, I'm a youtuber without introduction ever since I announced that I didn't feel like doing the "clap bonjour" anymore, I didn't find any substitute to this introduction I'm quite em..embarrassed because I don't have a substitute to this sentence euumm….well then hello.. [laughs] Shitty mood ! Off subject, I have just purchased this thing It's the equivalent of this thing but made by Amazon I mean this is OK Google, you know it, we did jokes with that and that is the equivalent from Amazon [Alexa talking]: I'm sorry Amixem [Amixem] I don't care ! … Shut up, you bothered me for a long time! I told myself : " Maxime, buy the equivalent of Google but made by Amazon"
[Alexa] How are you ? [Gap] It works well.. That can help at moments when jokes lack, or rythm or introduction maybe ! Alexa, do a video introduction [Gap] Alexa ? Don't be the one which
pretends not to have understood, you were enlightened huh Alexa, can you do an introduction for my video ? [Alexa answers] Sorry, I have trouble to understand OK Google, can you do an introduction for my video? If I was a youtuber, I would start my videos like this: Hi, I'm Google assistant, welcome to the road of humor and fun We have an IQ slightly superior on the left device Alexa, how it is to be ridiculed [babbling] …

Shut up I made shit Alexa, I stammered [Alexa] What recipe do you want to cook ? [Amixem, surprised] Not at all, I stammered, I'm not ok .. Anyway I have a recipe of bruschetta, old breaded carrots which only take 15 minutes to cook How many people is this recipe for?
[Amixem] Three [Alexa] As it is the first time you are cooking with Marmiton There is some advice You can ask whenever you want the quantity of an ingredient Or just say, "Alexa, start again the recipe". Do you want to start ? No no! I'M RECORDING A VIDEO! [Alexa] See you soon on Marmiton! It's exhausting Do not be disappointed, we are going to completely change of concept My favorite social network ? Twitter I've always loved Twitter, I adore Twitter and I will always adore Twitter I don't know exactly why I like Twitter I think it's because this is the only popular social network where there is not everybody it creates some kind of mood where people that are on twitter know that it's a kind of sect "Weird" and so we can laught between us all like a BIGFAMILLY isn't that true Alexa ? "hein" A big familly ! thanks for not saying anything Alexa: "All the pleasure is mine !" we are starting to comunicate ! So there are on twitter some really funny accounts that are accounts with concepts some jokes concept kinda like facebook pages except that facebook is shitty…

And sometimes it's really funny and in this video I wanted to pay tribute to all those anonymous people who make funny content Alexa, tell us a joke
[Alexa] *French joke*
what is a steak that is not a steak ? A pastèque = watermelon = not a steak Not bad.. Alexa, We had a bad start together but I think you redeem yourself very well [Alexa] Sorry, I don't know Alexa, our relationship is a switchback fashion… It fluctuates She is quickly offended.. So I posted a tweet saying 'what are your favourite Twitter accounts?' I'm talking about the ones with a funny concept, not the ones of well-known people. Your were exactly 2,5K to suggest your funny Twitter account My favourite one is called 'non aesthetic things' which literally means in French Non aesthetic things so it is only pictures of things which, when you look at it you make this face yes it is a quite long face but it is truly this face you make when you have a look at the things published by 'non aesthetic things' These are pics and situations very simple, you'll understand For example, this man who decides to wash his car while it's raining We do not do this sir, we wait for the sun..

Ok, it is just some advice Ok there it is really non aesthetic at all.. Wow Who thought to do that? We do not do that! It looks like real limbs!
The guy piled them up and make several of them He told himself 'I will make a tyre-infant And eventually he made 13 of them!
Am I autistic or what? I said 13 in a random way and there are really 13 [counting] Oh I'm so smart actually!
We may not have Twitter But I can assure you that before a good shitty working day or a good shitty studying or revising exams day, whatever, A shitty day, there you are looking at this picture, published by Non aesthetic things of a man washing his motherboard You must spend a good day after that! I'm not saying that it is hilarious But he is stil washing his motherboard.. Ok Alexa, Can we wash our motherboard?
[Alexa] If only I had arms to help you
[Amiwem] Ok.. [Alexa] I know a song which could motivate you Ok Google Tell Alexa to Shut the f*** off!
[Google] I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Alexa, shut up. She understands 'shut up'. Thanks to the Amazon programmers I have to let you know that, at the opposite of a day which is going to be nice, beautiful, happy, thrilling, can turn into a true nightmare if you see a white shrek.. I'm not racist, I love white people I'm myself a white person, but there really are traumatic things which can call a whole childhood into quesiton and this picture is part of it
It is really something not aesthetic at all
It's traumatic Another widespread concept on Twitter are the 'out of context' accounts which means 'out of context' and there is one which makes me laugh, it's 'out of context c'est pas sorcier' [french TV show] We all idolise 'C'est pas sorcier' because Fred ans Jamy have rocked the childhood of many people but it is true that when out of context, it is sometimes a little bit ridiculous and embarassing Superficial, right! I can remind that it is a show for kids which, out of context, is just 2 guys who throw a harraga bomb right in the middle of a bridge and run..

Reassuring! That's with what I grew up with Actually, this is what happens in Alexa's mind when we ask her a question Isn't it Alexa? Inside your mind there is a kind of Jamy playing piano That is why you don't understand a thing! Now this one, you've been 2 billion to send, I already knew it It's called 'Porn beauf' (written like it's pronounced) 'Eh i's like 'Porn salut' shut up!
The concept is in the title, everybody know what I meant Let's have a look altogether
[Reading the tweet] It really is dirty, it is really is 'this video doesn't suit for all announcers' Family picture, the tits are out lol 'Don't touch my little girl of I will f*** you' What a hell..

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