NEW 2023 – 2Pac ft. Nate Dogg – Ride Or Die [A.I. Voice Conversion]

When Im feelin low
Life seems out of control Would you be my ride or die
When im hustlin to survive When I got nowhere to stay
Would you keep my fears at bay Would you be my ride or die
When Im hustlin to survive Got so many women all around the world that
wanna freak me Cause they see me on the big stage or TV
But I never felt the need to chase because I lead – and baby you can keep the
pace If I had no penny to my name would you ball
with me If I were to fail would you take the fall
with me So many bitches want a playa for his fame
But I never met a bitch that could take away the pain Of a thug in these cold ass streets of L.A.

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