NO HANDS VS 1 HAND VS 2 HANDS DRAWING CHALLENGE || Who Draws It Better? Art Hacks by 123 GO! FOOD

All right, I ll just mix a bit of this color. Now s my chance, while she s distracted, This apple looks so delicious. I bet it s, sweet and juicy Huh. What the heck! How is she holding an apple AHH AHHHHHH? She s onto me, AHHHHH? Well, I guess this is where we are now, So let s see what s up Hey. How are you We haven t talked in forever, Ah Might as well work on my manicure, I guess Huh. Finally, Something s happening. Look at that light Something alien and ufo y is going on Exciting. This is so cool. I can t wait to see what happens next Wait. I got stuck with no hands Come on That s, not fair. I got one hand and I m totally. Okay with that Time, to start drawing my little alien guy There s his head Now to work on his body Can t be a little alien dude without any arms, Two of course, And then down to his little sticky legs Now to add some details. He needs to have his typical big black eyes And a little nose and mouth too Now to get him up and moving Ugh. She totally makes it look so easy. With her one hand she can use. Oh, my gosh it s an actual alien right here. Next to me, He s doing something with my plate and a marker. Hmm, Let s see what he did Looks like. He tried to draw an alien, Hey, Mr Alien dude Check out what I did on my plate See I can make him dance when the water moves Man, He s got some great moves. If I say so myself, Do you love it? I bet you totally love it. Yes, He loves it. Whoa, Look at that amazing space, cake Wow, He s putting it by me. I guess I get it Here. You can have this. This might be the best cake I ve ever seen. Ugh She gets a cake and I get what Nothing I guess Other than just this alien scribble on my plate, Hey What about my plate Don t! You want this one too, Maybe in exchange for a cake. No, What the heck YOU RE, the one who drew it. I can t believe this Mmm. This looks great I m going in for a bite, Nom Mmm. That is one delicious space cake. I m definitely glad that I won this one. These candies are my favorite. So fruity The tropical flavors are definitely the better ones. I think Wait a second. I have an idea. Let me pour some of these out of the bag, They re so colorful and pretty too I really love the pink And now for some organization. I ll start with these blue ones, And here comes the pink All right. They re all organized and ready for some magic. Yes, It worked. It turned into a pop it just like. I hope it would Time for me to get popping Hey What the heck And what are you doing? We re supposed to be doing art Ohhhhh right. I forgot Just got distracted by the pop it. I guess. Yes, I get to use hands this time And both of them too Heh. Now s my chance Don t, mind if I play with this a bit. Actually, I m gon na use it for my artwork. I ll start with this paint. Okay, I ll just paint the insides of the pop it with this brush. I m very excited to see how this turns out in the end, All right now to do the same with the orange row of the pop it. Okay, that s done Now. Let s give this a try. I ll have to flip over this pop it onto my paper Now to start popping Red Red. Maybe this blue over here Man Look at her using both hands like she s allowed to do Wait. I know what I m going to do Come on nose. You re going to function as my paintbrush Ooh. The paint is kinda chilly Time to add some dots of paint to my paper with my nose. This is going well Time to switch colors. Look. I made my pop: it shapes with my nose Yay I made mine too It s pretty great, not gon na lie. Look at how perfect my dots are Definitely better than yours. Whoa The magic is back Pop it cookies Don t mind if I do Mmm. Oh wow, This is so so so tasty. It definitely looks pretty good. I m gon na take a bite too Whoa. Are you seeing this light right here? Ooh Looks like we ve got boxes this time. I m gon na. Take this one No way Look. What was in mine Cans of spray paint? I wonder what s in mine I can t tell just by shaking I ll open it Wow It s a whole box full of new colored pencils. I love them. Oh Look Another little box. What do you think s inside I ll open it and find out Huh That s not what I expected It s, a gummy eyeball, So squishy, Okay, I m gon na eat it because I m hungry Mmm That s very tasty And chewy. I love it Wow. That was a really good snack. I wish I had even more to eat. Hey, look. We both get to use hands this time. All right. I ve got my

