Live Streams nur noch auf Twitch!! Airbursh Blauer Skull #Teil 1… (4k/60FpS) DE Audio/ENG SUB

hello dear people out there wonder ago that is now my and frantically tested your cell phone exactly me I had a very short look got the whole story on twitter started quite spontaneously here just looking like that now here works that is set up that I don't have big now either communicates to the outside or something like that said how you into the microphone it's all a bit of a look but i thought i would use it test it right away the whole thing out because kitsch and take the opportunity to take you all short to tell me how to do it in the future will be on the channel so its easy informed since I believe that is even not bad that you do now I have to look there first surely God wants people out there to come the beautiful bio the viewers namely I thought about it Yes what did I think I'm going live on youtube funny story is but she has it I have an average of 20-25 live viewers it's not necessarily a lot and I have I thought it would come live then really right then do at least reasonably and properly live and then I have descendants then I just really go live and makes the appearance because there I have simply a lot more possibilities with the chat to interact with you simply the better platforms for it maybe even has more of those chance to reach more people that I think it's just more to increase the range but there don't need to worry now on the youtube channel there will be whole normally learn the voiceover things uploaded the videos give quite there normal high as usual usually on very Fridays at 7 p.m and the easy stories like now here I am two but then simply the then stop just very extreme here then we will find it ready so later upload it to youtube does not escape that in the sense but it doesn't have to be there live anymore then you just have to click mine table change channel now i would you are also welcome to do so when you are absent Then please subscribe to the table channel I will direct the link for it and in hit the info box first then you will quickly see the rating you can change if you like me then always wanted to see live and I I don't think that's pretty awesome just so much more on twitter make with overlays with bots with the learned with any others shit is pretty cool you can me Of course, much better imports with the amazon prime free that one still horny doesn't work yet because I it's hard if that happens again and again happened that I had a look at the cover just let's see how we do it trick works whether there is a wait here work already my dad is already not bad but look here perfect actually perfect for me too see what happens when it shores up i don't even know about shit internet just like that again at the moment packed hey this is really annoying just annoying that was it actually that's what I wanted say subscribe to tritsch if you live will always be there if you want I do things and say things like that keyboard too such stories here we are I'm currently a bit on scully here and there is servus elke me am the first time the first test to him just unannounced what cool that anyone is there at all, of course very cool now Sitz also improvised everything mega I didn't give a damn, I'd try just stop it and just do it somehow and just explaining to the people out there how I will do this in the future because it will of course than how the violin got youtube high so that a bit understand that's just beautiful that is beautiful can change appearance is for me then simply the best platform to the live stream but as I said that comes then it will be after that anyway uploaded and that's why this is here a good good test for me right now already directly first disconnections had that been quite no it was but it just catches on and that is better here than there on youtube that was a bit of a problem but it worked Let's hope that's not the norm will with the disconnections that gets pretty hard but you are here for the first time and wondrous I didn't give you moderators right him on twitter you can just here delete messages knock people out because someone somewhere writes then can you disturb the direct that you are always so the hardworking team is a give I almost always paid since really lucky I'm right I have you because of that and that I did nils moderation back then can you try a bit and order in the house there are so many gimmicks here For example, I have the beautiful command created with exclamation mark apple juice always a tip because you can 8.4 like that actually doing a lot of nonsense that is actually kind of cool yes exactly that actually times to the whole twitter youtube story we come back to something else what i wanted to speak again briefly and some just relatively iso on synthetic paper and stuff here and there I'm pretty busy right now on the topic color shifts blue cast he's bluish I'm also with a big topic and I'm even there currently it mainly on white background that a bit yes a bit different perspective again to get things because this is now just because of the markus mps with us too a very cool one hangs in the disco tab artists of the mega tv shoots you can like to watch he has me a bit on it pointed out once said here before well here then i had another one quite also quite a nice cool one conversation on the phone on the bass matthias another thing very cool he also gave me there also given tips and also many others on instagram have me as I wrote to it recently I think that's because of my character fight I did that on one referrer three black and have have i then the finger is also gotten from the neighbors no not so exaggerated said not on the fingers but the have exactly try gray tones from las you the black away the pigment that makes him bluish and yes if i now up to date what is the crux of the story I don't even know how I shall handle this in future that's supposed to do that's really such a thing bit a completely different one for me approach if I have this bluish cast and also don't want to have advertising that's now here at the free are what i find no matter so I think you can do that too clearly always has to work look what you want i want me hold on a bit, let me tell you also develop a bit further see what's still possible there is use for that I think is super exciting because the topic