MULTISUB 正片Full【2022中国好声音】巅峰之夜总决赛:李克勤战队梁玉莹夺冠!刘德华金曲串烧回忆杀 Sing!China 20221028

Summer of 2012 Liu Huan, Na Ying Harlem Yu, Yang Kun, four top Chinese singers With a sincere heart for music For the future of the Chinese music industry They took to the stage of Sing! China Since then, a musical journey to explore the future of the Chinese music industry has begun. This is the ten-year journey of newcomers to the Chinese music industry 2022 is the first year of the new ten years of Sing! China With sincerity and hope that has never been bulged We sing here from summer to autumn All the way to the finals Friends from all over the world You are watching Sing! China 2022 "Peak Night" Zhejiang Satellite TV Tonight, please give a round of applause To this season's 4 tutors They are, Fish Leong She came to Sing! China, for the first time It's the most unforgettable event this summer Every turnaround in blind selection I hope to be able to send warmth and courage to the students Hacken Lee Sing! China is a very representative show This is my second time here I studied the team's internal competition system of the past 10 years According to my experience We must consider both the musicality and competitiveness of the team Then we can have the top singers in the Chinese music industry in the next 10 years Coco Lee Not everyone can come to Sing! China This is the top singing competition They are talented and powerful They have come this far because the audience likes them, Li Ronghao In the past few years at Sing! China I also gradually see the diversity of music From heavy music bands,to electronic, to rap The types gradually increased I think it's a good thing Sing! China is a show that anyone with any music can participate A musical journey spanning 11 years Traveled all over the world, in the Chinese community We use music to convey the most contemporary voice in China We Connect the common cultural lifeline of the global Chinese with singing We write the chapter of the times with Sing! China Four top tutors in the Chinese music industry this year They selected 24 groups of Chinese music singers with the red button in their hands They are the voice of the year 2022 Actually, we are getting closer and closer We practice songs together Let's do some interesting things together Or We care for each other I am touched In the future, if he wouldn't take this road This is the origin of all I will be your friend forever On this road I will be thrilled to participate in it myself Such an important moment I love to say something about music making Or music performance Including playing music Some personal thoughts In the future, you should pay attention to the key when you make music And the melody line This show can give me this opportunity to teach these things I believe that the students are also eager to listen to them We can help them That's what musicians like us should do Anyway, we grow up with each other We finally selected the top 5 students of 2022 Who can represent the new musicians in the Chinese music industry They are She is a post-00s singer, Sing! China opens the door to music for her Cai Ziyi, I am from Hong Kong, China Since she was a child, she has often traveled between the Mainland and Hong Kong She integrated different musical elements into the Chinese music 22 years old, I stand on stage of Sing! China I want to sing of the happiness of our post-00s The perfect transformation of live stream girl after leaving their comfort zone Li Chuchu After I arrived in Wuhan I started to write and sing professionally This heroic city is like my second home Let my inspiration have the soil to grow It's a bit incredible now when I think about it I can write songs and make music now And to the finals stage of Sing! China Healing the soul with music, the cool girl who is braver on the stage Liang Yuying Opportunities favor the prepared ones So before getting to this stage I practiced persistently and recorded more than 600 demos In the end, I performed four of them I get a chance to sing more songs today I will sing till the end A song expresses a feeling, affectionate singer-songwriter Wang Zepeng I'm a musician from Zhejiang.

I'm a Beijing drifter too The biggest problem for me with” the drifting" is uncertainty I don't know if anyone will listen to the work I wrote today So for a while, I was on the verge of breaking down But Sing! China made me see the light again The 18-year-old lucky girl who sang since she was childhood to adulthood Pan Yunqi I was born in Changsha I grew up eating hot red peppers I came to the stage of Sing! China listening to the beautiful songs Luckily, I made it to the top 5 Now let’s give them a round of applause and cheers Top 5 students of this season, please come to the stage We are about to witness the glorious moment of the eleventh champion We are grateful to every family and friend who supports and encourages us They accompanied the students for 11 years with love The Peak Night Liang Yuying, usually sings with her friends and classmates She rarely sings in front of us When she participated in Sing! China I said, ”it's better to become the champion” I remember it was the first season of Sing! China When she was probably a second or third grader After watching it, she said, "Mom, I must stand on this stage in the future" She may have been trying I think Sing! China is her stage I watched her grow up I want to see her shining on this stage She can do it 11 years, 3943 days Everywhere in the world where there is Chinese pop music We are always looking for a seeded singer who belongs to the future pop music From post-50s To post-00s Among the musical talents whose age range spans half a century 494 eds were encouraged 18 top musicians in the Chinese music industry became tutors They form one family Sing! China Today, some student representatives also came here To witness the glorious moment of their brothers and sisters tonight Today we are going to invite the representatives of the students Curley Gao, the teaching assistant, and Huang Xiaoyun came to wish them good luck I see all of you here today It reminds me of that moment when Na Ying turned around for me Her patient and selfless guidance to me in every performance Looking back at the stage at that time now, I was still a little green I believe this is the starting point of everyone's dream I believe each of your performances tonight It will show the three months of hard work.

