Making A Smoothie Using A Blender With A V8 Engine | Top Gear

Nobody is buying V8 cars anymore, okay? And I find that very sad. I don't want V8s to disappear
into the pages of history. So, how's this for an idea? If you're not gonna use V8s to power cars, how about using them
to power something else? Like, for instance, a food blender? This is what I've got here in essence. This is the 6.2 liter engine
that you would normally put in a Corvette. I see no reason why you couldn't put it
in a kitchen. So, here it is. There's the drive shaft going under
the petrol tank into the kitchen cabinet. Obviously, you'll have to take out
the wedding presents, the fondue sets that you don't want. Because, in here, you've got the diff, which then sends the drive shaft up here
and into the blender. Very good.

So what…
What can you blend with it? I could blend you if I wanted to. But what I'm actually going to do
under this high visibility shield here is blend some beef. -Beef?
-Beef. Yes, beef. This is going to be a man's V8 smoothie
that I'm gonna make now. So I'm gonna plonk that in there
like that. Does that still have bones in it? Yes. And then… I'm going to put some chilies in. Got a few chilies. This is Bovril.
Because that's a V8 man's drink. That's a collection of manly ingredients. -Yeah, haven't finished yet. Tabasco.
-Nice touch. That wasn't… Just a dash… …of that in there. And I think, for added bite, a brick. It is actually a brick. Oh, it's broken, but there we are.
Pop that in there. Okay, now, we pop the lid on. Perhaps, you could give me a hand
with this, Hammond, -because it's quite complicated.
-Yes, I'm the practical man. No, that… -Those go on here like that.
-Yeah, so then we do it up.

Is this going to work
or is the top gonna come off and we'll have a really hard time
explaining to the ambulance people how he's got beef bone antlers
stuck in his head? Just worried. Relax. Yeah, relax when you've got the keys
to a V8 blender. -Of course.
-Yes. -Yeah.
-Right. This is the controls. Oh, God. -Tell me that's not an accelerator pedal.

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