New NSO App Update 2.0.0 Now Available And Scary News For Next Level Games

greetings to everyone out there and welcome 
back to around the clock in this video we   have two topics to discuss we do have some 
unfortunate news for next level games but first   let's talk about the nso online app because 
update 2.0.0 is now available that's right the   nintendo switch online app for your ios and 
android devices that you probably never use   has received a brand new update as of last 
night so let's go over the official patch notes   the app's overall design has been updated you can 
now see which of your friends are online you can   change your online status settings you can view 
your friend code and other minor changes have also   been implemented so there you all have it some 
minor changes in my opinion and i really don't   use this app whatsoever but if you do use this 
online app i hope these changes are beneficial   again the nso online app 2.0.0 is now available 
so check it out if you're interested alright let's   move on to the final topic of this video and we 
do have some unfortunate news for next level games   the president and co-founder of next level games 
douglas tronsgaard has announced his retirement   from the video game industry here's what he had to 
say in a recent interview after over 20 years in   the video game industry i'm happy to announce my 
retirement he said in a statement i wanted to say   thank you to everyone who helped me on my journey 
to get here a special thank you to nintendo for   believing in me and next level games it's truly 
been my honor to be a part of next level game's   incredible history i look forward to a new chapter 
in my life that should involve lots of traveling   with my wife so they all have it and good for 
douglas tron's guard he's been a part of next   level games for a while now and hey when it's time 
to retire it's time to retire because you can't   make up the time that you miss with your family so 
good for him next level games has made some really   good games for nintendo in the past and just last 
year nintendo actually bought out next level games   they currently have luigi's mansion 3 on the 
switch console and it has been confirmed that   they are developing mario striker's battle league 
for the switch that should release this june   so hey shout outs to douglas tronsgaard for 
making an impact on the video game industry   and i hope he enjoys his retirement alright 
everyone that's going to do it for this video   what are your thoughts on everything that was 
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