Mission TITELVERTEIDIGUNG beginnt! | YPC BOAT 2023 Episode 1

32 anglers. 16 boats. Super nice man ! 9 nations. 3 target fish. 2 zones. This is so mad. And 1 trophy. YPC Boat 2023 is brought to you by: SHIMANO B1 BOOTSCENTER, we build your boat. And the ANGLERSCHMIEDE,
your fishing license online. Hello dear YPC viewers and welcome the 2nd season of the YPC Boat, where 16 teams will try to steal the throne from team NAYS,
who are defending their title and this,
to be the new champion of the YPC Boat 2023. As usual at season start, a quick hint to support possibilities. For those who want to support the free production
of the YPC episodes, can do this through buying products of the participating
brands in our online shop. But also offline, in partner stores. Like the continuously growing YPC Mega Stores. But now, let's take a look at the mode,
the rules and the teams of group A which I, Charles Rettinghaus
will introduce to you with pleasure. The 16 teams are split into 4 groups. After 2 days of fishing, the 2 best teams of their
group are having a common semi-final.

In this semi-final, we will have 8 teams fighting for 1 day
for the entrance into the final. In the final 4 teams will compete on only one day for
for the cup. The groups are the following: In group A, we have the defender NAYS,
and all of them are tackle producers. In group B we have the brands WESTIN and QUANTUM, as well as the Sonar producer HUMMINBRID, and the YPC Bass champion and boat manufacturer B1. The groups C and D are all equipment producers. ILLEX will come with BULLSEYE, NOIKE and SAVAGE GEAR. In group D, ABU GARCIA meets CWC,
HYBRIDA and STROFT. In the group phase, it's all about getting 8 sizable fish
into the score. 2 perch with at least 22 cm and a coefficient of 2.

2 zanders with a minimum size of 42 cm and
a coefficient of 1,3. 2 pikes with a minimum size of 45 cm and a
coefficient of 1. Additionally, we have 2 bonus fish. The teams can decide which species has to fill their card. This time, we have 2 zones. The zone west contains all waters from the west side
of the Haringvliet bridge and the Volkerak sluice. So mainly the Haringvliet, the Volkerak
and all adjoining waters. The east zone is starting from the Hollands Diep, as well as the Dordtsche Kil, the Amer, and the Merwede. The anglers can drive through the zones,
as far as they want.

The start takes place at the Hollands Diep for the
east zone. In zone west, they start at their first chosen spot. As for the YPC Bank and YPC Boat 2022, we have the following penalties: The fishes must be caught with artificial lures. Trolling, pelagic and vertical fishing, as well
as live technology is only allowed during the power hour. They can decide themselves when this power hour
shall start. For the resting 7 hours, the live technology
has to be turned off, and the lure must be cast at least 5 m away
from the boat. Good news ! For the whole season, you can count on 2 videos
per week. We will broadcast every Thursday and Sunday,
until the last episode. Timetable: First, we will show you the first day of fishing
in each group. After that, we will switch to the 2nd day. Let's start with the group A,
with the teams and the anglers. The defender NAYS, can look back to
meteoric rise. Only founded in 2018,
their products are listed in a huge amount of stores in Europe. Of course,
the successful tournaments were helpful. And the founder Dustin Schöne was always
involved. Besides the 1st place at the WPC in 2017 and the first season of Zander Pro, Dustin knew how to perform regularly
in the YPC seasons as well.

In 2018 he won the YPC Bank, in 2021 he finished 2nd. In 2022, he won the 1st season of the YPC Boat
with a record pike of 125 cm. But also his partner Felix Weckesser who
will defend the title with him, could place some good records in
the YPC last year. With a 52 cm perch and an 88 cm zander, he is named 2 times on the measure board. We can't wait to see if they live up to their

With LMAB we have another newcomer brand who also made its mark in Europe. Here we can also find some medals and trophies
in the vitrine of the participants. The winner of WPC and Lure Masters
Enrico Du Ventura, got the YPC Bank trophy in 2020. In 2022 it was the silver medal at YPC Bass. He couldn't participate at this year's season because
of illness. But even without Enrico, Daniel Andriani,
born in Zimbabwe, placed 3rd at the YPC Bass. Another personal success was the new
record at the WPC, with a perch in 2022. Especially because they always passed the group phase
and were 2 times in the finals of the YPC Bass, it must be even worse for them that the YPC Boat 2022
did not work as expected. The perch ruined everything so they missed the finals. Let's see how it's going this time. The 3rd team in group A is HEARTY RISE. A company that is loved from their anglers
for their premium rods. The Austrian owner Josef Schmid does not miss the opportunity to participate himself like last year.

