Microsoft One Drive | Must Know Tips and Tricks In 2023

– [Instructor] Hi, and welcome
back to Today, we are going to go over some must know tips and
tricks for OneDrive in 2022. We're gonna go over some tips and tricks when using your
smartphone, some on the PC, some you can do both on the
PC and online in the cloud and then some you can just
do online and in the cloud. – [Announcer] If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel and Office, join our academy online course, and access more than 1000
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The link to join our academy online course is in the description. – [Instructor] So to
start, we're gonna go over tips one and two on your smartphone. The first one on my smartphone
entails going over to photos and I'm going to quickly back
up my photos automatically. So right now you can see that my camera upload is turned off. I'm just going to turn that on and now allow access to all my photos. And you can see that my photos have now uploaded to my OneDrive. So then if I look in my pictures folder on the cloud, I can see this
folder called camera roll. And in here, my pictures
have been organized by the year that they were taken. So if I go into here, I can
see some of my recent pictures and I can see that
they've been downloaded.

One thing to note here, though, is that if you have
your pictures in iCloud, instead of on your phone,
they're not going to take your pictures down from iCloud and put them onto OneDrive. It is only the pictures that
are residing on your phone that are going to be synced with OneDrive. And if I want to stop the
upload of my pictures, I can go up here to my settings
and go to camera upload and just turn off my account
right here and hit back. And I'm going to go back to my photos. And you can see here, that
I'm back to the beginning, where camera upload turned off. So if I want to turn it back on to sync all my photos with OneDrive again, I can just repeat that process. The next option I want to show you is probably my favorite tip and trick. Right now I have a resume that I would like to take a picture of, and I'd like to upload it as a file.

So what I'm going to do is I'm
going to hit the camera icon. I'm going to line up my document and I'm going to take a picture where it says capture a document. And I could edit this a little bit more. And I'm going to confirm that,
and so I'm going to hit done. And then I will be asked
where I want to save this to. I'm just going to save it under my tips and tricks folder and hit the check mark at the top. So then when I go in the tips
and tricks here on the cloud this is the document that I just scanned. Of course it needs to be
straightened out a little bit, but you can see that you can
get a document very quickly by taking a picture of it and
uploading it to your OneDrive. There's no more taking a picture and then sending the file
to your email account and then downloading it or whatever way you used to do it before,
it's pretty instantaneous. Next on my PC, I'm going
to click down here, and just type OneDrive and
bring up my OneDrive folder.

Right here, I'm just going
to right click document.docx and go over to share. And I'd like to go over some of these share options with you. First of all, I can type
in an email right here and I could send this
document via email to someone. And not only would they be
able to see the document but they would be able to see
the document on my OneDrive, which means if they make any updates to it I will be able to see
those updates as well. I can also copy a link
to this file right here. If I hit copy, you'll see the link. I could copy and email
that link to someone and anyone with that link to the file will be able to edit the
file on OneDrive as well, if I give them the correct permissions. And tip number four is
what other kind of elements can I add to this link that I'm sharing? Well, if I click this down arrow and I go to link settings, I can set an expiration date
where people are only allowed to edit this file for a
certain amount of time.

And I can also set a password in case I want that
extra level of security. – [Announcer] If you
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and subscribe to our channel and hit the bell button to get notified when we release our weekly videos. – [Instructor] Tip number five is clicking these three buttons right here, you can go to manage access, and you can see everyone
who has access to this file.

If there are certain people that I no longer want to
have access to this file, like I don't want this
link to exist anymore because I just can't really
remember who I sent it to, then I can just click the X right here. And I can also go down
here and hit stop sharing. The file will not be
shared with anyone anymore. Tip number six is just
a quick understanding of where the files in here reside. And we've actually done
a whole video on this because it can get complicated, but right now I just wanna
point it out as a tip.

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