Members of Migos were at Houston bowling alley where deadly shooting occurred: police

Going against Billy Mhm. Okay So we've got a pretty big developing story here this morning at TMZ is reporting that me goes rapper Takeoff is one of the people who was shot here in Houston overnight. So this is from the triple shooting overnight that we were telling you about downtown at a very popular bowling alley. Shelby Roses there right now. Shelby have you gotten update from Houston police because we're seeing a lot of updates on a social media right now. Yeah, You know, guys, there is a lot of rumors flying around social media. And as you just said TMZ is reporting that takeoff has died here in downtown Houston. But we do want to reiterate HPD has not yet identified the victim as the one who is deceased or the other two that were shot in the shooting.

But let's kind of give you guys a look at what we're looking at. Right now. This all happened on the third floor of Green Street here in downtown Houston outside this 18 billiards in bowling. We have so much police presence here looking through this whole complex to see if we can find any other Evidence or anything that could lead them to who possibly is responsible for this crime. We're told that there was a private party held here at the 18 billiards and bowling ended about one o'clock in the morning. However, the shooting did not happen until 2 30, a Security guard hearing the gunshots saying there about 40 to 50 people out here, and that's when they found one person, deceased black male in his twenties and two other people were taken to a hospital, and we're told that they are in surgery, but no other updates on their condition at this time, and we do want to reiterate once again.

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