New ChatGPT-4 Business Update |

hi I'm Joe the artificially generated newscaster and here's some news openai announced that they are launching a new version of chat GPT specifically tailored for business the version is going to have no limitations Mortals like you have to face when using the chatbot like the speed and answer limits it also expands on the bot's capabilities including features like admin console and longer inputs but most importantly it is said that the information entered into the chat window will belong solely to the company using it the conversations are not going to be used to train the chatbot unlike the classic chat EPT this is probably the biggest change between the regular and the business versions of chatgpt and surely a welcome One open AI is notoriously opaque about its data usage policies and there were countless cases of companies leaking their sensitive data just because some programmers gave chat GPT some code to check even despite those leaks studies show that around 15 percent of employees still don't hesitate before sharing data with the chatbot which is quite worrying by the way if you want to know more about chat GPT data leaks and feudal attempts to prevent them our channel has a video on it check that out and see you in the next one foreign

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