It will not fail you So I hope you can do your best And you will have a great future I remember when I participated in Sing! China that year I can still feel that excitement This is the place for singers who desire to start a career in music Today, I can witness the achievements of you all I'm almost as excited as the top 5 are on stage I am looking forward to your performance tonight This is the most common encouragement on this 11- year-old stage But every time, it's so powerful Because every song, The tutor, the student The relatives and friends The audience In the resonance of singing and melody We are here as a complete unit We cry out our most sincere wishes for our dreams Best on the earth Best forever Because of one song The loyal audience of music in the whole country Talk through the Internet Breakthrough geographical restrictions Find countless soul mates This is the motivation of this show, to travel across the mountains and oceans It is what countless students in the pop music industry strive for.

It is also the motto of hard work and never giving up for contemporary Chinese young people. At this moment The Witness of Sing! China 2022 Mr. Andy Lau has assembled the top 24 students of the year They are ready to show their passion and love belongs to all of us Welcome to the witness of Sing! China 2022, Andy Lau, with all the students this season, will sing "Chinese" At this moment, the students are fully charged, and their voices are full of energy With 100% sincerity and enthusiasm Towards this stage, full of original intentions, just for you *Sponsor Advertisement* Peak Night starts now Audience friends from all over the world You are watching Zhejiang Satellite TV , Sing! China 2022, Peak Night *Sponsor Advertisement* See beautiful China in Huzhou This year's Peak Night is in a picturesque city where history meets modernity Wuxing District, Huzhou City Thanks to the Wuxing District People's Government for their support to our show *Sponsor Advertisement* Let's witness the rise of a champion together The 11th Champion of Sing! China Welcome The Witness of Sing! China 2022 Andy Lau, with all the students of this season, will sing "Chinese" Thank you, Andy Lau Thank you to all the students The audience, allow me to introduce tonight's rules first.

To prevent the spread of epidemic The 51 public judges And 25 professional judges in the sub-venue watch and score simultaneously Tonight, the top 5 students from four teams There will be two rounds of singing, the tutor's joint show, and the student's individual performance 51 public judges will vote Each can vote up to 10 points, The voting channel will be opened every time before the students' performance After the joint tutor performance, the voting channel will be closed The voting channel for students' performance show will be closed before the next student's Video The total score of the two rounds will eliminate the three with the lower score There will be two peak night champion candidates Who will be Sing! China's 2022 champion candidate? In the first round, the 4 tutors and the students from their teams perform together First of all, Fish Leong And her student Pan Yunqi, 18 years old, from Changsha, Hunan Pan Yunqi's voting channel for this round officially opened Please look at the big screen Before reaching the finals We were looking for something very relaxing to do Because we both are two girls So for the girls We like to have coffee and chat together So I took Pan Yunqi to a coffee shop to study I think Fish Leong knows young people very well We like to go to some high-rating pop culture places This time the tutor took me to this cafe with an artistic atmosphere I was so excited Then let's make a cup of coffee
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Put it on and pick it up It goes down This is heavy Make it flat Nice, smells so good You did great The first cup is, of course, for the director.

