NEW 2023 VISION AMG! Is THIS the Future of AMG?

And here it is guys today it's time to finally 
present to you the future of AMG guys here we have   the 2023 Vision AMG and in today's video guys I 
will be doing a Full Walkaround video showing you   this car right in front of me so let's get a deep 
dive into the topic of today so as you guys know   Mercedes-Benz has already revealed, they told us 
that they are going full electric until the end of   this decade where market conditions allow so what 
does that mean for AMG or Maybach as their Sub   Brands? It means that they also have to change and 
follow this path Mercedes has already presented   a lot of very exciting fully electric products 
such as the EQS for example or the EQE and we have   also seen multiple Maybach concept vehicles which 
are fully electric but we haven't seen anything   super exciting from AMG nowadays the only thing 
we have seen is the EQS 53 the EQE 53/43 but in   my eyes these aren't as exciting because it's just 
yeah putting a panamericana grill on it and yeah   a bit of a performance but this right in front of 
us is a fully AMG developed electric vehicle and   this is the future of AMG and here we have 
a concept a vision car the Vision AMG guys   so i've been talking a lot of times recently with 
all the AMG guys about the electrification and   what they're going to do and they were all 
pointing on to this car this is the future   of AMG the way they are evolving this is the first 
step with the vision AMG guys and let's just start   with the Walkaround and while I do the Walkaround 
I will be also talking a bit more about this car   right in front of me first of all it's just a 
vision car concept castle no interior filming   just the exterior and keep in mind guys this is 
not an official production vehicle but i think   it's very close to production serious but yeah 
let's get it on and start with the walk around   starting with the front first of all guys the 
entire body of this vehicle is extremely muscular   you don't see any lines on this the only thing 
you see are strong shoulders this car is extremely   dominant a very low sitting car a race car a 
sporty car an AMG and looking at the front you   can also see the AMG initials first of all let's 
start with the headlights and the headlights are   something i find really interesting because this 
is something i see for the first time ever we have   the headlights inside and integrated in the body 
here and the shape of the headlights instantly   remind everyone of the Mercedes-Benz star we have 
three separate lights here shining like a star   and then we have the eq specific led bar connected 
with that looking extremely nice in my eyes and as   well as the painted mercedes-benz star on the 
bonnet which we have also seen with the amg   one recently i also love the very bold design here 
in the front as you guys know we have no engine so   the flow here is extremely progressive and nice 
and sporty looking the front we also have the   illuminated here the so-called pan-americana front 
which is the face of the amg nowadays which we   know guys right now it's not illuminated i mean 
it's a demo car and it's overheated but normally   it's shining bright in the front we also have some 
carbon works which we always know from amg this is   the way we like it carbon fiber and in addition 
with the i think it's high-tech silver exterior   paint it looks pretty nice i just love the look of 
the silver arrow here looking at the side you can   instantly see that it's not a production vehicle 
yet yeah by the door frames and else but looking   at the wheels you see how low it's sitting we 
have some race tires here and in addition with   the petronas livery here with the petronas green 
the amg and the stars this car looks extremely   cool in my eyes full black gloss finished wheels 
here the aero wheels 22 inches if i'm not mistaken   also with the nice amg initials on the side 
here also the afterbug badge the amg emblem   and here you can also see how it might look 
i mean i think we would have a camera instead   of side mirrors yet again here with the nice 
bold and strong looking shoulders and the look   the flow it's just extremely nice looking and in 
addition with the mercedes-benz stars which we   also know from let's say the project one the amg 
one or the gt black series amg 1 edition this is   kind of cool yet again in the back again 22 inches 
with the nice racing tires all in all giving this   the final touch but guys i'm honest with you let 
me show you the rear because this is amg just look   at this in my eyes in the rear we can see a very 
successful design i really like it and yeah let's   just start with the taillights i mean the way they 
integrated the taillights here in the rear section   giving me eqx and amg one wipes you see that the 
nice transition and the flow here with the nice   line in addition with the rear spoiler here i 
also think you can lift this one up we have the   mercedes-benz star here also painted for weight 
reduction obviously something i really adore   and here the rear the foods are full finished 
in carbon fiber in addition with the petronas   green i really like it something i find kind of 
weird but looks really cool since it fits the   proportions are these rounded exhaust tips i mean 
we have them on the amgs nowadays but normally we   have four of them but here on this thing we have 
six and these are not exhaust tips like typically   those tips which we know instead we have like 
brake lights integrated here which kind of give   the look of exhaust tips but yeah we have six 
of them i wish we had like quad exhaust but four   of them it would be way cooler in my eyes we have 
the amg emblem here in the back as well integrated   with the nice carbon fiber the fuso finish nice 
iero here i wonder what the aero drag coefficient   of this car will be but all in all guys how 
do you like the rear of this amg this vision   so all in all guys how do you like the vision amg 
okay guys you want to hear my honest review i'm   telling you first of all amg is way too late with 
this car i mean everyone is waiting for it and   they are presenting a vision we want a production 
car first of all as soon as you see the po as soon   as you see porsche with their thai khan is one of 
the best selling porsches or audi with the e-tron   i mean they have created some very nice electric 
vehicles amg really has to push forward on that   because everyone is expecting something emotional 
from amg something full electric and emotional   something that makes sense performance wise okay 
first of all the rear is extremely nice i love   the body of this i love the bold shoulders the 
way it's extremely dominant at low setting but   with the front i'm still not sure guys i'm really 
honest with you it's a huge change for me seeing   these kind of headlights and i need to get used to 
it second of all i think i have to see the car and   pull flash on a roads or something to really get 
my final opinion so how do you guys like it how   do you like the vision amg the future of amg 
please share all your opinions in the comment   section below looking forward to see you all again 
and wish you all an amazing day i will be back

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