Make $1,300 Per Day Using This Easy Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle (For Beginners 2023)

I discovered this average guy making money online 
who made a thousand three hundred dollars using   a couple of different tools that you can easily 
access on the internet including chatGPT and this   guy Jackson from something that he started 
in a single day was able to grow it into 25   000 and the great part is that you can get started 
doing this by yourself by simply just opening   the Google News website the very first time I did 
this myself I grew my earnings from Seven dollars   per week at fifty dollars a week to 500 in a week 
and Beyond and it's been able to give me passive   income by taking advantage of affiliate marketing 
with this strategy to make money online there's no   need for manual labor nor any technical knowledge 
needed no large Investments out of your own   wallets need to be made and no need to leave your 
own house you can do this working from wherever   you are in the world all you need to get running 
is the eagerness to do a little learning on how to   make money with chat GPT so if you're interested 
in learning exactly how to earn passive income   and make money online using affiliate marketing 
stay tuned and I'll show you the exact blueprint   you can use to get started step number one we're 
gonna visit our very first tool that is 100 free   to access and completely under used Google News 
most of you may already know what Google news is   but might not have scratched the surface of its 
potential yet especially to make money online   with chat GPT and affiliate marketing what it is 
is pretty much a news aggregator it takes all the   Articles from around the internet and compiles 
the very best ones right here and it uses sources   like from The Wall Street Journal NPR DBS and 
so much more and the first thing we want to do   while we're on Google News is find an interesting 
article that isn't local news when you first just   open the home page chances are everything on your 
homepage is going to be local news so it's a good   idea to check out the categories at the top where 
they show different kinds of niches over here for   example they have a health section so I'm going to 
click on this right here now when you're here you   want to find an article that immediately catches 
your eye don't be too over analytical over here   okay this is the article I found that caught my 
eye saying that your brain actually works harder   as it dies and the great thing about Google news 
is that they'll actually show you on the side of   it a bunch of other different related articles to 
this topic we don't have to worry about these for   now go ahead and just click on the main article 
now that we have our page up from Google news we   can move on to our next step two which is to 
evaluate that article and by evaluate here is   exactly what I mean well first of all is this 
a subject that you'd actually be interested in   continuing to read when you're checking out this 
article and getting it run through were you able   to actually finish reading the article and number 
two is this article in a high paying Niche I have   some statistics on some of the highest paying 
niches out there and so if the blog post that   you found fits anywhere inside of any of these 
items on the left side you should probably be   good to go the reason why we want to select an 
article that's in a high paying Niche is because   one of our main goals is to be able to make money 
online the quickest and to be able to reliably   build passive income for ourselves plus it'll 
be much easier to start affiliate marketing for   beginners if you pick a high paying Niche to begin 
starting to make money with chat jbt My article is   about health so it does fit inside of this high 
paying Niche category keep in mind I'm not saying   that if your blog post isn't in any of these high 
paying categories then you won't be successful   I'm not saying that at all okay I'm just saying 
that you're gonna have a higher chance of being   paid more especially with affiliate marketing and 
affiliate programs if your blog post does fit in   any of these categories so now we have the article 
what's our next important step give chatGPT this   article this is where AI comes into play and where 
it becomes extremely strategic for us to make   money with chat GPT and other unique AI tools and 
what we're going to want to do is to ask chatGPT   to spin and rewrite our article so it looks like 
a totally different unique article especially with   affiliate marketing for beginners this is going 
to be fundamental for us to make passive income we   can go ahead and pull up the New York Post page we 
found from Google News start copying all this text   and then go over to chatgpt now this is the kind 
of prompt that the average person might type out   when asking chat GPT to rewrite an article fairly 
simple rewrite this article to be unique and then   pasting the article right there what this is 
going to give you is going to be an article that's   actually one too short two not very interesting 
and three not very well formatted either and all   those in combination end up being very bad to 
provide us with passive income using affiliate   marketing now this isn't necessarily chat gpt's 
fault for giving me not very good response it's   actually more of my fault for not giving it that 
great of a prompt in the first place so in that   case what's a better prompt I can give it to get 
a better article output well I have this prompt   written up right here and using this prompt I ask 
it to generate for me the title a really engaging   intro with a hook a couple of intermediate headers 
an outro and also the length of the content too   all you have to do is replace that pound sign 
section with the article that you found from   Google News especially those who are new at 
affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing   for beginners this is a prompt that you actually 
want to use if you want to make money with chat   GPT you can take a screenshot of this if you want 
for your reference or if you want to copy this   text instead I have a link down in the description 
