LO ÚLTIMO de Santiago Giménez. Su lesión, el pase al Feyenoord y su futuro con el Tri | SportsCenter

Sant y Jiménez's environment has definitely been very important in making this decision, which seems to be imminent, subject to his move to Feyenoord being made official, and León' Lecanda was able to talk at the airport with Chaco Giménez, Sant's father, and he had the following opinion on the imminent loss of his son to european football thank you very much a big hug from sportcenter only details separate santiago jiménez from being a feyenoord player after on monday and speed will report the total agreement between the cruz azul and feyenoord clubs as well as santiago jiménez and his representative to sell the cement team 50% of the transfer of the quarry jewel to the dutch team in exchange for 4 million euros will of course preserve cruz azul the other 50% for a future sale while christian el chaco giménez padre de sant and spoke a few moments ago at the arrival of mazatlán the former technical assistant of gabriel knight in the mazatle team co about this eventual transfer of santiago jiménez that is about to become official we listen to chaco giménez but the reality is that when this opportunity presents itself a boy 21 years old beyond that if he has a world cup ahead of him there is a lot of things that are at stake the truth is that being 21 years old they have a great chance of continuing to grow as a footballer although some details are missing it has not been made official yet and we believe that you can come to fruition with these things the reality is that we are prior to going to a league where many mexican players went and a lot went very well for him so well that is one of the main decisions of this next step to the words of christian giménez and santi will return this Wednesday afternoon with a blue cross to the mexico city possibly if everything goes according to plan he can travel to the netherlands for the weekend to move to rotterdam being able to get to the club in feyenoord and do the physical and medical exams sign the contract to later be officially presented as a new player of the eredivisie club a big hug I return with you out of jealousy and to talk about cruz azul and also specifically about santiago jiménez roberto gómez junk as always a pleasure to me robert all good equally to sergio a pleasure perfect nights el chaco in an interview at the airport assumes that his son will go to the 'eredivisie' robert saying that there are many mexicans whom he already they have done well in the league what do you think of that approach yes yes yes it is an accessible league in that sense it is not the level of competition that you would find in spain in the premier league in the even in the bundesliga or in italy the style of I play if it can be lent and I also agree with what Christian Giménez said, of course a World Cup is at the door and there is a risk that his position as third center or striker apparently that remains at stake depending on whether you win in that competition to play or not in the agreement and not when you were consolidating with the blue cross but on the other hand if you think about what christian giménez said in the career of a footballer at 21 years to take advantage of this opportunity to undertake this challenge seems to me to be the right decision effect for now I would be your third striker robert if I were in you you would go with young people one no if I am in my javier hernández I would be the one right now one jiménez the two with the uncertainty of and third I would think between santiago jiménez and funes mori and it's great and martín is that funes mori no no not with the naturalized ok it 's a false representation to me oh and the naturalized ones go for you and I like a team with footballers trained in mexico even if it's professionally they don't have to be born perfect here funes mori is not a trained footballer in mind I walk but in the competition from the perspective of martino he sees that they are raúl al oso jiménez funes mori and the third one seems to be santiago jiménez javier hernández crossed out and martin who can be seen to be fighting for that position also henry martin using well the beginning of henry martin de santiago jiménez and de funes mori has been encouraging in that sense, much better start of the three than as they totally closed the previous tournament for this talk that you would take chicharito as one, jiménez as two and santiago jiménez or henry as three well that they are having this start yes those who already mentioned we say they help him high he is in the conversation to avoid the subject hernández balcázar and santiago jiménez this is the one that started the best and I judo javier hernández because of the uncertainty raúl al bear giménez being on a good level the great bear jiménez and can being your undisputed headline notes santiago jiménez is earning that right I imagine why it would be normal before making this decision he had to talk to martino martino had to look for him to see you all contemplated or not to taste see you with confidence thinking about the footballer's career go taste it I would n't even be surprised if he told him you are the third center forward it's clear go taste no don't put pressure on yourself that if I play or not if I'm a starter or not with I mean go to the Netherlands don't put pressure on yourself that if I'm a starter or not with feyenoord you're going to qatar I don't think that would give him a margin of major maneuver to santiago jiménez although in the end of course you must establish the competition that which is one of the things that martino has lacked the competition to say I will take the best if you are better than henry martin I will take you yes in that race course to qatar terres do not play with feyenord henry martin will go or maybe that is well said martin now we are tentatively talking about the third place center forward probably the one who will go with thirdly don't play a minute in qatar of course that's also true and it seems that in the jiménez family not only santiago but also his father in chaco etc.

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