The second-oldest participant could reach the 4th place with his partner Pascal Sujatta,
who is 20 years younger, at the Predator Tour. At the last YPC Boat, they were also partly successful. The tournament started for them like
a dream, because the experienced Netherlands angler Pascal, only needed a few minutes for his plan to work. After the 110 cm pike, he caught a 90 cm one. But unfortunately the perch hunt didn't work
so well. They didn't reach the finals after all. New year, new chance. The new team in this group is the finish
brand RAPALA. They are well known in the entire world
for their good performing hard baits.

The angler who starts for RAPALA is
a guy who already fished two times for 13 FISHING. The guide Marcel Weigel has impressive records, over 10 years of experience and a good water knowledge in the Netherlands. The fishes in the Hall of Fame of his partner
are not less important. The French angler Alban Choinier is incredibly experienced
in predator fishing. He uses it daily in his job. As a director of innovation for RAPALA Europe, he works on development of new products. We can't wait to see how this duo,
who fishes together for the first time, will perform at their YPC debut.

Today at the 1st day of group A, the teams fish in
zone east. They start together at the Hollands Diep. From here, they can
go wherever they want. But not direction west ! The first spot for all 4 teams is the Hollands Diep. While LMAB is crossing almost the whole water to start at the Dordtsche Kil, and while HEARTY RISE is starting at a drop-off nearby, the spots from RAPALA and NAYS are not far from the starting
point. So, let's go. 1st cast. I would lie if i would say that we're not nervous. We'll see what happens. of course, I am starting with a Maze Runner. it will probably change during the day, but for now, it’s maze Runner,
pike, perch, zander, everything is possible with that. if we're lucky and caught something, we will focus on single species, a bit more. Wecki ! Com on ! Same thing as last year,
I'll start with a Warrior with a Predator in 3,5 inch.

It brought me so many nice fish last year and I
hope this time also. I am so nervous. it's a different level from last year. Incredible. Good morning dear YPC Boat 2023 spectators. Team HEARTY RISE, dirst day, we are at the Hollands Diep. We will fish in around 5 m depth. Near the stony drop-off and hopefully the zander is here this morning. I will start with a Top Gun Prestige, 25 g. With a 10 cm lure, salt & pepper in 12 g. In waters with many pikes,
you should use a titan leader. This is better for you and for the fish,
you want to get. Well guys, it didn't last long, directly after the 2nd cast. The Shadow Rap in 11 cm, poison pike. 64 cm. The first fish of the day goes to RAPALA. But at the same time,
another rod is bent at another team's boat. Amazing. This is a nice pike, in 80 cm. Can you hold the net,
I redo my rod quickly. That was fast. It's an amazing fish, but not 80 cm.

I will continue right away. Yes, do so. The bait is off, as usual, I started with a Maze Runner, And we got a nice pike, around 79 cm. We have to be careful, that they don't come out
of the net. I am shaking. This is a nice tournament pike for the beginning. Over the 0,5 mark you see it Timm ? a 77 cm pike, not a monster, but a good start. Wee will put it back, in these temperatures
you should not leave it outside the water for so long. It's still hot, and the water too,
but it's swimming well. Nice. That was important. Good for the start and for the confidence. It’s not the first time,
that the Maze Runner brings fish. We'll continue. Another big one could come,
that would make me happy.

A 64 cm fish has been caught as well. It was Marcel. That was my starting bait, the Shadow Rap in 11 cm. It didn't take long, you saw it. The second cast, the 1st pike. It was small, but we try to get a bigger one. We are very happy that it worked right
away with the pike. In training, we had some struggle with the pikes. We have seen some, but we didn't catch any. It was the most difficult fish for us.