below that you can use where I can send you this   prompt itself let's see what happens when actually 
use that prompt in order to generate My article   alright so check it out it made the title for me 
it's writing the intro right now and every single   sub header has its own title too which is exactly 
what we want for an article format especially one   that's going to be good for affiliate marketing 
so it's looking pretty good so far but this is   something that you should really pay attention 
to okay so our articles because they're generated   from chat gbt and because chat gbt is trained 
off of a lot of stuff that exists out there   on the internet there still may be a chance 
that our AI generated content still might look   slightly plagiarized even though it is actually 
original content from chatGPT this is really bad   for affiliate marketing purposes because the less 
unique your generated content is the less likely   that you'll be able to make passive income from 
it well there's three different things you can   do to make your content even more original number 
one you you can use a tool like quill bot to help   you paraphrase your text for example here is 
the original text from chat GPT and here's what   was generated from quill block on the right side 
number two instead of doing that you can also use   open ai's playground to spin the article instead 
padgpt was made by open AI so with this playground   you can pretty much hype out your prompt exactly 
how you would in chatGPT and get very similar   results but the great thing about the Open Eye 
playground is you see this gear icon right up   here click on that and you should see options 
for frequency and presence and if you increase   these knobs to a higher volume somewhere around 
the one to two range it'll actually generate   better responses for you that are slightly more 
random and way less likely to be similar to other   people's articles or lastly three we can also 
ignore all of those and instead take in multiple   different sources for our articles remember how 
in Google news we had the main article that we   were looking at along with all the supplementary 
articles that are talking about the similar stuff   now the great thing is that we can also open those 
articles as well and actually ask chat GPT to take   inspiration from multiple different articles in 
order to make one awesome article that you're   going to use now what are we going to do with 
this new article we just made we're going to use   it to build up a money making blog that makes 
use of affiliate marketing to generate monthly   recurring revenue and passive income like I've 
been mentioning this whole video this is the exact   strategy that Jackson the guy I mentioned at the 
start who made a thousand three hundred dollars   used to start making income and this is exactly 
how other people on the internet are also starting   to take advantage of AI tools to help make money 
online but before we get into the details about   how to set up your affiliate marketing blog I want 
to talk to you about one of the most important   things that affiliate marketing for beginners 
need for any website which is web hosting   web hosting is a service that allows your 
website to be accessible on the internet   without web hosting your affiliate marketing 
website simply would not exist there are many   web hosting providers out there but I highly 
recommend hostinger hostinger is one of the   most affordable web hosting providers I've seen 
in 2023 they offer fast reliable and secure web   hosting for any type of website whether you want 
to start an affiliate marketing blog an online   store a portfolio or anything else hostinger is 
there to help you make money online I have a link   to it in the description down below where you can 
check it out for yourself and if we scroll down   we can see that hostinger has three different 
plans for shared hosting single web hosting   premium web hosting and business web hosting 
this premium web hosting package is the most   popular one right here starting at 2.99 a month 
and this is going to be the option that's pretty   good for growing websites that need more resources 
and features with this plan you can create up to   100 websites with unlimited bandwidth you get free 
email too which is going to be important for later   and many more benefits too this right here is 
a plan that I'd recommend for people trying to   make passive income using affiliate marketing 
for beginners especially if you eventually want   multiple affiliate marketing websites to do some 
testing fortunately I was able to partner with   hostinger to get you guys a deal so if you use my 
coupon code Ted gets bread no spaces you can get   an additional 10 off any hosting or plan you can 
go to Ted gets bread choose a plan   that suits your needs for example the premium 
web hosting simply scroll down and when you see   the section that says have a coupon code click on 
that and enter Ted gets bread when you click apply   it should work perfectly you can also find my link 
and the code in the description down below too now   that you've got your web hosting plan it's time 
to claim your domain name and for those of you who   don't know a domain name is the address of your 
website on the internet if you're trying to figure   out how to make money online and maximize your 
affiliate marketing Revenue you're going to want   to pay attention to this part a lot you're going 
to want to choose a domain name that is relevant   memorable and easy to spell the best part is that 
if you signed up for the business or the premium   web hosting plans like I suggested you get a free 
domain name for a year you heard that right you   don't have to pay anything extra for your domain 
name if you choose that plan or above they make it   that simple for beginners when you're on your 
hosting or panel if you do have a free domain   you're going to be able to see this claim your 
free domain section click on claim domain and   they're gonna make it really easy for you to find 
and register your domain name just by sourcing up   what you want right here and if you don't have any 
