Moscow murder suspect lands at Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport

You might want to take a live look right now. This is from one of our cameras at the Moscow Pullman Regional Airport tonight. We believe one of these lights right here of this plane up in the air on the right hand side of your screen is the one carrying Brian Koberger. He is the suspect accused of murdering the four University of Idaho students. This is an aircraft that we have been tracking across the country all day today we watched it make several stops in Indiana as well as South Dakota for refueling and and what not to make sure that we knew as much about this aircraft.

As we could we found out that it is owned by Pennsylvania State Police. This is the aircraft again that we believe Brian Koberger is on as he is being transported now from Pennsylvania back to Idaho to face four first degree murder charges in the deaths of those four University of Idaho students. It's interesting authorities not commenting on if in fact he is on this aircraft. But as you mentioned we've been tracking this specific aircraft. According to the flight tracker data we have been monitoring, it is owned as you mentioned by Pennsylvania State Police and we watched it throughout the day, make difference. Cops across the country. Again, this is all happening because Coburger decided to waive his right to extradition. That means he's not fighting extradition. He wanted to come back, according to a defense attorney, a public defender there in Pennsylvania, to essentially see what is inside those court documents that right now remain under seal. That is something that we will also be waiting anxiously to learn tomorrow once those documents are unsealed. That has to take place after his first court appearance in Idaho, which we believe will likely take place tomorrow morning.

Of course, crime two will be there. And once those documents are unsealed, we will learn more about how police were able to hone in on Brian Koberger as their suspect in this case. Yeah. So what will happen here? A little context. Right now, he'll land and they'll be escorted from the airport, taking to the Lake County Jail where we booked and processed. And then, assuming the court is closed at this hour, his hearing will likely take place tomorrow. And then after that hearing takes place, that's when we would expect at least those court documents to be unsealed, the probable cause affidavit, so we can see what evidence investigators say they have gathered. Far against coburger, a lot of people anxiously waiting for this aircraft to land, trying to see if it is in fact a coburger who will emerge and he is then taken to the Latah County Jail.

We do also know, just for some context, that it was about two weeks ago that authorities were able to identify a white Hyundai Elantra as possibly a suspect vehicle. In this case. We now know that this suspect did in fact have a white Hyundai Elantra. Registered in his name in Pullman as he was a criminal justice PhD student at Washington State University. So two weeks ago police started to say they were looking for this vehicle. We also now know that he presumably finished out the semester at Washington State University and then at some point made this started making this trip from Washington all the way across the country to Pennsylvania. We saw two body Cam videos where he was traveling with his father from Washington to Pennsylvania, 2000 plus. Mile trip he was making during the holiday break. There we could see the Pilatus aircraft that's a prop different aircraft right here landing touching down at the Pasco Moscow Pullman Regional Airport.

Excuse me, we do know there was a large law enforcement presence there. So we expect this plane to essentially taxi come to a stop at some point. The individuals on board again we believe the COBURGER is on this plane will deboard. The aircraft will then be taken by law enforcement from the airport over to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, which is the same in the same facility as a jail right there. And that's where Mr. Koberger. Will be processed again. The murders he is accused of committing happened more than seven weeks ago in Moscow, back in November on the 13th of November, and then last week on the 30th. On Friday, authorities announcing they had arrested Coburger. We don't know officially exactly what kind of evidence they've had in this case in order to make an arrest.

A lot of people are reporting a lot of different things, citing sources, but officially from Moscow PD tonight, we don't know exactly what evidence they say they have against him, at least right now, and that is because of Idaho State. Law, which they say prevents them from from talking to the media about anything in this case, which is why so many people are anxiously awaiting for his 1st court appearance tomorrow morning here in the state of Idaho. Which then allows that probable cause statement to be unsealed. And for us to get that first look at what ultimately led them to coburger as the suspect accused of killing those four University of Idaho students, one of the most high profile cases this area has seen in quite some time. You just don't hear about a quadruple stabbing homicide.

Spoke with a with an expert in criminology in fact at Washington State University just a week after this happened and she said I can't ever remember hearing about a quadruple murder where a knife or an edged weapon as police described it being used to kill four people. So this case of course has has gathered national even international attention with outlets from across the country tonight they are in Moscow they have been tracking this flight across the country tonight and we're again waiting to see Mr. Koberger we're presuming on this flight right now we know it's this plane is owned by the Pennsylvania State Police.

It's been flying across the country since earlier today, starting in Pennsylvania, stopping in Illinois, stopping again in South Dakota and now finally landing at the Moscow Pullman Regional Airport. You can see ground control right there, kind of bringing them in. At some point we expect this plane to stop, door to open and the individuals to get out. And what we know about the suspect currently is he is a 28 year old PhD doctoral student at Washington State University in the criminal justice program.

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