Ninja Nexus Prism in Power Rangers Ninja Steel | Power Rangers Official

(epic music) [Brody] 10 years ago
the ninja nexus prism fell out of the sky
right into our backyard. (crashes) Dad said it came to us for a reason. He removed it's metallic crust. Inside the prism was the mysterious ninja nexus star. (mysterious music) Somehow Dad was able to reach
right into the solid prism, and pull it out. He had no idea of it's legendary power.

(tense music) You can't give it to them Dad. He has no choice! (zaps) Those are great questions
but they're gonna have to wait. I'm so dizzy. What are those? They're the ninja power stars. It's glowing like the nexus
start did 10 years ago before my dad pulled it out. (epic music) Can't believe it. Amazing. How did I just do that?
Impossible. I'm trying to remember,
that thing crashed into our backyard and, my
dad pulled a star out of it just like he did.

He turned into some
sort of ninja superhero. The monsters called him, power ranger. A power ranger? Follow exactly what I do and
we just may save our skins. Come on. Uh okay. Right behind you I guess. I'm back in the game. Wait those are Galvanax's
ninja power stars. Give them back! (zaps) (rock music) [Brody] Guys do what I did. Whoa.

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