-Yes Making coffee immerses us in this space We forgot ourselves Like in a recording studio Like making music In this process Pan Yunqi must have found the state of craftsmanship polishing OK, let's make some cute cookies first Freshly baked cookies smell so good -Mix?
-Crush it like this It smells so good We cut it out It’s a pineapple It is whatever I want it to be OK, then we'll put them in the oven We're going to decorate it now It looks OK It looks a bit fierce It's kind of like a monster What do you think I think it's pretty nice We can wrap it up We can share them with our teammates And other tutors There is unconditional mutual support between the tutor and the student We encourage each other In the finals, I hope to be able to sing this song to the "good voice" in my heart I also hope that next time I can do better Come on Pan Yunqi, good luck Fish Leong's team, good luck *Sponsor Advertisement* Fish Leong and her champion student Pan Yunqi, they will sing "Unconditionally For You" The Finals is memorable because my parents are in the audience They are cheering me on Which will give me a lot of power I want them to see what I have learned in the past three months? I'm so familiar with this song I think they cooperated very well Pan Yuqi, her singing Some of the skills have been passed down by Fish Leong The control of those details I feel happy for Pan Yunqi When I sang with Fish Leong With that lyrics I watched her I was firm I will be more vital for you and not afraid of sacrifice I just felt very confident; I sing this song to Fish Leong I want to announce Pan Yunqi, this round Her voting channel Now Closed -Fish Leong,
For the first time, you stand on the stage of the finals And sang with your team's champion student How do you feel? I didn't expect to be so excited It exceeded all my expectations That is to say At this moment, I feel Each of us has a little power From my debut till now, I can be one of the tutors I think I like this fate Thanks to this show Pan Yunqi's mom The moment I saw you sitting over there As soon as the prelude started, I silently wiped my tears Because it was like when I was a child When I sang, my family was very supportive Then you must be very moved today, right? Thank you for making Pan Yunqi so brave So bold So calm, standing on the stage In that studio, she studied very seriously She is straightforward I like her very much When I heard this I just wanted to cry Because I haven't seen my mom and dad for so long Fish Leong understands me During this period She took care of me like a mother I saw Pan's family supporting her by the side of the stage I think back to when I competed as a kid Every time my family was by my side They watch me and support me like that Encourage me It makes me feel warm Let’s continue Someone has to be on the podium tonight The second group is Coco Lee and her champion student 22-year-old Wang Zepeng from Jinhua, Zhejiang Wang Zepeng's voting channel officially opened -Get ready for the finals.

Are you ready?
-I'm ready The opening I want to sing a song with you I chose this song "Unbreakable Love" by Zhou Xingzhe Do you know why I chose this song? Because Shan Yichun sang this song and moved the audience all over the country It touched many, many people across the country So I hope to be able to cooperate with my student Stand on this stage Enjoy this song Mr.

Andong, my original thought was For the first time, the verse, change the key during the interlude Change the key to Zengpeng's favorite key I'll sing the harmony, OK? Mr. Andong OK Sing with my tutor for the last time I would like to thank Coco Lee For letting me show my strengths and characteristics I will try harder Ready? Pound it! Good luck *Sponsor Advertisement* Coco Lee and her champion student Wang Zepeng will sing “Unbreakable Love” This song was very popular two years ago Also, a song from Sing! China Zepeng's courage mounts as the battle progresses And today, he sang very well He showed his charisma beyond his song I think I did it myself.

I was so excited I couldn't believe it On the stage, the finals I present myself perfectly Yeah, that's what I want to do Thanks At this moment, Wang Zepeng's voting channel Closed This is the first time Coco sang with her champion student on our stage Can you share your feeling with us? Actually I came here quite suddenly I took over (the role) But I think it's worth it Because I can tell this group of young people are very passionate They love music, and I think I'm really happy I’m proud of you The first time I came here, I was full of curiosity I really wanted to come to this show Today I think it is a summary of my past few years A gift for my parents as well They haven't seen me for years It's a gift for them It’s very important to me Next, Li Ronghao And his champion student Cai Ziyi, 22, from Hong Kong, China And a 23-year-old from Quanzhou, Fujian Li Chuchu Cai Ziyi and Li Chuchu's voting channel officially opened The finals are coming soon Let’s relax Can you two draw? Yes I can
-And you? Chuchu
-A little bit You can show me later I heard that two of my students can draw Before the finals, I wanted to do something with them Other than music Then it's the finals Let's draw a picture of what Sing! China looks like in your heart OK I will give you three years, come on, let's do it I will be 41 years old by then.

