My 2022 ULTIMATE Space Gaming Setup Went Viral ! ūüĒ•(with Minimal YouTube Studio Tour and My Reaction)

holy sh** oh my gosh it just went like it just 
went viral oh my gosh like i can't believe   what just happened hey everybody welcome 
back to the channel i found out something   in the last 24 hours that was really surprising to 
me i submitted a little picture of my setup onto   the internets reddit specifically and it went 
viral this is the first time i've ever had   something go kind of blow up on the internet and 
this setup is i think the best i've ever built hi guys this is my studio the purpose of my office 
space was so that i can actually focus everything   in this space from the pc to the shooting setup 
general furniture around this uh in this room was   so that i can reach this data flow that allows me 
to focus on the work and not on the setup itself   one of my biggest issues in the past when i would 
shoot videos was that there would just be so much   setup and every time i record something i'd focus 
more on the technical aspects than the actual   storytelling what i wanted to achieve in this 
new location was simplicity but also being able   to do complex things simply and so let me show 
you around pc that kind of went viral on reddit   recently and with this setup i basically can do 
anything i want at a one touch and and what i mean   by that is that if i just need recording i just 
have to hit the record button here i have a record   button right here on on my stream deck and also 
kind of switching any sort of angles that i may   have related to the pc and that's this camera here 
this a7 3 right here to do any sort of recording   and outside of that this is not conventional 
but these are highly color accurate monitors   in the middle i have an rsf048u which is a oled 4k 
120 hertz screen so very high accuracy color for   any sort of graphical and post-production work i 
do for the videos as well as watching hdr content   and entertainment and why do i have something so 
large and like people ask me why is this does it   seem practical it's actually extremely practical 
this this curve actually helps you see it a lot   better than something flat and what i can have 
here on the sides here is essentially some pretty   important secondary windows that can be used for 
you know things like stock analysis things like   video editing where i can organize all my files 
and my clips as well as just kind of file data   management but what's the point of this kind 
of top portion of this the reason for the   top portions of these is because i do have some 
programs that i just keep up but don't really need   to access often so things like spotify things like 
kind of reference material or like windows that i   just need to access every so often and obviously 
part of my my challenge here is that you know this   was a extremely large setup and in order for me 
to have this kind of setup i had to build this   massive desk this was a custom built desk that i 
worked with a carpenter and a metalworks person to   actually create underneath the desk you'll notice 
that i cable manage everything where it basically   disappears and you know i'm pretty proud of this 
cable management setup where you know nothing   comes out one thing about the hd800s headphones 
is that because it's open back it probably   provides the best sound stage i've ever heard 
of any headphone aside from being a really good   professional headphone it also is a surprisingly 
really good gaming headphone because of the sound   stage it feels like you're essentially listening 
to speakers close up and you can actually feel the   proximity of people that are nearby in a game i 
actually covered this entire space full of these   panels essentially what this does is it's sound 
dampening it's sound absorption and it helps keep   this room relatively quiet next thing as we talked 
about this area is that i have this shelf right   here which displays my equipment some of the art 
that i have and some toys and the purpose of this   shop is so that i can have quick and easy access 
to my lenses but also some of the key equipment   so i've organized this all by kind of the type 
of things that i use whether that be kind of the   rigs and tripods that i need for stabilization 
the lenses any sort of kind of knife that i need   or or memory cards as well as power outside of 
that i also have you know audio equipment so   and also kind of action cams while i move into 
kind of the sound side of this and then i have   a mini drone and here i have my kind of vr 
headset but i also have my all these are my   charging gear that i use for the cameras that 
i use what's special about this setup is that   kind of similar to how i was approaching my last 
setup was that i wanted to be a one-touch record   for all the different angles that i was attempting 
to do that's why i have this 18 mini iso extreme   iso which basically records into this ssd and all 
i have to do is hit this record button right here   so right here we have our overhead camera 
you know for overhead shots we have our audio   coming from the sennheiser here and then here is 
my main camera for kind of the wide shots then i   have close-up shots and then this is for vertical 
okay so that's that's the general setup here and   the nice thing about this setup is that i can 
actually flip this around and move it towards   the sofa or any part of this room in case i wanted 
it a different angle and this is if i want my   my computer angle here took a little bit of time 
to paint but uh i think it looks pretty good   powered by a cloud lifter and this uh scarlet 
414 in the back of the setup you'll notice that   there are two heavy duty monitor arms that are 
