Mechagon Workshop | Season 4 Mythic Tips & Tricks ft. Naguura

Mechagon: Workshop is returning to the Season 4 
Mythic+ Dungeon pool with the new Seasonal Affix:   Shrouded. My name is Naguura and in this 
video I will go over the most important   mechanics to watch out for in this dungeon!
In the first boss room you have to deal with a   few mobs before the Boss spawns. Make 
sure to interrupt the cast “Detonate”   by the Bomb Tonks, as it does AoE damage 
to the whole group if not interrupted.
  Up next is the first boss fight, consisting 
of The Platinum Pummeler and Gnomercy 4U.
  The Platinum Pummeler needs to 
be picked up by the tank and has   3 stacks of Platinum Plating on pull, 
reducing damage taken drastically.   To remove those stacks, the boss needs 
to be hit by the hammers located around   the room. Ideally the tank stands underneath 
the hammer until a ground animation appears,   then moves the Platinum Pummeler underneath. 
Try not to get hit by the smash yourself,   it does dmg to both players AND enemies!
Every time a hammer removes a stack of Platinum   Plating it will destroy the hammer.
Gnomercy on the other hand does not   disable the hammers if hit by them and 
also doesn't need to be tanked.

  The boss has 2 main abilities, 1 charge towards 
a random player and an ability called Vent Jets.   Vent Jets does a lot of damage to the whole 
group and also does additional damage to   players close to the jets, so move away!
Everyone should be focusing on Gnomercy 4.U   until the tank has removed the plating 
stacks from the Platinum Pummeler.   You can also use one of the hammers to deal some 
extra damage to Gnomercy in the meantime!
  Moving on, there are 2 Waste Processing Units 
in combination with a Shrouded Infiltrator.   You can pull all 3 mobs together, but the 
Processing Units cast a frontal towards the tank   doing heavy dmg, while the Infiltrator casts 
a wide frontal cone towards a random player.   So watch out for this combo!
  The Living Wastes look harmless, but they explode 
when they die, dealing very heavy dmg. To avoid   the damage, you can hide behind the pillars, 
but make sure you let the tank drag them into   the correct spot and then finish them off at the 
same time, otherwise it can get really messy!
  The Mechagon Mechanic in front of K.U.J.0 
is actually the shrouded Miniboss Zul’gamux   and you have the option to skip it if 
you don’t want the extra stat buffs.

  Now to the 2nd boss: K.U.J.O
This boss spawns boxes at players locations   and these boxes need to be used to line of sight 
his big AoE channel called Venting Flames.
  If the boxes get hit by any mechanic of the boss,   they will get destroyed. So you have to watch 
out for the boss's “Explosive Leap”, where he   chooses random non-tank players and jumps to 
them in order, starting with the furthest player.   This jump will do AoE dmg on impact and also 
destroys the boxes if you are too close to them.   If you destroy a box by accident, there will 
be nowhere to hide for the Venting Flames!
  2 tips for this boss: you can actually 
cancel the explosive leap by using certain   abilities as the boss jumps on you, 
like feign death or invisibility.

  Additionally you can continue to cast and 
even auto attack the boss while still being   considered hidden for the venting flames, 
if you really want to optimize your damage!   The boss needs to be close to the box and 
you need to position yourself at a corner.   You can wiggle your character around close to 
the box, continuously trying to cast a spell   until you find the correct spot. Just keep 
an eye on your buffs, if you are affected by   “Hiding Behind Junk” then you are safe!
To get to the next event, you have to walk   through some fire traps, but you can also skip it 
with a Gateway or abilities like Warrior Leap.
  Upstairs you can click on the red 
button to disable the fire traps,   to make it easier for the rest of your team.
  For the next event, you have to watch out for the 
cast “Giga-Wallop” from the MEchagon Tinkerers,   as it does dmg to a random player.

Try to 
interrupt as many of those casts as possible.   The tinkerers also cast explosive squirrels 
that explode with a big blue swirly,   they can be stunned to stop the explosion 
and if you have a priest in your group,   you can mind control the tinkerers and use 
the squirrels to do damage to the trash!
  The next trash pack includes 2 Defense Bot MK 
1s, they cast “Arcing Sap” which applies a magic   dot onto random players. These dots do a lot of 
dmg and the healer usually doesn't have enough   dispels to get rid of all of them.

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