ideas about to name your website just use chatgpt   I told it give me a list of 10 website name ideas 
that are memorable and easy to spell relating to   health and fitness I found 
available as a domain to purchase it fits pretty   well inside of the health Niche it's easy to 
remember and spell so let's go with this click   claim domain and continue on with the rest of the 
registration and after that's done you can move   on to the really exciting part we can go back out 
and see where our hosting our panel is and we're   going to want to set up our premium web hosting 
it's going to ask us a couple of questions let's   go ahead and just start where are you creating 
the website for I'm creating it for myself for   me or my business who is creating the website I'm 
building it myself what kind of website you want   to build blog do you need help building a website 
no thanks I'm going to help you with that no   worries and when it asks you if you want to create 
or migrate a website if you're starting affiliate   marketing for beginners and you're absolutely new 
you're going to want to create a new website now   there's two different options you can go through 
you can either go through WordPress or through   hostinger's Builder using AI so what we're going 
to be doing is going with WordPress and now you   might be asking why exactly are we going with 
WordPress well most of you who are trying to just   make some money online with affiliate marketing 
in 2023 probably aren't going to care that much   about this but it is an incredibly important 
thing to know for the future if you want to   scale this affiliate marketing business so real 
quick why WordPress well there's no coding skills   required there are thousands of plugins and themes 
available and no limits on design functionality   WordPress itself is also incredibly SEO friendly 
which is going to make it a lot easier for your   content to show up on sites like Google search 
or Bing selecting WordPress has no commitments   you can switch between hosting providers if 
you want to and there are going to be tons of   templates that you can use to build your website 
in an instant which is going to be very important   for this how-to tutorial so with that all in mind 
we're going to select the WordPress option and   they're going to have us step through the process 
of creating login credentials for WordPress next   is going to ask us for some beginner plugins 
to add to your website you're going to be able   to install a lot more plugins than this later on 
but for now go ahead and select monster insights   and Google site kit these are pretty good to help 
track statistics go ahead and click continue and   immediately we're going to be able to see a bunch 
of different templates that we can use for our   WordPress site for now it doesn't really matter 
which one you select because we're going to be   using totally different themes to help customize 
your content even more so just for now select the   one that looks the coolest to you some something 
really interesting that hostinger also provides   is automatic content generation we can give it 
some text for example what our brand name is Click   continue and we're going to be able to select the 
domain that we just claimed earlier completely   for free select that and we're just about ready to 
start up our affiliate marketing blog by clicking   this finish setup button and letting it load so 
I gave it some time to load let's go ahead and   check it out again back on the panel we're going 
to manage our web hosting again and what we can   do is scroll down click on the WordPress overview 
and you're going to see a button that says edit   website click on that and congratulations you 
are on your WordPress dashboard and if you're   here that means your affiliate marketing website 
is literally already active online and can be   accessed right now and we can actually test this 
by hovering over our URL at the top click visit   website and it should bring us to the actual 
website light our affiliate marketing blog that   is available on the internet right now and you 
can see that hostinger did create automatically   for us these posts so it doesn't seem like it's 
just an empty blog that feature of AI generated   content immediately for new blogs is incredibly 
awesome it's a huge reason of why you should   select hostinger over other hosting options so 
right now our affiliate marketing blog looks   incredibly empty and frankly it looks a lot less 
like an affiliate blog and more like a word doc   but that's because we haven't actually customized 
it yet now I don't want to waste your time with a   whole WordPress setup video because I could go 
into a whole five hour long lecture about the   details of WordPress affiliate marketing website 
building so instead for this particular video   I'm gonna go over three main topics for building 
out your website one how to customize the looks   of your website two how to get your affiliate 
marketing pages and blog posts actually up and   running with your custom content so customizing 
the looks of our website let's make it look a   lot less like a Word document okay you see the 
appearance section on the left side of the page   click on that and then we can click on it themes 
and we're going to actually go back to see some   of the themes that we saw from earlier but now we 
have some more options to select this is kind of   where your creativity comes into play and where 
you can make some decisions in how you want your   website to look like but if you're an absolute 
beginner and you just want to follow along with me   click the add new button and you can search for 
Astra and it should pop up right over here click   that just click install then activate it next on 
the left hand side of the page I want you to hover   over plugins and then click on add new and in 
this search plugin section right over here I want   you to type in starter templates search for that 
and you should see this thing right over here by   brainstorm Force click on the install now button 
and also activate this once that's activated you   should be brought to the installed plugin section 
if not go back over to plugins and then click on   installed plugins this is where you're going 