That it worked right away, that makes us very happy. Those who drive less, catch fish earlier. While LMAB didn't even start fishing, 2 teams already have points in the score. Will HEARTY RISE also punch in at the first spot ? Too much sun. That doesn't make it easier. But it's going to increase during the day. The fish must bite. i will go a bit smaller. It's a 13 cm soft bait. And now I will take an 8 cm soft bait. A very light color for the sun. We will see if it helps. Oh shit ! They don't bite. Fish ! Good morning and welcome to the YPC Boat 2023. This is a nice start ! On the first cast. I just wanted to make the intro. We just did our first cast. I wanted to say hello to you, but Enrisi took it. Yes, I already started. A 9 cm Perch Shad. Well known color but new size. With a 15 g weight because there is a lot of current. And maybe it's the first fish, I didn't look at the group messages yet. We took a while to come here. The fish is… Exactly 50 cm long.

And thus, welcome to the YPC Boat 2023. Team Catastrophe, not to be confounded with another team. We're back. During the trip, we lost our net, and fortunately we have a small one left,
we talked about yesterday. But, at the very first cast, we had a 50 cm zander. This is super nice. I could add something, we somehow managed to lose the net, we broke side case and Enrico forgot one of his most
important rods in the car. This is our start. Yes, this is how it is.
but we have a fish in the score and this is so nice. I hope that nobody else caught something,
I will take a look. You hope ? Yes I hope. Marcel, pike 64 cm, Dustin pike, 77 cm, so the pike seems to be active. I would like to be done with the zander,
at least with 2 of them. This is our goal of the day. To first catch the zander, and then we will see if we can catch something else. But a big pike, I wouldn't say no to it. Even though they had some difficulties, they could catch their fish, they were so scared
of in training.

Directly with the first cast. RAPALA could also catch their problem fish and a second one follows. We plan to do 2 or 3 drifts for the pike. That is the perfect time of the day for this. After that we will attack the zanders. We will try to get 2 of those into the score. We are lucky with the pike as we already have one. This is perfect. Cross your fingers. Exclusive colors, Brand new products, even before the market launch. proven classics, matching accessories, advices from experts by manual and video. A chance to win the monthly jackpot, useful goodies and a big pricing advantage. All this is available in the monthly lure drop
subscription. Become a happy lure dropper and
check Why did we choose this spot ? Because there is a long stony stretch that
has a drop-off to 4 or 5 m. The zanders are passing by, and the sun is not so
high yet. There is still a wide shade area.

We had very hot weeks in the past and we think that the zanders are still searching
for shade. We have a nice current around the edge and in training we caught some zanders here. In good sizes. We will try again, as we drifted to close to the stony
area. We will hit back some meters and see if they are in deeper water. I will drive back a little because we had all contacts there. Yesterday we had a bite here. You want to surround it or just drift back? No I will drive in the shallow.

We were in the deep before, and I would
like to drift even deeper just after. I like that it's so murky here. I like everything here. I am wondering why there was no further bite. I change my lure now, I keep using the Warrior, I just use a muted color. Now I have a C05 trailer. Maybe they prefer this color. I will try this for 10 min and then I will use the
Maze Runner. But maybe the dark chatter bait will handle this. It's gone, look at the wave. I just saw it, yes. Again on the Maze Runner ? 2 times it bites. I was wondering what it is, Then I saw it coming.

Many people fish the spinner bait without a trailer, but I prefer to use one. So I will take a C01, a Predator, and then we will continue. I had 2 followers. They could just have stayed on. But it’s a bit calm now, If I am not mistaken, 3 fish have been caught. We have to get through it. If we don't catch zanders today, we
will be in trouble for the next day. We need to focus on this. We will have to go to the Haringvliet
because at the Volkerak there is no zander at day. A justified thesis from Dustin.

But at the Volkerak it's very hard to get a zander
at day. And the other thing is that the Haringvliet
showed in training that it's very hard to get zander there too. For all teams, it would be helpful to get the zanders
at the Hollands Diep or in rivers. RAPALA continues anyway to chase the second pike. Our first drift is done, we caught one pike, and now we will try to get the next one. Thank you Toni ! Thank you Toni ! I will switch the lure, from 9 cm, the Perch Shad I caught the zander with, to an 11 cm White Tiger.

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