More Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Factorio (Tips And Tricks Tutorial)

Factorio is that kind of game which seems so easy.
Until you realize it’s because you already have few thousand hours in it
[English Subtitles by Trupen] Since I rejected my social life and free time many years ago   because of factorio, I’m a perfect guide to tell 
you more things I wish I knew before playing Factorio Also turn on subtitles   You need them. Desert might looks like a perfect location to start your base because you can find tons of huge rocks which
will provide you with  coal and stone which are so important at the 
very beginning for furnaces and smelting but don’t get tricked by the world generator, 
since he is doing a little bit of trolling.   [Australian respawn xd] Desert is actually a very hard biome to start 
in, especially for beginners As soon as your factory start growing you will experience
more and more friendly visits from native citize…   agho ouh no friendly, no friendly! *choking in a foreign language* visits will be caused by a rapid spread of harmless
fumes produced in your factory Trees work like a big happy sponge for pollution so the more trees you have the less 
visits from neighbors you will get.  Trains are the best way to transfer large 
quantity of goods over long distances.   To speed up a whole transport process 
it’s good to make a proper station,   no no no not like this one.

Inserters that outputs directly on belts
are very inefficient and extend load/unload time This is why you should build a 
special transshipment warehouse   Thanks to those additional chest you can
quickly unload your train and let it go for a next delivery also as soon as you research stack inserters
you should use them in your train stations because they will increase  unloading or
loading speed up to 4 times. It’s very hard to push big bases in the early game,
even with inventory full of sardines which can heal you in a fight So moment when I learned this trick to use turrets
as an offensive weapon was a game changer for me Just look at this comparison, on the left I’m using only a 
submachine and sardines yeah not good… and on the right I’m using only gun turrets Ok let’s speed it up to see the final result What can I say data clearly shows that sardines can fix your medical 
bills and turrets can debug your nearby terrain.  This one is more a mid-game trick after you 
spend some time with this game and when your factory becomes so huge that it’s hard to see You can use a map view to manage
your factory without moving at all! You can place blueprints, single buildings, deconstruct anything
and change recipe on your assemblers.

You just need to place few radars,
because without them you have a very pixelated view which makes everything harder, 
also when you are placing those radars look at your minimap because this blue square shows what 
is the range of your radar  Before I learned this trick I was basically
playing a walking simulator from one bottleneck to another don’t do it Ore patches in Factorio don’t stand for too long 
and they are deployed even quicker when your base progress. To get more resources out of one ore 
patch you need to research a mining bonus which   will increase productivity of your miners by a few 
percent   However It’s not much This is why it’s way better to explore world and find richer ores. Factorio world generator works in the way that  every ore patch
further and further away from your respawn will be bigger but not in form of size, it’s bigger in form of richness 
and this metric really matters Here is a very big ore patch next to your respawn which has a 
suspicious little amount of iron on the other hand there is way smaller outpost, but with 
way more material to mine   By moving far away from your starting base you can simply build less 
mining outposts, because they will last longer.  Steam power is not the best solution, because 
you need to constantly resupply your boilers with  nuclear fuel or coal.

It would be way easier to 
just pay one price and get power forever What can I say it’s totally possible, I myself love solars 
even so it takes tons of space to build them,   because I pay once and that’s all However solars alone aren’t very helpful
because when the sun goes to sleep not like you when you play factorio solars doesn’t work You have to make a combination
of accumulators and solar panels I had a problem with calculating how many accumulators
should I build to sustain my factory during night and the answer is simple For every 25 solars you need to build 21 accumulators So it’s good to just make one blueprint
with those amount of power making buildings and place it whenever you are running low on power Trains are basically the best thing in 
Factorio and you should start using them as soon as you can.

I know that signals look 
overwhelming for beginners   especially when you want to build a nice looking
and actually working intersection So, to explain signals better I brought you a great teacher Hello class it's me frog man Today we gonna learn about trains Now  Does anyone know what happen when you don't 
use rail signals in your train network?   KEVIN? oh… Right
[Inhale in Australian] Well The Train explode.  [Train indeed exploded] To stop it from exploding, you need rail signals. Rail signals separate tracks into blocks If a train is in a block, the other train have to wait [Quickly waiting] when first train leaves, the 
other can take it's spot.  [Sounds of Angry Australian Frogs] Oh shift They found me Uhhm…

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