Naagin 6 | नागिन 6 | Episode 65 | 24 September 2022

Mom! Pratha, what happened?
How did you fall down? Come on. Mom, I don't know…
– Get up. I was walking toward Anmol's
room and I tripped. – Yes. Are you hurt?
– No, mom. I just… I feel anxious for some reason. It's okay. I'm going
to Anmol's room. Take it easy, Pratha.
– Anmol! (Sanskrit Chant) (Sanskrit Chant) This night! This universe! No one can save you from me today! No one! This is no ordinary storm. Something is surely
changing in nature. Something very scary
is going to happen. I hope this storm does
not enter my house… …or… …none of my family
members gets trapped in it.

Will you stop me? Are you challenging me? You want to control me! Do you know who I am?
I'm the wind that you can't see. I'm the prayer that turns into
a curse for my enemies. I am the hail raining
down from the skies… …that tears into the earth. Do you know who I am? I am a Naagin! I'm a Naagin!
The ruler of all Naagins! The most powerful Naagin! Sheshnaagin! It's already so late. Prarthana is not answering
her phone! What is going on? What is this storm indicating? Why are my suspicions coming true? Is Prarthana Pratha's daughter? In that case,
she'll become the Sheshnaagin. Every Sheshnaagin takes birth
to accomplish a great task. Prarthana has become
the Sheshnaagin. She will carry out a
great task someday. Who will tell Prarthana
about this? Time will do the needful. Nature and the universe
will inform her. How did I get here? I remember I was…

I was running away from
the snake charmers. Perhaps… …I came here. I guess I stumbled while running… …and fell unconscious. The snake charmers?
Why are they unconscious? These snake charmers
wanted to kidnap me. What happened to them? Why can't I remember anything? It's already day… …and I didn't go home. Dad must be extremely worried. My glasses. 'Whose shadow is this?' 'Who is over there?' 'Pratha!' 'Grandma!' 'You are here?' 'This is an untoward incident.' 'The untoward incident
is going to happen now.' 'And this has happened… …to stop that untoward incident.
– Grandma, what is going to happen?' My dream…

But why did Grandma say that? What is going to happen? Pratha! Where were you for the whole night? I was trying to call you but
your call was not reachable. Dad, the Naag… What? Dad, what should I say
about my rude boss? She was sitting like a serpent. And he gave me a new
assignment all of a sudden. He said that I'll only go home
after finishing the assignment. Not only that, he
also warned me… …that I can't go home
until I finish the assignment. So I was finishing it. And my phone battery got dead. So my phone got switched off.
– What's wrong with your voice? Say something again. Your voice… You didn't stammer at all. Oh! Voice? What's wrong with my voice? It's fine. Where are your glasses? Can you see? Yes, right. Actually,
my vision is a bit blurry. My eyes… …had some dust particles. And so, I took off my spectacles. Clean them well.
– Yes. Is the vision clearer now?
– Indeed, it is. Okay, dad. Would you please make me some tea? I have to go to the office.

Dear me! 'Is this a miracle that's
happening with me?' It's true magic! I'm not stammering anymore. My vision is clear
without the spectacle… …but blurry if I put them on. I need a spectacle in this
frame without any power. Show it to me. My dear, the power of
your eye is negative 6. Then how would you
manage with normal specs? Actually, one of my
friend got a movie role…

…and she needs
spectacles for the same. Now you came to the point.
I thought you needed them. Wait here. These are some trending frames. You could select
something from this… No. She wants
spectacles identical to mine. Alright, wait. Yes! My dear, how about these? This is just perfect!
I'll buy these. Okay. Give that to me. Here you go. Your spectacles. Thank you!
– Welcome. Yes. Naman, listen. We're going
to work on a story. It's on space. Okay? It's on ISRO's future plans. Why ISRO?
– What do you mean? Since NASA found out… …that India has better
equipment and rockets… …they're trying to compete
with us to get better than us. ISRO has those things which can… …make us more advanced than NASA. You're right. Come in.
– I am a Naagin. What? Seriously? Those snake-charmers
think I'm a Naagin. What kind of a joke is this? You think this
is funny, too, right? I was also laughing at it!
– Wait. Tia! One coffee, please.
– This has gone cold. Yes, I want fresh
and hot coffee.

Hurry. It was all so insane, sir! Those snake-charmers
wanted to kidnap me! They wanted to kidnap you! They
must really be insane! I swear! You're still on the phone!
Hang up. Bye. Sir, how can you ask me
to interview such people? How could you send
a lady to such people? Sir, please drink this coffee. Or else, this will be your 25th cup
that will turn cold. – Thank you. Do you know how
much I love my work? I'm obsessed with work. I interview people today to see
how tough they'll be tomorrow. There were four Naxals.
No one talked to them. But I did. I convinced them to be
on my news channel. But the cops arrested them later.

But I had to risk my
life to do that job. It's your choice if you don't
want to do this. No problem. But I won't change my rules… …and regulations
because of your choices. Journalism to me isn't
about man and woman. If you think I'll treat you
different because you're a woman… …then you're wrong.
You're mistaken. I won't do that. Why are you here? What are you here for?
You can leave. You should work at a risk-free…

…and safe place
that has time limits. Because I have a lot of people
here who can replace you. This is journalism. I'm sorry, sir. I'll do my job very
well from now on. I won't make this
mistake again. I'll do my job… …with great loyalty. 'This grumpy man
isn't going to hire me.' You can talk properly now. Surprising. I don't know. It's actually not your fault. When a person is angry,
he tends to speak clearly. I'm sorry, sir.
– Yeah. Anmol, look. What is it?
– See! The current heart-throb. He beat of all hearts,
Kartik Aryan! So, what should I do?
– He's single and smart. He's handsome. He's just like Prince Charming. I don't care if he's
Prince Charming or Prince Harming. Oh, no! He's 10 times better
looking and hot than Rudra. He's like a shot of tequila. I'm still not interested, girls. We'd have introduced you to Ranbir.

But he married Alia
only a few days ago. So, Ranbir is out of stock. But, sweety, we know… …that he was your first crush. The two of you have lost it. Just look at me! Girls, Rudra blatantly rejected me. He's like that. He refused me. He's my oldest friend. He knows that I love him a lot,
but even then! You know, he hurt me a lot. This is even better. It's going to be a lot of fun! Look, after Rudra's rejection… …you've decided to fly. That too New York! We'll join you too. Yes. Let's plan an amazing trip. Rishabh, what are you doing? Why are you cleaning
this old gun? That Tool is about to have it. I had already told you… …that boy is not right
for our daughter, but you… He broke my daughter's heart! I feel like murdering him! Rishabh, you will do no such thing. He has the right… …to accept or reject her. We can't force him… …to like someone. In fact, he did the right thing. Instead of getting married…

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