to be able to see all the installed plugins   you currently have on your website right now but 
the one we want to pay attention to is the starter   templates one right over here click on the C 
library click on the build your website now button   and we're going to want to select the Elementor 
Page Builder and here you can see a bunch of   different templates we can already use to create 
your your awesome website if we scroll back up   something we can do is also type in kind of like 
the theme that you're going for you can type in   health and this template right over here already 
looks pretty dang good I can click on this when   I click on that I'm brought over to a logo section 
I don't have a logo so I'm not going to upload one   right now so I can Skip and continue go ahead and 
choose the colors you want for the scheme of the   website I like this version of green it's a little 
bit more minty than the original continue and when   you continue you might be hit with this required 
plugins missing section and this happens whenever   a template purposely uses any of these kinds of 
plugins inside of its website you're going to be   able to install required plugins in a later step 
anyway so don't worry about it just continue and   you can submit and build your website and once 
that's done you should be able to see your new   updated page with a template that we just added 
from earlier as you can see we haven't changed   anything inside this yet so what we need to do is 
go ahead and edit some of the content in here you   should be able to see at the top of the page 
a button that says edit with Elementor click   on that and once you're in you should be able to 
see a really awesome editor where you can just go   in and change any of the content that you need 
for example let's get rid of this lorem ipsum   text right here by highlighting it deleting it and 
replacing the text with something like something   like that and then you can go ahead and manually 
edit other things too like for example click on   this edit image button and you can go in and 
replace this image with a totally different one   I'm going to click on this image over here to 
choose a new one and then I can drag over this   other image this free stock image I found from 
pixels drag it over let it load and at the bottom   right you can click select there we go once you're 
done making all your edits you can see at the   bottom left side of the page there's this update 
button right over here go ahead and click that   and when we go back to our home page we should 
see it actually updated in real time with a new   image in the text we just edited now let's talk 
about our next important step which is the actual   blog posts instead of our affiliate marketing 
website you're going to want to go back over   to your WordPress dashboard again and this time on 
the left hand side you're going to select the post   action when you're here again you're gonna see all 
the posts that were actually already automatically   made for us using Ai and what you can actually 
do is go ahead and just hover over one of the   posts for example the benefits of exercise on 
Mental Health I can click on this view button   and it should bring me to the actual post that 
you can see on the internet right now that was   automatically created for us so you can see right 
now already we have content available on our page   that's available to view but this content is very 
general and not necessarily what we want for our   page and what we actually want is to grab the AI 
generated content that we made ourselves from the   Google news articles that we scraped that we used 
from earlier so I'm going to go back to the post   section inside of our WordPress dashboard select 
add new at the top and this is going to be what   it looks like when you're creating a new article 
on WordPress let's keep it dead simple right now   and just use the normal WordPress editor that they 
provide for us instead of editing with Elementor   we're gonna go over here to the article that was 
generated for us copy over the title over to this   title section right here copy over all this 
other stuff that was made for us what you're   gonna find while you're editing is that actually 
your headers for each of your sections for example   gamma waves signal brain activity these will 
either show up as list items like for example it's   number one number two number three or they'll just 
show up as like random paragraphs so we need to   fix that and we need to change them into headers 
what we can do is click on that click on select   parent block which is the list and then click 
on this button right over here that says list   and then transform it into a heading and that's 
looking like more of what we want but instead of   an H2 let's make it into an H4 to make it a little 
smaller and then we'll do the same with the rest   of these all that's currently fixed so we can 
move on to adding some other stuff click on that   add block button and we can see all the different 
kinds of things we can add to our new affiliate   marketing blog post let's keep it simple and just 
add something pretty normal that almost every blog   should have and that is images we can add this 
image here and then upload something I found this   photo of a brain scan so I can just go ahead and 
use that so currently if you followed all these   steps you should have a Blog that looks fairly 
reasonable and built out with all this great   information on the page over here but there are 
some pretty crucial important missing things over   here and that is you haven't included any outbound 
links to any sources or any of these things that   you're actually referencing over here that can be 
fixed very easily what we can do is actually go   back to those same exact articles that we used 
to generate our content in the first place and   what we can do is we can use those articles as our 
references and the articles that they reference as   well and include those as outbound hyperlinks 
inside of our blog for example while I'm still   in the editor the article talks about this study 
led by jimo if I want to link to this particular   study I can highlight this text click on this 
