what's up guys this is M3RKMUS1C and today I'm 
going to be trying the realism mode difficulty   on the Modern Warfare 2 campaign I've already 
played and beat the entire Modern Warfare 2   campaign on regular difficulty I'll have a link in 
the description to the stream if you want to check   out the VOD where I play and beat the entire 
campaign but yeah trying to beat this game on   realism difficulty is going to be insane if you're 
wondering what is realism difficulty in a Call of   Duty campaign it is veteran but with limited HUD 
so not only are these campaign missions going to   be a lot more difficult but it's going to be 
harder to tell exactly what's going on there's   probably going to be a lot of rage in this one 
I'm definitely not ready to do this but if you   guys are excited to see me try realism mode on the 
Modern Warfare 2 campaign make sure to drop a like   subscribe if you're new code Merc is 30 off of 
G feel for the rest of the month we've got the   limited edition boost over merch check it out if 
you want and with that being said let's jump into   the first mission I'm not gonna have any spoilers 
in this video we've already seen the cutscenes I   mean if you want to see all that stuff you can 
just check out the stream this is going to be   about trying to beat the game on realism which is 
going to be terrifying I still can't get over how   phenomenal the game looks like just look at that 
and we have limited Hut oh we lagging I don't know   if I have to get like the latest driver update 
or not because I'm still lagging I was lagging a   little bit during the stream now get up there and 
let's see what he's up to in the middle of nowhere   and yeah we got you an old Shepherd he's back as 
well in case you guys didn't know God this looks   so clean in realism there's no other HUD nothing 
to distract you what do you see one other thing I   could do is turn off subtitles but I don't know if 
I want to do that especially later on that's right   we need this there we go Russians are very happy 
to see him there he is the last time they do God   this just looks so amazing what's there's supposed 
to be a button to Mark him oh oh that's right   Circle play with controller on PC yeah you have 
to you have to actually Mark the guy I feel like   if you take too long then the game's not gonna 
actually like go through and do the do the thing don't need to invert the controls we're good yo how accurate does it have to be 
oh my God I don't know if it did   that to me when I was playing on regular 
either yeah coming in hot race for impact here we go we got the Boost boom thank you so awesome man direct Target destroyed we 
did it guys we beat the whole campaign uh the   first mission is actually it was just that we're 
already on the second mission we're gonna get the   uh cutscene this is gonna be hard there's no way 
this is gonna be easy oh it's so dark too and why   is it lagging stop lag like a dragon got the night 
vision here so I don't know if this is just me but   does the night vision in Modern Warfare 2 kind 
of look a little worse than modern warfare 2019 I   don't know if that's really just me it still looks 
good but there's something that's like more blue   about it I don't know it's just different than the 
last Modern Warfare here we go Sledgehammer Games I'm not messing around on this go so far not too bad I think we're clear up here no we're 
not oh they're across the way wait   I'm surprised that didn't kill me I 
thought realism was like you only get   to get shot once and then you're dead 
unless I'm thinking about Black Ops 3.

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