Hi guys..!! Welcome back once again to another video This is your boy Deepanshu AKA Euro dream so today I just came across with one more job seeking visa for you all you dont require any job offer or any contracts to apply directly you all can come here with the visa you can search job over here as well last i made a video on sweden this time its Austria So friends Austria is a European country and a Schengen country with a population around 9 million and the currency used here is Euro and the best part is friends I have personally visited Austria 70% of people speaks in English you will not face any problem in the language part mostly the use german language is there another best point is Salaries the government has fixed that no one will get less than 1500 euro/ months. It is fixed the average salary is around 2000 or 3000 euro per month which is better if you compare to other European countries so Austria is not much in demand as of now nor you have listened much about Austria but visa ratio is also very good and also good salaries you will be getting coming back to the point Austria is offering job seeking visa for 6 months and these visa is for highly qualified workers highly qualified workers means you have a good experience you have a good education qualification and you have a good language skills on the basis of these you can apply for the job seeking visa application now this job seeking visa this works on point based immigration system if you want to apply for this visa you have to score some points total exam is of 100 points and in that you have to score 70 points and then you can apply for this visa application and how to apply this visa..

Lets understand that as you are seeing on the screen 4 catagories are been divided 1st is qualification 2nd work experience 3rd language 4th age lets understand this. How many points we can score in this as you can see on the screen very qualified workers list in this qualification, maximum allowable points is around 40 so you can score 40 points. so the 1st point is, if you have done graduation if you have done 4 years of graduation you will score directly 20 points if you have done graduation in mid subjects mathemetics, informatics, natural science or technology in this case you will be getting 10 points extra total 30 points you will score and if you have done PHD you can easily grab 40 points there are many more options if you have a gross salary of 50,000 or 60,000 euro in that case you will be getting 20 points, but so then why to come to Austria with this much of salary so this is the one reason so i am not considering this point after that if you have done some kind of research or innovation if you have written any thesis or you did any type of publication in that case you will be getting 20 points after that if you have received any awards in that case you will receive 20 points but maximum overall, qualification and skills we can score upto 40 points next point is its about work experiene total allowable points in work experience that is around 20 in these 20 points for every 1 year of a work experience you will gain 2 points if you have 3 years of experience you will gain 6 points if you have 2 years of experience you will gain 4 points from here as well we can take some points out after that about language skills as i disscussed with you in the starting in Austria they speak both languages English and german as well if you have A1 level of german language then 5 points you will be getting if A1 level of English language then 5 if you have A2 level of german and English then both you will get 10 points A2 level of English we are speaking normally in A2 level as well we can score 10 points lets talk about age criteria if your age is under 35 then you will directly get 20 points these are basically to attract young professionals people next you will get 10 points if you have studies from austria as we haven't studied from Austria so this point is not for us so overall this point based system you have to score 70 out of 100 as you know your profile better so you know the scores i will mention the link in the description box from there you can easily calculate your profile now you all have a question in your mind we don't have this level of education we are not qualifying for those people you have another option in that option you have to score 55 points out of 90 in this criteria requirement of skilled labour is required if you have done any kind of vocational training or you have done any kind of professional course either for chef or waiter and so on.

As you are seeing on the screen shortage occupation list in every country there are list of jobs in which they are require outside country nationals these kinds of jobs comes in shortage occupation list if you apply in these kinds of jobs then chances are there for you to get job now suppose if you dont have the qualification you can search the employers when that employer offers you the job in that case you can come here on the basis of the work permit friends as you are able to see the shortage occupation list on the screen as well there are many jobs available you can do in construction field delievery field you can do job in waiter as you can see all the list on the screen you can apply for these jobs in this case you should have the employer and you should have the job offer without job offer only highly skilled labors can avail this offer coming back to job seeking visa part where to apply this visa you can apply this visa in your home country Austrian representative this means in embassy or consulate in Mumbai and Kolkata you can find this consulate in Delhi it is in embassy.

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