linking button and then paste in the URL of that   particular article that I found the study on press 
enter and now it's a hyperlink right there and at   the moment the link doesn't really stand out from 
the colors of the actual text so what we can do   is highlight it again and recolor to something 
more obvious there are actually better ways to   format the looks of links all across your websites 
but this right here is a good temporary solution   to our blog so now we pretty much have our blog 
set up and primed ready for us to actually make   some good money over here so how do we do it well 
as you can see because we have these integrated   links over here there's going to be people who are 
curious about some of these links and want to be   clicking around but what we're going to be doing 
is actually being smart affiliate marketers and   integrating some affiliate marketing links into 
our blog post and especially at the end where we   can include a very solid call to action now you 
might be asking right about now where exactly do   we find affiliate marketing products so we can 
put inside of our blogs well there's a lot of   people who recommend ClickBank out here if you see 
any kind of affiliate marketing tutorial there's a   very good chance people are going to recommend 
it this website to start promoting affiliate   marketing for the first time personally ClickBank 
is pretty good for beginners but what you're going   to actually want to try to get into is this 
other website instead and this other website   hosts a bunch more other products that will pay 
you significantly higher than ClickBank and what   I'm talking about is a site called 
when you gain access to Max Bounty you can search   through the categories and for example I want to 
promote Health Products so I can select that right   over here and search for some Health Products 
and you can see on this list this is one of the   reasons why the health Niche is one of the highest 
paying types of niches out there that you should   create a blog on look at how high paying these 
offers are and you can see on this right column   under EPC that's approximately how much people 
make per click due to these affiliate links for   example this product right here on Max Bounty if 
you create an affiliate link for this and someone   signs up with your affiliate link you'll get an 
100 185 dollars inside of your account just for   being the referral that's pretty dang good but of 
course not everyone is going to sign up to this   just by clicking on it but their average earning 
per click is 4.06 so that means you'll earn about   four dollars for every click that you drive to 
this affiliate link that is a very huge number   folks as a metric that you should use anything 
above one EPC is a pretty good affiliate marketing   product to pursue and this product has an EPC 
of four so this is something that you definitely   might want to consider promoting inside of your 
affiliate marketing blog but you do want to make   sure it's at least a little relevant to what your 
blog post is about and if it's not that relevant   then you might need to make a transition paragraph 
for example our blog post right over here is   pretty deep into the whole life and death kind of 
theme and it has nothing to do with weight loss or   meal eating systems because of this I'd either 
choose a different affiliate product other than   this thing or if this is the only best one I could 
find relating to the blog post I wanted to write   about I could still use this but then I'm gonna 
ask tragedy BT to write me another short paragraph   that transitions from the original blog topic 
onto promoting the affiliate product and this   is pretty good so I'm going to copy this and 
then add it to my conclusion right over here   and now when we check out the blog post we can 
see a very good finalizing ending paragraph with   a good call to action to the affiliate marketing 
links that we have right there at the end and we   have two of them and just a reminder this video 
is not meant to be a comprehensive full guide for   affiliate marketing blogs because it would take 
hours and possibly even a multi-day course to   cover everything if I did my job right this video 
should have given you one a great first step for   beginners of affiliate marketing two an excited 
attitude to have your first affiliate marketing   website up and running and three it should have 
left you with even more questions like for example   how do I choose the best affiliate networks or 
products to offer how do I get views and traffic   to my affiliate marketing blog how do I optimize 
SEO to get on Google search how do I build out   the rest of my affiliate marketing brand like for 
example making a icon or faq's privacy policies   and other related stuff I didn't cover any of 
that here but I'll try to leave more resources   in the description of this video that'll help you 
further along in the process but if I can see that   you guys really want more detailed information 
about affiliate marketing and if this video gets   enough likes comments and Views I'll actually 
go through and make a multi-part series of how   to build out an affiliate marketing business in 
detail oil and if I've already made that series   by now it should already be somewhere in the 
description of this video and folks similarly   to how I made in my blog post here's my own call 
to action at the end of this video too ladies and   gentlemen if you want to start making real moves 
towards creating your affiliate marketing blog   to earn some passive income a great first step 
would be to check out the link in the description   below to hostinger and get started building 
out your website right away it's 10 off your   plan so you'll be saving on whatever plan you 
start off with and just as a reminder guys if   you're afraid that your website is going to look 
like absolute garbage when you first start off be   proud of your garbage okay just know that you're 
still ahead of the game with your blog compared   to the others who haven't even started yet with 
that said my name is Ted and let's get this bread

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