Mengenang Cikal Bakal Nusantara pada Era Kerajaan Majapahit

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings Good night Greetings Rahayu Meet again with us on the Lelaku Nuswantoro channel with me Hakim Gimbul Tonight we are in Sentono Rejo Hamlet Trowulan District, Mojokerto We are now in The Tomb of the Stage commonly known as Sanggar Songsong Bawono Here … Songs of Bawono's tomb Known as reading Oath Palapa by Maha Patih Gajah Mada and here too the place of Raden Wijaya, Raja Majapahit receive a revelation to make a village that became the forerunner Majapahit kingdom later in front too there is Earth Spikes which supposedly Nail this Earth its depth reaches to the lake of freshness in front These spikes functioned for a time to tether animals from Maha Patih Gajah Mada, which is elephant and horse at first glance we were already logged in The Tomb of the Stage and our friend, our resource person at a glance have also communicated with The creatures that are inside we will try to review later other side and the existence of creatures that are here actually what history is here we'll talk later with Ms.

Elis later there will also be Yan Yan Ade, our permanent guest speaker to uncover the mysteries that are around the temple stage and nails this earth today we are at Raden Wijaya's grave I am Elis I had a glance earlier communicate with him related for today he was happy because someone visited him he also hoped who visited earlier remained in the protection of God then he reminded do not often to play here especially with people who are recreational keep this tomb where it remains a sacred place he just reminded like that and him remind to keep protecting the environment here because he sometimes still often down to look around good night brother now we are with our resource persons had a chance to communicate with the creatures that are around this place he also was communicating with Raden Wijaya he was named Mbak Elis Ma'am Elis at first glance we have entered inside the Ms.

Elis see or can communicate inside with whom? It's the same as Raden Wijaya who is inside because he is guarding this place so no one dared to come in besides him apart from Raden Wijaya Who is King Majapahit? if it is communicating around that Raden Wijaya only if there are many around there Astral beings, bro being rich hasn't communicated yet it's just .. just appearing the problem is we are busy here yeah that's all we briefly review about Ms. Elis communication with Raden Wijaya, what did he say? maybe for us real beings what is it like? so, first he reminded to guard this place maintain its sacredness do not in …

What's the name? … if people are recreation or people visit it is usually the term Javanese language gold tax yes don't be like that then .. after that … he was happy because someone was visiting here, praying for him then what is that … he just said that anyway the point is we have to look after each other because here he also often goes down that means to look around here so he doesn't like it when someone damages the environment, he doesn't like it that's all besides maybe what was delivered by Raden Wijaya for us besides those messages? That's all, bro just just a little communication huh ?! besides maybe Raden Wijaya who was inside, maybe around this Mbak Elis just what creatures are there? there are a lot of people around here, astral creatures as we know it ourselves, there are usually genderuwos the plants are big here and there are certainly lots of them so what else besides that? … the big one is just genderuwo what was there, what was that, bro? what is the place, bro? it's the Earth Spikes that is what drives the Maha Patih Gajah Mada so that was there earlier like a girl but His face is red he just kept quiet just sitting there maybe he visited or what, I also don't really understand and then it's finished in this tree place this is the most scary thing in my opinion, it is in the back of this tree that's so stupid, I swear therefore I am not too bandied to see for this tree oh ..

Banyan tree in front of this tomb? honestly I am afraid when I see that tree in fact because the wait is really scary like that actually according to history supposedly This tomb temple stage is not a tomb for the body huh but this stage temple tomb is where Raden Wijaya was present received revelations to make the village here the forerunner Majapahit kingdom in here also received the revelation of the Supreme Patih Gajah Mada for reveal the script the palapa oath script which has been the Most Patih Gajah Mada Buat He meditated here seeking revelation from God continue he said the first time before it was announced at the public in front of the king, he meditated here to receive Revelation maybe Miss Elis can Is it possible see things like that? if for the past itself yes mas like the real past I just gave a little description but it's just time he is still young still here at that time it was still a forest just given a picture like that then he found a stone he sat on the rock I remember that there was a picture of him sitting on a rock then like that, huh? after that he built a house for the mas that little house continue he is indeed a magic person so many people seemed to be studying with him that's all a little picture of his past what was told meant that it was only a cursory description when he first came here meaning it's true that history was actually a place of meditation from Raden Wijaya, not the tomb of Raden Wijaya so petilasan, a place of meditation to purify themselves closer to God here he got a revelation to make a village this village became the forerunner of the greatness of the Majapahit kingdom and even now we don't know where the Majapahit royal palace is what we know here is the place accompanied by Raden Wijaya also the place where the Supreme Patih Gajah Mada purified itself secluded for set his mind that the oath to be spoken is beneficial to society more or less like that huh Ms.

Elis? yeah that's right, bro yes .. how do you feel? sad, sad too when I remember he was still young, now he doesn't exist then there's a statue in front of it it feels like .. yeah it's sad too mas so remember like that .. yes it should be .. yes … if if indeed he is still here yes maybe, he is also very top if nata a country Very wise person wise and top maybe there is a message that ditipip at Raden Wijaya for us? from Ms. Elis? that's all, that's all nothing else but we have to protect the environment because he also still often ups and downs so you know around here that's all for the messages maintain the sanctity of this place Holy place a place to meditate closer to God the Catholic Thank you, Ms. Elis … good night .. we will meet again next time our brother will be exhausted look at the earth nails i and there we will try to see and communicate with beings there will be our resource person there with Mas Yanuar Ade Let's see this time we are next, to be precise in front grave stage Here, there is..

Ordinary earth spikes known as our society by the name of the nail of the earth it is said that this earth nail that stuck is the Supreme Patih Gajah Mada to put on or binding the mount animals are elephants and horses it is said that these nails stick out up to the lake in front of the refreshed front and according to history Patih Gajah Mada once said someday If there is any someone the one that can interesting nails this earth he is ..

He is the reincarnation of Maha Patih Gajah Mada tonight at this place we will try to talk with our resource persons Mas Yanuar Ade good night Good night for tonight What can Mas Yanuar see from the place here? if what I see is indeed this This is the place to tie the mounts Maha Patih Gajah Mada it used to look like this elephant was like a mammoth elephant the mammoth has a long trunk and ivory this is an elephant in the old days other than that? miss this ..

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