is 1 the crux of the story is of course with a picture like this everything first messed up because I have one again bluish in it I had I then worked with gray then it went again I can't do that now more brighten with white like it normally this is now stop so that new for me in the end because if I go in with white now I immediately have a shift in the move the sultans somewhere else you can see the whole picture immediately shit out of ergo I can actually only still cats and erase at the moment yours is because i'm not that much of a fan but I'm looking forward to more and more man I even know that here, for example there is no other way and that is now kind of that where i just a a bit off I'm looking a bit also thought about it for you out there as I bring you a little closer maybe you can bring it too because a bit different from the formula could if you want that and that is just so that where I was currently then I don't want to have much to deal with we really want the skull too that sometimes I like to know where I am start now because it's cool i hope you're fine and I say shortly before my monologue fired but then that's the same time away for all the people on youtube last but not least have stay pig I think it's really cool that you always so further developed and take us with you thank you, please, that's actually it I actually wanted another thing I forgot his and thank you for that she reminds me again that is exactly that in the end you can learn my mistakes or child with me learning that is a lot more exciting and it kind of makes me feel that way too fun so I can sometimes a little I got it again see the pictures constructed immediately that your animal on the channel now it's going to be different for me for example here is the thing I'm there with the background and style I now I want a crypt make but only implied because i find this color extremely that that's supposed to be relatively subtle a bit maybe a tree maybe cemetery maybe a little what is implied nothing picture is but since I can then I'm already there thinking about not purely black and dilute it extremely and then do it I do that with the layers christian the shades of gray and does that then build up the structure and then stop to see that I just don't have any bring in different ones with the gray tones now do the monochrome with that to some extent fits in terms of color I don't really want color so there I have to look for myself right now and a bit but find it for my sake and understand how it is done because for me it is a complete rethink or is relative for me difficult of the usual kind of waking up to deviate so like I expect that's all everyone can do it as he wants and it everything has advantages and disadvantages but me interested in what is currently already pretty much and here i have right now erased a bit yesterday threaten with amor is about it is whole important I'll take you to it so that you do that sometimes understand the camera some to uncover here I just always look that I now here here I have now where the lane dry is also part of the party confessed I started quite small details to make a here this so white is not pure white here i not on the box but i have started here to erase individual blue ones and not so on the white one and I don't want that they kinda look funny from that the offspring had always said and if necessary I drive it in front if that is so extreme then maybe with him again learned a little something markus i'm not that resistant as it seems at first sight and he's making it easy here now shifts in and that just looks here already looks a lot cooler than a bit further up what then you see the sea the better he looks a lot better than here I have light and shadow built in colorize shape but have now I actually still want to have a bit brighter and that is here is the crux of the matter, the run shift or general color shifts this no more work with rice or something like that I normally would have done so I can stop here now erase but in which I now says here approach that really does since it actually works and that's actually it actually the only one now opportunity I have I would like completely dispensed with and only those like to use but I have to stop at be careful at the beginning of the screen that I have a lot more highlights in it read from the outset must be afterwards less scratching and erasing and stuff and yes but it is said to me quite exciting topic for me and the mega lots of input and many thanks to markus mpi for all the help and also many thanks to what matthias me there too already helped a lot and all others that dak has send me good constructive criticism so this is really times can i can not much to start with Oh well I'll show you mine now favorite command there is now in the dream city takes in the chat I think it's great the brave one doesn't work for me yet don't know that suddenly quite funny that have I think that's really cool exclamation mark apple juice you can do a shit with the word or exclamation mark youtube there you come youtube link exclamation mark the coming scott link exclamation services can I'm still full of twitter beginner for others this is already old brings or candles location streep for me it's all very namely there now for hours the days busy and then sometimes until 3 am computer sat and here the whole things set just for you though i don't know anymore that with him mut it somehow this is quite funny like I talk somehow here are a so funny smileys though that's funny to me face let's just say I don't know now i have the czech right now somehow it showed up here with me also looks relatively small can you I think so read quite well if you to the in the only seen on the maybe I have to give you a little bit but make themselves bigger just for that is now free trial also quite quite very interesting here for me one man had to adjust so much stuff show that's why i make the court emperor it's nice that you're here are I'm already glad if anyone who just takes a quick look just yes that fits yes yes that is the brand playstation I'll buy that then it's set I have to I believe that it would I also really like having it stop here please never new follows then I have set that then not only the beautiful apple juice sound comes instead also the two jugs the are posted to things that are hold super