Microsoft: ChatGPT For Free – Join The Waitlist!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute 
Papers with Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Today you will see an amazing AI research 
paper come to life. Right before us. This is ChatGPT, we know that this is 
an an AI assistant that is so smart it   has now passed a US law school exam 
and is considered to be on the level   of a C+ law student. What is perhaps 
even more incredible is that it also   passed coding interview questions, 
particularly from Google and Amazon. And remember, we said that in the first few days,   it shot up to one million users 
incredibly quickly. Since then,   get this, now about 100 million people are 
using it just two months after launch.

Wow. A plus version is available for ChatGPT too, which   is a subscription and gives you 
priority access and some more perks. And now, hold on to your papers, because it 
truly is coming to life. Oh yes, Microsoft   is deploying it to their search service, Bing, 
which will be able to do so much more. However,   wait a second. If we just type a request, we 
already get search answers. They are right   there. We have been able to do this for more 
than a decade now. So, what’s new here? Why is   this interesting? What are the advantages of this 
AI assistant compared to just a regular search? Well, let’s have a look together. The first 
thing that catches the eye is that we can ask   it questions that are really specific.

instance, here, we are asking not just for   travel recommendations, but travel recommendations 
that are reachable in a 3-hour flight from London. And, yes! I already see two things here that 
I absolutely love. One, look. A frequent and   completely justified criticism of these AI 
assistants is that it is sometimes difficult   to know if they are correct or incorrect. 
They learned from people on the internet,   and people on the internet are sometimes wrong, so 
we should always double check these results. And,   hold on to your papers, because now 
we can do this way easier. How? Well,   look! Oh my! It doesn’t just give us an 
answer, it also shows what sources it   has used, so we can truly double-check these 
results. That is the way of the True Scholar. Advantage number two. This is not just a search 
query, this is a conversation. So, if we wish,   we can continue the conversation or make our 
question even more specific. And three, if we do,   it does not just lead us to an already existing 
guide. It distills the knowledge from all the   guides it has seen, and gives us exactly 
what we want, and nothing else.

No ads,   no websites that contain nothing but text 
to seduce the search engine to return that   one instead of the others. Just what we are 
looking for. The answer. I absolutely love it. Fourth, we can also tailor it to our needs. For 
instance, if we are a little tired of all these   math lessons, we can even ask it to present 
the answers in the style of a mob boss. A   gangster math tutor right at our fingertips, 
who can process more information than any of   us humans can.

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