gloves and I m ready to make some art. I m gon na start with this blue color and make a splotch in the middle. Now I ll use this glass as a guide for the white paint There. Now we ve got a perfect blue circle. Next up, I need this plate. I ll put it face down on the paper Time to break out the black spray paint now. Okay, I need a little black in the middle for a pupil Because it s an eye. I m ready with my pencils and my one hand Here I go Time to draw an eye with my single had. This is going pretty good so far And I think I m done Ta dah. My happy little face is done, Whoa How the heck did you do that? What my cute little eye, Didn t, it turn out fantastic, No way The magic turned my picture into another gummy eyeball, Except it s a HUGE one, No way What the heck That s! Gigantic Can I have it Uhh no way This belongs to me Now. Excuse me: I need to eat my giant eyeball. Ah Man, Though I guess I didn t give her any of my cake Hic Whoa. What is going on? What is this Hic Another one? They keep coming Hah Huh, We ve got a piece of paper. Oh Something s happening Here, comes the magic again. Look It s an ice cream cone How cute It looks pretty tasty too. I wish I had a real ice cream cone, Ooh, no kidding Hey. Let me see that over here This will be a fun one, Aww No hands again That s a huge bummer Okay, I ve got my one hand and my paintbrush Ready to dab it into the paint. I think I ll start with red M m gon na paint this ice cream Gon na have a good time. I m just adding different colors in dots on my picture. I ve got red, yellow blue and mostly white, And now I m gon na add some water and let them blend together. Ugh, Look at her doing all the painting over there. I better get started. Guess there s nothing to do but use my mouth. I can totally do this like this. Okay, Just got ta start adding some dots on this paper. I need some of this color. Now too, Maybe I ll add some of this color here. Ah, Oh no, This is just turning out terribly Well. I guess this is what I came up with Ta dah, At least it s colorful. I ve got that going for me anyway. I m done with my ice cream. Cone too See The blending technique. I used turned out great. I love it Whoa. It turned into real ice cream, Just like we were hoping, it would Looks so much like the ice cream cone. I painted too Time to give this a taste. I hope it s good It is It s very good. I bet you re wishing you had an ice cream cone too. What do you think we re going, get this time It s so exciting? Oh, my gosh, Look It s a cute little frog. Look at him just hopping around Doing his little ribbits! Well, I am definitely ready to make some artwork featuring a frog Wow Me too. I love frogs and toads. Let me get my paper ready, YES, Two hands this time And you get one again Looks like I m going to use this fine tip marker for this one. I m gon na start by making two halves of hearts like this. I ll connect them underneath like this And then above with an arc, Look at his cute little fingers So adorable I drew his eyes so now I need to start coloring him in. I ve got to use green. Of course He s a respectable frog Hah. I get to use both hands and I m gon na. I should be able to get it done twice as fast because well, two hands It s. Turning out great, This is a fantastic strategy. She was right about the little fingers and toes Those are definitely the cutest All right. The outline is complete Time to start coloring him in This is definitely going nice and fast, Though it s, maybe not as delicate Got ta go faster Whoa. I ve got smoke over here Ahh Of of of What the heck, How did you start a fire over there Yikes? Well, I guess I m done with my froggy picture Haha. I was just coloring too fast. It seems Well. My frog picture. Didn t catch fire, and here it is Isn t it cute. Oh, what s that It s a gummy frog. It must have come from my amazing picture Time to shake the picture. Shake shake shake shake Hehe, Wow That s a lot of gummy frogs. Oh, my gosh, it smells so good. Like melon, I m gon na take a bite of this one. I can t wait any longer. Wow It s great. I just really love gummy foods, Whoa. What the heck are you doing? Shouldn t you slow down Nope! I love them too much to slow down How many gummy frogs could you eat at once? Tell us in the comments And don t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more great videos like this one.

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