holding up these massive g9 neos and these are   really heavy but i managed to get them up and 
i also custom painted them white so that they   can match the overall aesthetic so actually i did 
want to talk about this particular post in general   so let me pull up this post it's on reddit right 
now it's on the subreddit for battle station pc   let me show you right here so this is the reddit 
post right here and what you're seeing is a little   story about how i lost my gaming pc when i shipped 
it over on on on a ship essentially i rebuilt it   and what happened was that it became something 
pretty amazing in my opinion and something i've   never seen let's just go over some comments i've 
been replying to them over the course of the last   24 hours as this kind of exploded on reddit 
so vertical curve monitors uh that's a new   one yeah it's definitely a new one i've seen i've 
seen monitors in this space where it's like this   super tall vertical i've seen tick-tockers 
do it and and it's only just been one and i   always wondered why why not make it symmetrical 
it's like it's the language of nature dude it's   for the photo up or advanced porn watching okay 
i'm not gonna call no comment there i've got the   setup same setup with an ultra wide in the middle 
and 1080p curved on the sides so actually i think   that's something that people don't know quite 
often it's surprising but the curve on even a   vertical monitor actually helps you to view 
it better imagine if you had a flat surface   going up like a monolith that's hard to read 
especially if you have ips i mean even with   ips or v8 when it gets up that high you're still 
going to see some kind of fading in the coloration   and the brightness but with the curve it's it's 
kind of pointing down towards you my first thought   was this place looks like a padded cell if it 
isn't they should throw you in one because this   is insane but in a good way i think that is a 
compliment because i am a little bit insane in   terms of you know what i try to attempt but i do 
things my way and i like it this looks awesome for   pics but in terms of usability this is definitely 
i think you can make any picture look nice when   you talk about you know pics of of setup you know 
unless you make it really messy of course but you   can use photoshop you can use lightroom to make 
it look pretty but in terms of usability i get   where you're coming from it's not for everybody 
this guy he had some nice things to say about me   congratulations this is the stupidest build i've 
ever seen and i've frequented this cesspool for   ages so thanks for that comment you're calling 
this subreddit assess pit so i'm not sure why   you're here but have fun with your own build 
congratulations on whatever it is you're building   i'm fine with what i have well you know what uh 
ergonomics say make sure your mantras are spread   and make the largest movement with your neck 
possible to make it exercise yeah if you're if   you're thinking about my mantra setup i'm gonna 
get a full 180 degrees movement you know like   full on up and down left and right you know i'm 
gonna be exercising like crazy only improvement   i'd make is putting one more on the roof and a 
tiny one on the floor slightly behind and to the   front of that so a lot i'm getting some comments 
here it's like it's a tie fighter yeah it's a tie   fighter but you know tie fighters lose all the 
time so there's this comment here that says uh   what is the orange screen inside the case on the 
back wall let me actually show you what that is   so i have a couple images here i have a monitor 
within this this pc i added this mantra as kind   of a way to track my temperature but on the side i 
could also play a wallpaper engine it's connected   via hdmi through through this cable that i routed 
in the back and when it kind of lights up you get   something like this i mean it's something nice 
this is my super saiyan version of this uh the   pc build but you essentially have something 
playing on that side i'm just surprised how   many people are uh kind of telling me how it's not 
practical and it's visually cool but not useful   but then again when you think about it like have 
you actually tried using it before because i can   tell you i haven't seen many setups like this and 
i probably i i can confidently say i've only seen   setups where it's only one of these but try 
yourself you know if you can if you can try   yourself try yourself but that's kind of my my 
takeaway about this because i'm in love with the   setup and i totally love using it so one point 
i wanted to make about my my particular setup   is i wanted to try something new and i've never 
seen someone do my type of setup i think this   personality that comes out of me is that i come 
from the startup world where we're trying to do   things that haven't been dumped before and you 
know people can tell me that oh it hasn't been   done before and so it shouldn't work i think 
that's the case with you know people who   tend to prefer safety or prefer things that 
have had success cases but with a startup   you're entering it into the idea that you could 
fail especially high failure so i didn't know if   you know me putting my old monitors in a vertical 
position would actually work but after i did it i   started to realize that you know it's 
actually perfect for what i use it for   thanks for stopping by i hope you'll subscribe 
and get more videos around my adventures in fine   living i'm a fine living enthusiast which 
means i love scouring the world for things   that make life better that includes my 
desk set up my next video might be about   food you know it could be anything but 
anyways thanks for stopping by take care

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