LITTLE DID WE KNOW | Florence, Italy 🌞 travel vlog no.1

tried my best to clean up the apartment
linda will be here tomorrow to take care of them
and i'll see you in a couple of weeks okay bye bam
too busy eating to say goodbye arriving at the airport our first order
of business is to find kira luke's sister she flew in from los angeles to
meet us and in the retelling of the story i choose to omit the painful
delays switching gates at last we are walking to our plane where we were
actually walking to a bus that we would stand still in for 45 minutes and
crossing the threshold onto the plane felt so good little did we know the pain shall not
end here but for now let's rest i'm very excited it's luke and kira's
first time to europe i love seeing people's reaction when they explore
something new and their parents had gone decades ago
so i'm the person that's gone most recently out of everyone i have some
recommendations up my sleeve very excited to explore with them this little
guy is going to be photobombing all of our trip so let's name him and make it a
positive thing he's joining us we missed our connecting flight due to the first
one's delay it was lovely waiting at the customs
line having people cut us because they had a flight that they could make which
actually made us even more late because they closed the aisle we were waiting at
and we had to start all over at the back of a different line i've flown a lot in my life so planes
are kind of taxing for me it's nice that luke hasn't flown a lot and it's really
excited to look out the window so enjoy the clips at a duke with landy and
florence okay
maybe you guys go first goodbye do you know what floor we're going to
i forgot to ask them she said to take the elevator what is
that oh that's why i couldn't find the toilet paper right away like why do you wash your butt our stay was in the duomo neighborhood
and they were in different buildings despite it being the same company so
we're meeting up with luke's parents and they are right by the arno river oh i see our mom we have just about an hour of daylight
left so we're going to aimlessly wander around and kira is not joining us for
the rest of the night she has gone to bed she's not going to even have dinner exhausted from our travel day we are
deciding let's just not stress about dinner picking a really good place for
the comedians we're just finding a new restaurant nearby so this tourist trap
place is really cute why not i love the pink accessories and the gold cutlery
but little did we know it was actually really good pricey for the location but
the food quality we were very glad that we came see twofold for july no no no it's like 11 30 at night
it's really pleasant being out here with no sunlight and it's really lively so
it's a very comfy way to visit some of these monuments because it's 100 degrees
in the daytime imagine somebody had this in their head
before they made it how could you even think of something
like this that is unbelievable so peaceful it's like probably 12 30 or almost one
now we're getting back from my stroll
i wonder i bet your sister's been asleep this whole time yeah if you guys want to walk around
then uh was up bright and early after a good
night's rest meanwhile luke and i way late so we're catching up getting
cappuccini in the cafe while they explore the block and today is our full
day in florence so we don't have any plans except just to wander and see all
of the historical sights and we're meeting up with them on this arch bridge
called the ponte i interact with a vecchio like this
is to look at the stones on the corner the ones sticking out there and think
those stones are the same stones that someone's
standing here like for example michelangelo standing here 500 years ago
would be looking at this is one
giant kitty sleeping
got your picture yes okay
bye kitty i found a really cool restaurant i'd
like to check out and also pass by a small bakery it's a more quiet area here
on the other side of the river mama joyce had to go back and rest for a
little bit because she had a stomachache so we're meeting up again for lunch near
where we're staying so very touristy area with tons and tons of restaurants
we just picked one random the heat is really exhausting walking
outside so we headed back to the bmb to rest our feet and take a breather and
now we're heading out for some golden hour views like a thousand years old it predates
the church by a good 500 years of people this building
uh we walked by this restaurant earlier
this morning that had michelin ratings for the last seven years
so we called them up and they spontaneously said they had a
cancellation and they can seat us so we're walking over now this was the best prosecco i've ever had
and i'm so sad i didn't take down the name but little did we know this meal is
probably the best meal that we've ever had too each course was perfectly
portioned with really interesting flavors and combinations is it's like i'm so excited to share the rest of the
trip with you thank you so much for coming along with us
i hope that you enjoy this first bit and we'll see you soon good night foreign

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