NBA Youngboy “Untouchable” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I just knew at one point, it wasn’t no stopping me. You heard me? I knew that this moment was going to come. To put me right here with you. “Untouchable” was the last song I recorded
going in and the first one I recorded coming out. During that time in jail, Fee had my baby mama
play it to me on the phone. And I had to think about it. I’m like, "Oh! This shit crazy. I forgot all about this song." When I came home, that was the song they wanted
me to release. So, I put the second verse on some upgraded
shit. On some not at this point type shit. I used to really doubt myself. I used to think this shit wasn’t going to
happen. I literally wanted to quit and there had been
times I had quit for a short period of time.

Like, a weekend and every time. “You know what? I gotta start back on this shit 'cause this
what people fuck with me for.” I wasn’t the best son. I actually saw my mama cry one time. Once. She’s a strong woman, but I actually saw
her cry one time. Even for me to see that, I knew I had hurt
her. So basically I had to make up for all them nights. Man, I dropped out of school in the ninth
grade. I passed the eighth grade. I dropped out ‘cause my mind wasn’t in
that shit. Matter of fact, I didn’t even have the clothes
or fucking shoes. I ain’t feel comfortable going to school. Fuck school but you stay in school
though. You stay in school 'cause it’s the
best option for you. Thanks to my mom and my grandfather I always
had a roof over my head. We always had fucking water but when you look in
the refrigerator… All the money go to bills and there ain’t shit in the house. Shit was gutter, literally. I guess I don’t act like a big brother.

I guess I’m a man figure towards him. Not a father figure, a man. That’s one of the reasons I want to go back
to school and get my high school diploma. So, he feel like, " That shit, yeah. My brother did that." Obviously he take after my steps anyway. This nigga just got me kicked out my condo
for stealing somebody’s fucking bike. This nigga tripping. Shit, just life lessons. The challenges. The every day life in any fucking state made
me who I am. Standing up and being strong with my situations
I went through, made me who I am. But B.R. did make a part of me. But honestly that part of
me that it made, I don’t want that shit no more. Meek told me I had to get out of Baton Rouge
‘cause I was gonna die.

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