss part of the album's promotional process The band performed as a trio at some festivals after the end of his hospitalization in september he switched to using for the here to treat depression when he returned to the band and they did an xcursão through Europe and That was the last the four members of the day December 21, 94 the last live show took place directly from London the story of this show the band ended up breaking their equipment and damaging the lighting system and it started when Heather broke hers guitar in January 95 Eder's childhood dog says died and the musician was devastated he decided to shave his head and threw a lot of his notebooks containing songs and thoughts and the king on January 23, 95 is from the last interview with the magazine of japanese music music Life and on the 1st of february 95 the pain disappeared now let's talk about aspects of that disappearance is pain of this a trip scheduled to the United States on the 1st of february 95 he and bradfield are supposed to go there to do it a promotional tour for the album rolei vou gras where they were waiting in the hotel lobby for travel but pain didn't show up the vocalist asked the hotel 's staff hotel to check the guitarist's room and there the luggage was found Books but he wasn't there the morning of his disappearance it's a pain he would have taken his wallet the keys to the Prozac car and his passport and would have checked out of the hotel 7 hours ago in the morning leaving the toiletries and the suitcase packed in the room is pain was last seen in his car leaving the hotel towards his homeland of Wales and that was a day that was marked by his and in the two weeks prior to the disappearance is two withdrew 200 pounds a day from his account people say he withdrew that amount to use on the trip where it makes sense others said it was to buy a table for his flat we don't have an official answer for the that he needed that money and not even what he used on the 14th of February a car was found parked near the bridge serves in Houston and received a fine on the 17th the car was still remained there and that's why he was towed and it was at that moment that they found out This was Éder's car in the car small plane collection of photos of his family and finals It took a few days in the vehicle from then on the police started to worry because the Ponte Serve was famous for having people take their lives, so the suspicion was that the musician would have done the same, but Éder's family and close friends said they didn't believe in that possibility, even I had given an interview in which he said that it didn't happen to him mind and that he is stronger than that, even though he has a fragile aspect, he knows how to handle the pain inside the car there was also a toll receipt that informed the time of crossing the bridge it was 2:55 am the police at the time worked the investigations around the time from 2:55 in the afternoon what makes sense is the pain of having left the hotel in the morning and passed the bridge in the afternoon as the trip between the hotel and the bridge was three hours s but only in 2018 23 years later it was discovered that the toll clock was 24 hours so 2:55 was actually in the morning i.e.

Investigations had been done around the wrong time and there was a 20 hour period between exit from the muscle hotel to the place where the car was during the investigations it was also discovered that he is crazy to his home in cardiff in Wales leaving his passport and credit card but it is not known for sure the exact moment he went there one of the questions is where is two was between the first c-17 of february well we only have a few reports of people who said they had seen music On the fifth of February a fan of the band said he saw Éder at the central Newport bus station and would have talked to the guitarist about a mutual friend at the time that person did not know that the boy who was missing the next tip of Hermes' whereabouts was on February 7th and appeared in Newport when a taxi driver claimed to have taken a customer through the interior of the country passing through blackwood the hometown of muscle where his destination would be the taxi driver made up initials that the passenger slept in the back seat during the journey but when he arrived in the city the customer said it was not the right place and asked to be taken to the train station These were the last official actions on Herbert of the cult of the place where the car councilmen was found her history of depression for being a rockstar and docents in the view of the police she believed and worked since the beginning of the investigations taking into account that the muscle had taken his life made preliminary investigations verify some clues but his body was never found a pair of human footprints was found in the river below the bridge but DNA testing proved they were not ivy in 2002 seven years after the disappearance Herod's family had the option to legally accept and declare music as humor.

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