funny fit me to mine mess thing and then let's just have fun and so I can just better with you interact and that's what I think generally not what would need a a bit the people but that comes then even then, of course, it also takes time here again until you get the stuff monetize the efis here that i here again things take a while now forever away from home, who cares if I find I now disagree there is yes here yes as said that is not here now not for im mega make the reibach but simple only the more sensible alternative to operated about brother my dear brother gave me said a year ago why are you leaving you are not made for fish all not there youtube detainees too do says youtube is a good idea to upload that fits above all that I had exactly 20 520 light is not too much i have more the chance maybe a bit here even more more people to the carts draw that the whole thing is already concerned I don't want her when I me before medicine a bit around actually testing as a team but if the Elke already hears me and everything there fits with that too sounds good still good for me to see here lörz work so if someone comes in and so but that comes then still fits then I find here now still just a little am sky rum maybe do that one more time half an hour so I just fine too that the stream stays stable on that everything works sound works works i'm just like that unhappy that that again so that that works so well again and actually achieved just worked but that means it works now that mega good if i here very easily I can run the pen over here really a bit he to the light blue go and then you want to do something else I actually find that here now not bad though you are not older here at work while keeping an eye on the same damage stream after the fan love hand I just want one more here little the highlights are not much because i have to a picture generally not paid attention to it that the picture here will not either at not any as any video give because I just have that for me to try times just made with the gray tones if then he works on the black changed back what of course then in endeffekt wants to avoid the error but I have the days then not quite got it yet and now I'm up to date have had and try this I want the background from that too give up the black I think bass matthias has it yesterday is pretty much black just such a dead color so dead that pigment is not charcoal and you make it actually a nice picture with with shades of gray with colors and but goes one with such a mountainous dead pigment and tone café or a color is black I don't think there's an official color at all even go in with it and destroy it actually the picture somewhere that is what is currently happening I think relatively much and the way around is where especially the people with a lot occupy and I kinda think so too very very exciting and I don't have that many yet I wasn't honestly thinking everything was fine, I hope so hook after not the video recording but look, that's perfect to test simply that's all one I don't give a damn about the test run with tieto the people also check what now yes and yes, maybe it's mine again connection to must then look times so my brother is relatively fit what that whole thing about them then I have to believe me again that voters look at others I'm not that happy with that where the connection is now yes kittel are good but let's hope so that it might be on your internet did they put it back like it last time but he knows that if i now here where the color is nice and dry from the branches can you who erase really well there I am now really so nice so I'll tell you almost he makes courses purely if one that's about morals it wasn't like that the last time doesn't think that's stupid at all there is always the question what do you want do if you do that of course like markus mp here mega the realistic wants then there is no other way you have to start it like this i'm not that much of a friend so not this not the friend but my ambitions not quite like this to strive ultra hasko more realistic but I am he so have a a little yes I like to do it sometimes a bit here the comic moderate or just a bit my style and he doesn't always have to do this be photorealism and then i want to like a bit more freehand with turn know here say that here I did a lot of free hand that's really just now highlight stories here and then is somehow that's totally fine but here I have of course still at that picture so you don't have to be surprised who here is still with pure black painted so there is still enough blue discoloration shifts not to are cold but like I said, there I am currently on if you don't do that better i have us also understand how I can teach you better or can show on my channel then have I also made a video and the different things that explains to you something I've been here all the time noticed of the whole as I said but also in marco you whenever what matthias and about other people on instagram the whole team write time I'll just show you then little something and do that to you maybe a bit too understandable so you understand what it is actually, I don't go at all have problem again may want to do the same as conventional do I would like to and I completely switch and so but I look at myself maybe i like it maybe only now things in again you have to look in black and white what you have on your blog he hooks the yes yes that is he will don't be surprised if it is would have understood with me because I here the map quite now had direct disconnections and such but it's really there the internet that i don't know actually i have one Good from loud I don't know but as soon as I stry and he notices here is more pulled then tends to me at first straight to that i will be the thing woman said now must the thing briefly now here times with let's see what works Good or not i think apple juice will be the new motto hey I think that's really good chaos probably also briefly today look but he had said is completely on the go in the morning Exact fits it doesn't even want that doesn't work right away that's yes he is as I said just a test I will come I farted on that, now I know that a similar number come but that too not communicated to the outside in any way but as I said, I believe Thursday Thursday 7 p.m.

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