Menstrual Cups – 10 Things That No-One Really Talks About

Today we're going to be talking about menstrual
cups, but we're going to be talking about the things that people don't really talk about
when they're talking about menstrual cups. So the first thing is what I like to call
the vaginal bitch slap. In order to get this cup into your vagina, and have it pop open
once it's in there, you have to kind of fold it up to make it more compact so it can actually get in there.

Sometimes it will pop open before you've actually got it all the way up inside
the vagina. You'll be halfway into the vagina like that, you'll accidentally let go and that will 'pew!'
slap the front of your vagina. Not
the most pleasant thing to experience, it's not going to cause you any lasting damage, just a bit of momentary
shock and some slight pain. If you've got a particularly sensitive vagina
thats one you know you might have to look out for and just be extra careful when you're inserting it.

If you're grip is dodgy and you're at risk
of slapping yourself in the va-jay-jay, you could also be at risk of dropping the
whole cup into the toilet. In a year and a half of actually using the
cup I have never once done this, except for yesterday. Now as gross as that may sound, it's not actually
a problem. You just have to clean your cup as you normally would at the end of your
cycle. So be prepared you might drop it in the toilet,
hopefully it will be your toilet at home like me. But I have read some stories of people dropping
them in public toilets. Which again, fine just clean it, but….[gross!]. Here's the thing, if your cup is inserted
properly, you shouldn't be able to see any part of the cup external to the vagina. So you shouldn't be able to see the bottom
bit here, you shouldn't be able to see the little stick. So I cut the stick off mine but it had like
a little stick that came out here that just made it easier to grab hold of, but for me that little bit kind of stuck out
of my vagina and made me quite uncomfortable, there was quite a lot of chafing.

So when you want to get the cup out, this means you are going to have to stick your fingers in the vagina. If you are in full flow, if you are in like
Niagra Falls, like my insides are coming out it's going to be more than a little blood.
So if you cup has started to overflow and you need to change it then there will be blood on the
outside of the cup. Or, more likely, if the cup is just getting
quite full, even if it's only up to here, you have to still squeeze it to take to out
of the vagina. As you pull that out it's likely going to
be squeezing and some of that blood will come out and go down your hand And this can be quite, you know if you've got
heavy flow, it's going to be quite significant.

If you are somebody who doesn't like getting
blood on your hands believe you me after a few times of using
a cup, and going through that, you won't actually give a **** anymore about getting a little bit of blood on your hands because you will be so in love with your cup
and the way it can change your periods and your view on your periods. Now here's the thing, if your cup is going
to be in you for a good 5-7 days, once a month for years Then it's probably not going to stay looking
exactly how it was when you took it out the packet. You will notice no matter how much scrubbing
and cleaning you do it will retain some kind of tint. I found mine stayed kind of tinted around
the top here and it's not dirty its a very clean cup it's just the silicone sort of becomes a little
bit discoloured over time. If you buy a coloured cup you are probably
going to see the staining less than if you were to buy a white or clear cup.

In the long run it's clean it's just a bit
discoloured so it doesn't matter. I mean it's going to be inside you most of
the time, it's not like people are going to see it and judge you. Now if you wear sanitary pads or tampons,
and by the way I'm not saying that you shouldn't be using those you should be
using a cup. People can use whatever sanitary items they want ok? I just particularly happen to like menstrual
cups. As great as they are as fantastic, sometimes can forget they're even in there. If you're like me you might only get symptoms
of your period, so cramps or whatever, for the first day or so and then after that you might not really have
much symptoms.

If you are wearing a sanitary pad, I mean
its pretty hard to forget you're wearing a sanitary pad Tampons, again you might forget they're there
but when you go the toilet it's quite obvious when you see string sticking out between your
legs that you've got something in there, with this I quite often forget it's even in there. Which is quite nice because you're not constantly
thinking about it but it does often mean that I'm about to go to sleep and I suddenly realise 'Oh
****!' I've not changed my cup. Make sure you change it twice a day,
so they recommend every 12 hours at least to change your cup. And just don't forget that it's in there! There are so many horror stories on the internet
about people who say their cup got stuck.

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