Mod Organizer 2 – How To Install MO2 – Guide 2022

Open your internet browser Navigate to Nexus Mods – Skyrim Special Edition Search for 'Mod Organizer 2' Once found, click the 'Manual' download button Click 'Download' In your 'Downloads' folder, double  click the Mod Organizer executable Accept the agreement and click 'Next' Choose your installation path and click 'Next' Click 'Next' again Click 'Next' Create a desktop shortcut if wanted and click 'Next' Click 'Install' Click 'Finish' A pop up window will appear Click 'Next' and click 'Create A Global Instance' Select Skyrim Special Edition and click next Choose the location for your modding profile data Click 'Next' Click 'Connect To Nexus' A pop up window will appear  taking you to Nexus Mods On the page it will ask if you are happy  with MO2 accessing your Nexus Mods account

Click 'Authorize' Click 'Next' Click 'Finish' Mod Organizer will now launch Mod Organizer will open the main screen You will see the main SSE content pre-loaded Another pop up window will appear  asking if MO2 should handle 'NXM links' Click 'Yes' This will allow you to download mods from  Nexus Mods directly into your mod organizer If this pop up has not appeared, you  can navigate to the 'Settings' icon Click the 'Nexus' tab Here you can click 'Connect To Nexus' If you have connected Nexus to your Mod  Organizer account, when you visit a mod   on 'Nexus Mods', you will have the option  to download through your mod organizer You have now installed Mod Organizer 2

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