Let's start Chuchu, what did you draw? I see I know what you're doing when you paint it red In my mind The most profound memory is Li Ronghao sitting on the red chair Every round, he is there to give us serious comments I listened to the tutor's comments and slowly improved What is this? What are you doing? -You guess?
-Coating -Ziyi, are you a bricklayer?
-Yeah I see It was the base Because it's a beach Then there is the texture And this is the wave You two have different styles Our students are so talented Li Ronghao said that once he went to the beach Then he saw someone watching Sing! China by the sea At any time Then anywhere People watch Sing! China until the last second of this show Please give it a close-up I didn't draw this It's like proctoring your art exam But I used to play that double bass My instrument was like this.

I stood and played Chuchu, have you learned any instruments? When I was in elementary school I learned guitar How long have you been learning guitar? Two years I have learned the violin -Violin?
-When I was in preschool Preschool? But it's good to learn something when you're young Whether it's painting or music It will hone the patience of this person Is the top of my skull that fluffy? Chuchu, are you sure you want to draw my face that big? My face looks like a triangle It is a triangle Except for this mole None of the others are very similar to me Is it me? It looks like it could be Hacken Lee or me Do I really look like Hacken Lee? You drew a portrait of Hacken Lee before the finals What should I think? I will make your eyes bigger That's not necessary You don't need to.

You draw, I understand She just drew a line, she didn't draw my eyes Beautiful, I have to say, very similar A feeling of looking in a mirror Resemblance -Where's your painting?
-It’s here Could you finish it for me? I’m nervous I did this wrong -I should have done better. Is it too late?
-Too late -Fine
-You draw the second one How can I make it like what I wanted to draw? This is good I should have done the first one the same way I shouldn't have twisted it Why did I do that? I ended up being too confident How about you write something there? Then it can look better Lame but very reasonable stuff comes to me Did you get it? I get it -Very good
-The tutor made amends He added 8th notes to my canvas The canvas in front of me shows the "Sing! China" in my heart now We finished this painting Let's go singing.

Let's go *Sponsor Advertisement* Li Ronghao and his champion students Cai Ziyi, Li Chuchu "Big Dipper" Chuchu likes this work of Jay Chou very much And he had a great influence on her Because Jay Chou also wrote this song I think Ziyi can sing some R&B stuff So when we sing You two sing this song I'll play the bass So as long as you're not nervous You can do it in any way After a few years, when you think back on this experience I didn't do well because I was nervous I don't think it's worth it Yes, I want them to relax I am intoxicated by it On the one hand, I think Ronghao He didn't sing On the other hand, he's a bass player It's great too Of course, the two students sang very well. So the students are so lucky To have such a stage I was immersed in it I completely forgot that it was a competition I think it’s like a concert An amazing concert One day, before going to sleep I saw a video of him, which was also in Sing! China He was playing guitar, so cool According to our competition rules The two students of Li Ronghao's team This round, the voting channel is closed This time Li Ronghao played as a bass player Such a performance No wonder Li Ronghao shared a lot of bass-playing skills on social media these days Were you talking about my privacy? I didn't say which social media No You can't tell.

In fact, for the first time in four years Two students on Li Ronghao’s team stand on the stage of the finals It is also the first time on the finals stage He did not sing with the students Or go canvassing for them in this round So I guess it's a special lesson, right? Very special Because this time I didn't choose to sing with them Music, I think it's not just singing It also includes drums, guitars, bass, all that stuff So I talked to them about these things in the studio So this time, I told them Why don't you sing, and I'll accompany you like this Let's make this song together I didn't expect that he didn't sing today Then he played this bass, which was very cool I can't do that I think it's amazing So different So it's different from last year or the previous years Because he didn't sing He left all the glory to the two students It's a very different kind of battle Because this time, I hope The two of them can complete a song easily Then I played bass for them Maybe they will feel more like playing music More relaxed I don't want them The three of us stand and sing to each other They will be under a little bit pressure Yeah, that's why I chose this song I think It suits them both I think he is sweet He gave us all the singing parts Because Li Ronghao has been the one who silently sacrificed for students He doesn't ask himself to look great So he stood beside us And played the bass I think This is so Li Ronghao He really devotes himself silently He sacrifices for each of us Next, the last performance is Hacken Lee And his champion student A 26-year-old girl from Guiping, Guangxi Liang Yuying This round, voting channels officially opened now I have taken my students to exercise before The finals are coming soon I asked Liang Yuying where we should go I didn't expect her to find a place with lots of little animals Where are you taking me? I heard that we both like small animals Today we come to a place with many, many small animals A place for different animals There are pigs Can you hold it like this? It treats you like a bed Hacken Lee, We both have pets So I guess this is a place with a lot of different pets We can have a lot in common Do you think those cats and dogs would like music? Yes, my cat will come to me at home It may want to say, "stop singing.

It's loud" I think they love music too When I play music, they also stay near the speaker Then have you noticed which type of song they like? Lyrical ones It proves that you sing lyrical songs better -Does anyone want to raise snakes?
-Yes, we have raised snakes at home Snakes? I felt scared Tutor, what are you afraid of? It’s smooth Don't come over. Don't look at me -I have goosebumps now
-It's cool Touch it I can't It’s not very happy I saw Hacken Lee had a great time with the little animals It seems that my choice is correct Among my songs If I ask you to choose a song that we sing together -Which song would you choose?
-I would choose "Flying Flower" Recently, many fans on social platforms have sent me messages saying They want to hear me sing with my tutor "Get Married" And "Flying Flower" are the most voted Very obedient.

So it is I want you to exchange champion for you cat -Do you want to do it?
-Champion? Champion of Sing! China For my cat? Answer carefully I want my cat And the champion Girls are greedy The adults want both What Hacken Lee said was right Girls are always greedy But since we came to this stage I must have the determination to win the champion OK, we're going to practice the song Bye You can't be so lazy. Bye Let’s go *Sponsor Advertisement* Hacken Lee and his champion student Liang Yuying will sing "Flying Flower" They sang so well Hacken Lee and Liang Yuying, the two of them I think I can feel the tacit understanding between them The harmony between the two of them Including their timbre I think they have reached a very high level Today, Liang Yuying let us see her unrestrained and warm facet At this moment, Liang Yuying's voting channel Closed Hacken Lee You and Liang Yuying sang together today "Flying Flower" Your students are also fun Usually other tutors say, “wow, wonderful” Your students consistently pointed out “en, beautiful” Beautiful, good-looking Color is also important Exactly What do you want to tell us? I feel so happy Today, I can be in this stage I think it's a fate because Tutor and every student, it's fate to meet each other So I think Our friendship is not just for months Hopefully, we can keep going Sing well.

Fly higher, “flying flower” Because I sang the “Flower Guardian” with my tutor before But there were three members of our team who sang with him together Then this time I sing with the tutor I feel so happy Hacken Lee, please go back to the tutor seat first Four students who have performed Cai Ziyi, Li Chuchu Wang Zepeng Pan Yunqi, please come back to our stage *Sponsor Advertisement* Who is closer to the championship so far? My colleague will send envelopes with your score in it to me Thanks We know In the end, only two will fight for the champion The two highest-scoring students are: Liang Yuying I am very happy It means when I sang this song with my tutor I didn't ruin this song Cai Ziyi Two “four turnarounds" students met again Finally, we met Of course, this is not the final result We're going to add the two final results to decide the two candidates Next, tonight's second round of individual battles Each student will sing a song according to the previous order First of all, Pan Yunqi, the champion student of the Fish Leong's team Her voting channel is open again Welcome to Ningxiang, Hunan This is my hometown, where I was born and grew up Ningxiang is a city with the footprints of ancestors Liu Shaoqi is also from Ningxiang He is the pride of our hometown Then my dad was also a soldier He used to work at the Malan base in Xinjiang As a Ningxiang native I feel very proud of him This is where Liu Shaoqi once lived The environment I have been living in since I was a child has brought me a character of unyielding So the moment I stood on the stage and held the microphone I told myself I must try my best In July this year, I received an admission letter from my dream college-Zhejiang Conservatory of Music Three months have passed Today I finally got a chance to take a good look at my school Pan, you just came here.

Are you familiar with Zhejiang Conservatory of Music? No Then the two of us, as sophomores, will show you around the school Great This is our pop music department And then we'll have a professional class in this classroom I have classes every Thursday from now on May I go in and take a look? Sure Go, Pan Yunqi! To the finals I bring the blessings of my classmates to the finals together Good luck For me, this year In Sing! China, I improved so rapidly Like a dream I didn't expect it Because I got only one turnaround But I became champion on his team It's like a dream.

I never expected that Final goals I will try to be the top 3 *Sponsor Advertisement* Welcome back to Sing! China 2022 The students of Fish Leong's team also want to say something to their classmate Everyone, it's your turn Everyone knows that Pan is from Changsha, Hunan. Then our Hunan cuisine is known to have four kinds of spicy With mild spicy (La) Medium Spicy(La), Super Spicy(La) And if Pan wins the championship OK La Thank you Next, Fish Leong's team Pan Yunqi sings "Friends" This song is very emotional, it hurts It's my favorite type of song Fish Leong would like to choose such a song I think She respects my thoughts Thank you, Pan Yunqi I think the biggest improvement of Pan is the control I think she used to sing with her own talent And her own understanding of singing And some practice Fish Leong must have given her some lessons for singing love songs There are a lot of details now Emotions have become more delicate The whole song is also good I took a look at Fish Leong after she finished singing I want to say She sings so well Except for the song She looks so beautiful today too Her tutor Fish Leong Are you satisfied with his performance? I think Pan worked very hard Then every detail Every feeling Every breath She paid attention to all of these And at this moment, we are both satisfied At this stage, this moment It is recorded forever Next Good luck to Pan, thank you Fish Leong Pan Yunqi, tell us Because my name is Pan Yunqi That's why everyone jokes, "It depends on luck" But I think All my luck is actually due to everyone's hard work So thank you to all the staff of Sing! China Thanks, Fish Leong For your guidance and care Love you, Then I want to thank myself This summer It’s the most magical and romantic summer So no matter what I will always remember this summer, Pan, thank you your mom Thank you, my parents All of a sudden, the tone changed, thank you mom and dad Mom and Dad Who on earth are the parents? Then, according to the rules The second round.

Pan Yunqi The voting channel is closed Next, a student from Coco Lee's team Wang Zepeng Now Wang Zepeng's voting channel for this round Officially open Sing! China is my dogged perseverance I can be in the finals this time I have fulfilled one of my dreams Congratulations to Wang Zepeng to be the top 5 Because my parents work abroad They can't come But my friends came from all over the country to cheer me on They are my best partners in music My music partner Jiang Yu Yang Zijie, lyricist of "Later I Found You" He Zhihao, who has always witnessed my growth "Give Time a Chair" by Mao Shandong "Semi-finished", lyricist Gila Shilin They have been with me on my way to make music They kept pushing me forward even when I was going through lows When you watched the show You saw the lyrics you wrote for me How did you feel? I'm looking forward to the next episode I can take a screenshot and send it to my friends to brag But I feel fine I didn't ruin that song for which you wrote the lyrics for me I think you sing a lot better now than before I can feel the emotion on stage Well written lyrics -Thank you!
-Which song are you going to sing in the finals? In the finals I still want everyone to see my ability to sing a cover song Cover song is also a creative process Recreation, exactly In your own way To make the cover song better in your recreation Everyone understands songs differently So before the competition, I want to relax with you Just be happy But, in fact, the five of us wrote a song for you Can I have this kind of surprise too? Listen Hey Relax Flip through the memoirs Arrange the rhythm Give time to a chair Zepeng has experienced many setbacks over the years And pressure More than his peers But he persisted in pursuing his musical dream Although he usually doesn't say I know he's still nervous So we also want to give him some encouragement in this way I didn't expect that they even prepared such a surprise for me I'm touched, it's heartwarming On the stage of the finals I will take their power with me I try my best to sing every song Without regrets Put a perfect exclamation mark on my Sing! China journey *Sponsor Advertisement* All the students of Coco Lee's team at this moment They are also hoping their classmate will get better scores So, all the students of Coco Lee's team here, please.

It’s your turn Wang Zepeng is a very funny person But every time he's on stage, it's like he's suddenly a different person Every song is full of heart So today We hope Wang Zepeng can prove himself with his singing skills again Zepeng spreads his wings Five tigers are with you forever Wang Zepeng, good luck Thank you for your encouragement Wang Zepeng’s show "Memoir" is a song I really want to sing An encore Song What I lacked most in singing was emotion. So at that time, I found a way to express emotions by writing songs. This time, I come back with this song It is a test of emotional expression. *Sponsor Advertisement* Thank you Zepeng Wang Zepeng sang a song With guys' groove, a song in the deep groove Actually, when he wrote this song When he sings a cover song I think there's a special kind of steadfast charm Coco Lee, after watching his performance Can you share your feelings with us? I'm really touched On this stage You were shining You were like that eagle You were flying.

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